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Why I Left the Amish There are two ways to leave the Amish—one is through life and the other through death When Saloma Miller Furlong’s father dies during her first semester at Smith College she returns to the Amish community she had left twenty four years earlier to attend his funeral Her journey home prompts a flood of memories Now a mother with grown children of her own Furlong recalls her painful childhood in a family defined by her father’s mental illness her brother’s brutality her mother’s frustration and the austere traditions of the Amish—traditions Furlong struggled to accept for years before making the difficult decision to leave the community In this personal and moving memoir Furlong traces the genesis of her desire for freedom and education and chronicles her conflicted uest for independence Elouently told Why I Left the Amish is a revealing portrait of life within—and without—this freuently misunderstood community

About the Author: Saloma Miller Furlong

Saloma Miller Furlong is the author of the memoir Why I Left the Amish and Bonnet Strings An Amish Woman's Ties to Two Worlds Her story is featured in the PBS documentaries The Amish and The Amish Shunned on American Experience She was born and raised in an Amish community in Ohio Driven by her desire for freedom and formal education She broke away from her community –– not once bu

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    What is it about the Amish culture and religion that intrigues us? Is it the romance of a simpler lifestyle? The pastoral scenes of horse drawn buggies with barefoot children in uaint clothing? Their self sufficiency and industrious work ethic? Unless we live among or wo

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    I am from Lancaster county Pennsylvania It is normal to see Amish people where I live since there is a pretty big population here However even though I was born and raised here I don't know much about the Amish other than the little bits my dad told meI read this book because t

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    My mom gave me this book because it is written by one of my relatives so I figured I'd give it a shot but didn't expect much I was really surprised to find such a engaging honest story As someone who knows very little about the Amish culture I learned so much from this book that was b

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    WHY I LEFT AMISH a memoir is written by a courageous woman who has a good story to tell but lacks the finesse to make the book anything than a competent chronicle The book needs considerable editing but since it’s already in print it’s too late Nevertheless the story reveals life behind

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    this book was recommended to me by the authorThis memoir reminds of The glass castle a family life that is so astoundingly dysfunctional that one fears to believe it's true I don't doubt that its true and I'm impressed that the author seems to have as much love and forgiveness as she has as opposed

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    This is the memoir of Saloma Miller Furlong returning to her Amish community for her father's funeral after having left 24 years earlier Her journey home brings back a flood of memories of her painful childhood a mentally ill father with a violent temper an abusive older brother and a mother who rarely tr

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    Ms Furlong is brutally honest in this memoir Incest physical abuse and animal cruelty all make their appearances I got a kick out of the digs she'd sometimes slip in about her parents Several times Mem's wide girth large hips nearly filling the doorway and Det's lack of intelligence and teeth are mentioned It's

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    This dragged a little at times but overall was a very compelling memoir of a woman who grew up in a dysfunctional Amish family and finally broke free and left on her own Saloma's father was abusive her mother was an enabler of that abuse and her brother committed incest against both her and her sisters getting her youn

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    This is a very compelling memoir No one in their right mind could really fault the author for leaving the Amish after reading this she grew up in a household that would be dysfunctional in any culture and it sounds like she has had a good life after an awful childhood and I am glad of that The writing is a bit stiff here Some

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    Growing up in a dysfunctional family Saloma Furlong faced a hard choice endure the abuse or leap across a big cultural gap to the outside world in this memoir she poignantly describes her pain as well as her successful transition and eventual reconciliation with her familyFurlong draws you in with familiar images of Amish life but g

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