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Nuclear Medicine and PETCT A comprehensive guide to procedures and technologies Nuclear Medicine and PETCT Technology and Techniues provides a single source for state of the art information on all aspects of nuclear medicine Coverage includes relevant anatomy and physiology and discusses each procedure in relation to the specific use of radiopharmaceuticals and the instruments reuired Edited by experts in nuclear imaging and PETCT Paul E Christian and Kristen M Waterstram Rich this edition has a new chapter on MRI as it relates to nuclear medicine and includes practical step by step instructions for proceduresPETCT focus with hybrid PETCT studies in several chapters provides cutting edge information that is especially beneficial to working technologists CT Physics and Instrumentation chapter introduces CT as it is applied to PET imaging for combined PETCT studiesAuthoritative comprehensive resource conveys state of the art information eliminating the need to search for information in other sourcesFoundation chapters cover basic math statistics physics instrumentation computers lab science radiochemistry and pharmacology allowing you to understand how and why procedures are performedAccessible writing style and approach to basic science subjects simplifies topics progressing from fundamentals to complex conceptsMore than 50 practice problems in the math and statistics chapter let you brush up on basic math skills with answers provided in the back of the bookKey terms chapter outlines learning objectives and suggested readings help you organize your studyA table of radionuclides used in nuclear medicine and PET is provided in the appendix for uick referenceA glossary provides definitions of key terms and important conceptsHigh profile editors and contributors come from a variety of educational and clinical settings providing a broad philosophic and geographic perspectiveNew MRI Physics Instrumentation and Clinical Introduction chapter provides important background on MRI and its relationship with nuclear medicine Procedures boxes in body systems chapters provide step by step descriptions of clinical proceduresUpdates and revisions keep you current with the latest advancesExpanded 16 page color insert includes diagnostic images demonstrating realistic scans found in practice

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