Aftershocks (The Palladium Wars, #1)

Aftershocks (The Palladium Wars, #1)A solar system fights to survive and reform in the wake of war, but the real battle is about to begin Across the six planet expanse of the Gaia System, the Earthlike Gretia struggles to stabilize in the wake of an interplanetary war Amid an uneasy alliance to maintain economies, resources, and

Constitution (Legacy Fleet Trilogy, #1)

Constitution (Legacy Fleet Trilogy, #1)The year is 2650 75 years ago, an alien fleet attacked Earth Without warning Without mercy We were not prepared Hundreds of millions perished Dozens of cities burned We nearly lost everything Then, the aliens abruptly left We rebuilt We armed ourselves We swore never again But the aliens

Points of Impact (Frontlines #6)

Points of Impact (Frontlines #6)Humankind may have won the battle, but a new threat looms larger than ever before Earth s armed forces have stopped the Lanky advance and chased their ships out of the solar system, but for CDC officer Andrew Grayson, the war feels anything but won On Mars, the grinding duty of flushing out the

Paradise (Expeditionary Force, #3)

Paradise (Expeditionary Force, #3)While the crew of the starship Flying Dutchman have been trying assure hostile aliens do not have access to Earth, the UN Expeditionary Force has been trapped on the planet they nicknamed Paradise The Flying Dutchman is headed back out on another mission, and the UN wants the ship to find out the

The End of All Things (Old Man's War, #6)

The End of All Things (Old Man's War, #6)Hugo award winning author, John Scalzi returns to his best selling Old Man s War universe with the direct sequel to 2013 s The Human Division Humans expanded into space only to find a universe populated with multiple alien species bent on their destruction Thus was the Colonial Union formed, to

Odysseus Ascendant (Odyssey One #7)

Odysseus Ascendant (Odyssey One #7)A mysterious entity may be the key to a starship s survival or a terrifying new threat as the Odyssey One series continues The Empire has set its sights on its next target human Terrans As effective allies of the Priminae, the denizens of Earth have proven themselves enemies to the Empire, and

Chains of Command (Frontlines, #4)

Chains of Command (Frontlines, #4)The assault on Earth was thwarted by the destruction of the aliens seed ship, but with Mars still under Lanky control, survivors work frantically to rebuild fighting capacity and shore up planetary defenses Platoon sergeant Andrew Grayson must crash course train new volunteers all while dulling

Open Arms (Hayden War Cycle, #7)

Open Arms  (Hayden War Cycle, #7)With the war officially over, and years of fighting weighing on her, Sorilla has officially put in her papers and called in every chit she s owed It s time to hang up her power armor, lay down her rifle, and try to build something for herself rather than for other people The War, however, is only

Deathtrap (Mavericks, #1)

Deathtrap (Mavericks, #1)The human soldiers stranded on the planet Paradise have been recruited into an Alien Legion, to do the dirty jobs that the high tech species won t do Their first mission is to kick the enemy off a backwater planet no one cares about It s a simple assignment, except everyone has a hidden agenda,

Genesis (First Colony, #1)

Genesis (First Colony, #1)A mission gone wrong Innocent lives have been lost Escaping wrongful imprisonment wasn t something Connor had in mind, but being put into stasis aboard Earth s first interstellar colony ship was something he couldn t have prepared for For three hundred thousand colonists, the new colony brings

Counterstrike (Black Fleet Trilogy, #3)

Counterstrike (Black Fleet Trilogy, #3)Captain Jackson Wolfe never thought he d see the end of the Phage War in his lifetime The enemy was too powerful, too numerous, and utterly determined to exterminate humanity But the appearance of a new ally in the fight has changed all of that For the first time since the original incursion

Duel in the Dark (Blood on the Stars, #1)

Duel in the Dark (Blood on the Stars, #1)A New Adventure by the Author of the Bestselling Crimson Worlds and Far Stars series The Confederation has fought three wars against the forces of the totalitarian Union Three generations of its warriors have gone off to war, held the line against the larger, powerful enemy Now the fourth

Zero Hour (Expeditionary Force, #5)

Zero Hour (Expeditionary Force, #5)United Nations Special Operations Command sent an elite Expeditionary Force of soldiers and pilots out on a simple recon mission, and somehow along the way they sparked an alien civil war Now the not at all Merry Band of Pirates is in desperate trouble, again Their stolen alien starship is falling

Old Man's War (Old Man's War, #1)

Old Man's War (Old Man's War, #1)John Perry did two things on his 75th birthday First he visited his wife s grave Then he joined the army The good news is that humanity finally made it into interstellar space The bad news is that planets fit to live on are scarce and alien races willing to fight us for them are common So we