Gender Queer

Gender QueerIn 2014, Maia Kobabe, who uses e em eir pronouns, thought that a comic of reading statistics would be the last autobiographical comic e would ever write At the time, it was the only thing e felt comfortable with strangers knowing about em Now, Gender Queer is here Maia s intensely cathartic

Symptoms of Being Human

Symptoms of Being HumanThe first thing you re going to want to know about me is Am I a boy, or am I a girl Riley Cavanaugh is many things Punk rock Snarky Rebellious And gender fluid Some days Riley identifies as a boy, and others as a girl The thing is Riley isn t exactly out yet And between starting a new


MooncakesA story of love and demons, family and witchcraft Nova Huang knows about magic than your average teen witch She works at her grandmothers bookshop, where she helps them loan out spell books and investigate any supernatural occurrences in their New England town One fateful night, she follows

An Unsuitable Heir (Sins of the Cities, #3)

An Unsuitable Heir (Sins of the Cities, #3)A private detective finds passion, danger, and the love of a lifetime when he hunts down a lost earl in Victorian London On the trail of an aristocrat s secret son, enquiry agent Mark Braglewicz finds his quarry in a music hall, performing as a trapeze artist with his twin sister Graceful,

An Unkindness of Ghosts

An Unkindness of GhostsOdd mannered, obsessive, withdrawn, Aster has little to offer folks in the way of rebuttal when they call her ogre and freak She s used to the names she only wishes there was truth to them If she were truly a monster, as they accuse, she d be powerful enough to tear down the walls around her

Unmasked by the Marquess (Regency Imposters, #1)

Unmasked by the Marquess (Regency Imposters, #1)The one you love Robert Selby is determined to see his sister make an advantageous match But he has two problems the Selbys have no connections or money and Robert is really a housemaid named Charity Church She s enjoyed every minute of her masquerade over the past six years, but she knows her

A Quick & Easy Guide to They/Them Pronouns

A Quick & Easy Guide to They/Them PronounsArchie, a snarky genderqueer artist, is tired of people not understanding gender neutral pronouns Tristan, a cisgender dude, is looking for an easy way to introduce gender neutral pronouns to his increasingly diverse workplace The longtime best friends team up in this short and fun comic guide

River of Teeth (River of Teeth, #1)

River of Teeth (River of Teeth, #1)In the early 20th Century, the United States government concocted a plan to import hippopotamuses into the marshlands of Louisiana to be bred and slaughtered as an alternative meat source This is true Other true things about hippos they are savage, they are fast, and their jaws can snap a man in

Only See You (Only Colorado #2)

Only See You (Only Colorado #2)I might not be every gay man s wet dream, but I always get a second look Mal Copol knows who they are Nonbinary Awesome Exhausted They won t change for anyone, but just once, they d like to be the one with relationship potential, not the hookup Also, not having to fight employers on who they