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On His Majestys Service Matthew Hervey #11 January 1829 George IV is on the throne Wellington is England's prime minister and snow is falling thickly on the London streets as Lieutenant Colonel Matthew Hervey is summoned to the Horse Guards in the expectation of command of his regiment the 6th Light DragoonsBut the benefits of long term peace at home mean cuts in the army and Hervey is told that the Sixth are to be reduced to a single suadron With his long term plans in disarray he undertakes instead a six month assignment as an observer with the Russian army an undertaking at the personal reuest of the commander in chief Lord HillSoon Hervey his friend Edward Fairbrother and his faithful groom Private Johnson are sailing north to St Petersburg and from there on to the Eastern Balkans seat of the ferocious war between Russia and the Ottoman EmpireHervey is meant to be an impartial spectator in the campaign but soon the circumstances and his own nature propel him into a active role In the climactic Battle of Kulewtscha in which troops were engaged than in any battle since Waterloo Hervey and Fairbrother find themselves in the thick of the actionFor Hervey the stakes have never been higher or personal

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    Brilliant evocation of a forgotten war in a forgotten corner of Europe and of the state of the British army in the late 1820s

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    Hervey is posted to the Black Sea Balkan region as a neutral observer of the Russo Turkish war in 1829 As one would expect he finds it impossible to stay out of the action Much derring do ensues I didn't find this inst

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    I love these novels but I got a little bogged down in the minutia of the battle details in this one

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    I always find Allan Mallinson books hard to review the man is obviously highly literate he knows his subject better than most writers alive the series is obviously successful with this being book 11 but i think it falls i

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    I always enjoy historical fiction and the adventures of Light Dragoon Matthew Hervey have grabbed my attention This is the latest novel in the series In this adventure we see Lt Colonel Hervey return to England go off to t

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    On His Majesty's Service first published in 2011 is the 11th in Mallinson's series featuring the post Napoleonic War military career of Matthew Hervey This novel set in 1828 sees him sent on a mission to observe the Russian

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    I never read the endings first but with this installment in the Matthew Hervey series I should have Nothing annoys me than authors who manufacture cliffhangers because they have not been careful enough with their writing to

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    Ok mildly tedious with Hervey and Fairbrother ever so nobel endeavours I remember reading the A close run thing when it was first publishedf 1998? and I thought it was a bit coontrived Hervey always just happens to be in the

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    Good enough to fill time but hardly riveting I was listening to this book in the car which made it a bit worse The author read slowly and I often found myself not paying attention for long stretches particularly during battle

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