FredericaRich and handsome, darling of the ton, the hope of ambitious mothers and despair of his sisters, the Marquis of Alverstoke at seven and thirty sees no reason to put himself out for anyone Until a distant connection, ignorant of his selfishness, applies to him for help When Frederica Merriville bri


VenetiaTwenty five year old Venetia Lanyon s beauty is rivaled only by her sensibility Intelligent and independent, her future seems safe and predictable Lovely Venetia despairs of ever meeting the handsome hero of her romantic dreams but is nearly resigned to spinsterhood, thanks to the enormous amount

The Corinthian

The CorinthianThe only question which hangs over the life of Sir Richard Wyndham, notable whip, dandy and Corinthian, is one of marriage On the eve of making the most momentous decision of his life, while he is contemplating a loveless marriage with a woman his friends have compared to a cold poultice, he is on

Faro's Daughter

Faro's DaughterSkilled in the art of card playing, Deborah Grantham, a gambler s daughter, uses that skill as her sole means of support as mistress of her aunt s elegant and exclusive gaming club in 18th century London The beautiful young must find a way to restore herself and her aunt to respectability, preferab


CotillionOne of you shall have her, and my fortune into the bargain n nSuch was the whimsical, some would say outrageous, statement of the ageing Mr Penicuik, to the three of his great nephews gathered around him n nThe future of his vivacious step daughter, Miss Kitty Charing, was thus assured, provided she

Lady of Quality

Lady of QualityThe spirited and independent Miss Annis Wychwood is a beautiful heiress, and hopelessly single, has twenty nine and well past the age for falling in love When she sponsored young pretty Miss Lucilla Carleton s coming out, the town s social elite were shocked After all, how could Annis find Lucil

The Weaver Takes a Wife (The "Weaver" series Book 1)

The Weaver Takes a Wife (The "Weaver" series Book 1)Haughty Lady Helen Radney is one of London s most beautiful women and the daughter of a duke, but her sharp tongue has frightened away most of her suitors When her father gambles away his fortune, the duke s only chance for recouping his losses lies in marrying off Lady Helen to any man wealthy eno

Viscount Vagabond

Viscount VagabondFROM DISTRESS TO DISASTER nCatherine Pelliston simply would not abide by her father s wishes and marry the slovenly Lord Browdie But her escape through the streets of London only seemed to lead her from bad to worse First, she was robbed And then, her supposed rescue by a kindly old woman strand

Bath Tangle

Bath TangleThe Earl of Spenborough has always been noted for his eccentricity Leaving Fanny, a widow younger than his own daughter Serena is one thing, but quite another is leaving his daugther s fortune to the trusteeship of Ivo Barrasford, marquis of Rotherham a man whom Serena once jilted and who now ha

The Unknown Ajax

The Unknown AjaxMiles from anywhere, Darracott Place is presided over by elderly Lord Darracott Irascible Lord Darracott rules his barony with a firm hand The tragic accident that killed his eldest son by drowning has done nothing to improve his temper For now, he must send for the next heir apparent the unknow

The Nobody (Nobody, #1)

The Nobody (Nobody, #1)Publicly humiliated by the tongue of a snobbish society dragon, a comely young country girl flees unescorted into the dark London streets Unwittingly, she becomes the savior of an enigmatic man who suddenly approaches and kisses her to evade the violent scoundrels stalking him Terrified and aghast

Summer Campaign

Summer CampaignMiss Onyx Hamilton knew the risk of going to Major Jack Beresford s isolated country estate Surely her husband to be, the right Reverend Andrew Littletree, would not condone her leaving the safety of home for the perils that this place posed for so lovely and desirable a young lady Surely tongues

False Colours

False ColoursWhen the charming but irresponsible Lady Amabel, Countess of Denville is left a young widow the problem of her mounting debts becomes acute So she is lucky to have such resourceful twin sons as Evelyn and Christopher Fancot to steer the family through a desperate intrigue to restore the Denvilles f


ArabellaTo Arabella Tallant, the eldest daughter of a penniless country clergyman, the invitation to stay with her London godmother was like the key to heaven, for in addition to living in the glamorous city, Arabella might even find a suitable husband there Armed with beauty, virtue and a benevolent godmo

A Timeless Romance Anthology: All Regency Collection

A Timeless Romance Anthology: All Regency CollectionSix brand new regency romance novellas by best selling authors Anna Elliott, Sarah M Eden, Carla Kelly, Josi S Kilpack, Annette Lyon, and Heather B Moore n nIn THE WEDDING GIFT A PRIDE AND PREJUDICE STORY, an enchanting novella by Anna Elliott, the story opens two weeks before Elizabeth Bennet s