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The Hillside Strangler This is a very dated book the edition I read was and it was ok at best Too much of it relies on verbatim transcriptions of recorded interviews with mental health professionals and or police The author appears to believe the multiple personality disorder etc that Bianchi has claimed and or had psychiatristspsychologists diagnose him as suffering from Either way this book seems to have been a rush to publish to take advantage of the notoriety of the case while it was still big news I wouldn't say it was a difficult read But it wasn't that engrossing or hard to put down I simply finished it because I had started it I'm positive there are far better books available about this case Get it from a used bookstore or a library in the unlikely event they have this book Like the 2 stars suggest it was ok I had no idea that this man possibly had multiple personality disorder and so as the story unfolded I was surprised But really the author didn't go into any interesting detail that I wanted And the epilogue which was like 70 pages was completely useless information that I ended up just skimming All in all I would say if you are interested in knowing about this true crime story just google it and save yourself the time An informative read diving into the life of the hillside strangler It gave insight to the killer's life and mental status as well as providing information on the murders and the victims without being too emotional and depressing Decent read but if you knew the bare bones story of the Hillside Strangler there wasn't a lot of new information in the book I did find the various psychologists techniues and conclusions on Ken Bianchi rather interesting although it made me feel there were too many of them working with Bianchi and that may well have ultimately hurt the case Even though this isn't the best true crime book I can appreciate the vantage point it was written from published only 2 years after Bianchi was arrested the storytelling does feel fresher than when crimes are recounted many years later I found the writer tried to pass off opinions and guesses as facts Really annoying Not sure how I feel about the Hillside Strangler the book wasn't bad but I hated how the author almost made the killer Bianchi seem human than he should have I was surprised to find that a couple of the murders took place in Washington State Aside from a series of dreams where I step into a brilliant white room with blood splatters everywhere the book wasn't nearly as graphic as I expected it to be and wasn't what I consider scary It was much to formal and professional The journalist was exuisite I look forward to reading of his true crime novels True crime novels about serial killers are always interesting I have so many misconceptions about some killers and it's good to clear those up An interesting different take on Ken Bianchi than other's but no real in depth work here This book is the dramatic psychological study of a brutal killer whose crimes of rape and murder were gruesome secrets he kept even from himself Written with exclusive information gleaned from countless conversations with killer Ken Bianchi his girlfriend his psychiatrists as well as policemen and journalists involved with the case True story of mass murderer Ken Bianchi

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