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Distant Shores Silent Thunder No matter how much we plan life—and people—have a way of surprising usFor Doctor KT O’Bannon a near fatal tragedy derails a career and disrupts everything she thought she knew about herself and her future Battered and nearly broken she turns for solace to the one woman who knows her best her ex lover Doctor Tory King Their unexpected reunion in Provincetown uncovers old wounds forges new bonds and awakens long buried passions While Tory’s lover Sheriff Reese Conlon struggles to uncover a deadly drug ring and Officer Bri Parker navigates the torturous path between friendship and desire Tory and KT—and those who love them—are forced to examine the boundaries of love friendship and the ties that transcend time

About the Author: Radclyffe

Radclyffe has written over forty five romance and romantic intrigue novels dozens of short stories and writing as LL Raand has authored a paranormal romance series The Midnight Hunters She has also edited Best Lesbian Romance 2009 through 2015 as well as multiple other anthologies She is an eight time Lambda Literary Award finalist in romance mystery and erotica—winning in both romance

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    Radclyffe with authors like her I rarely read or write reviews I just read

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    Radclyffe has me hooked on this series It’s getting better and better The we get to know about the characters the fascinating it is The romances are wonderful and the police work and cases in this small town are exciting This author is really world class in creating groups of people for se

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    AgainBRILLIANTYep guess my titles are getting obvious Do I care?NOPE Another Provincetown instalment and they just keep getting better New characters are introduced and a community is being built which is making the story even realistic Radclyffe's descriptions are for me the best part She puts you r

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    I cannot get enough of this series Radclyffe was able to redeem KT and introduce a new strong character Pia that humanized her The maturity of Reese and Tori was on full display throughout and I was very pleased Radclyffe did not make up some contrived love triangle between KT Tori and Reese as that would be

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    No matter how much I hated KT for what she had done to Tory I couldn't help but feel terrible for her in this novel Reese's father is that ever present threat that holds a gauntlet over Reese and Tory even with the brith of their daughter Bri is still being Bri and I love her dearly but man she has to wise up I like

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    In episode 3 of the Provincetown Tales series Tori’s ex turns up in town in need of refuge and redemption while Tori herself is badly in need of a temporary business partner What ensues is a fairly familiar arc of love and faux trauma in Provincetown at large which is reassuringly comfortable but could have brought so much

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    I have enjoyed this series The characters are interesting as they navigate daily life friends family careers and challenges I embrace the small town police cases hospital scenarios and romance

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    This won a Lambda Literary award Really?KT O'Bannon trauma surgeon meets physical therapist Pia Torres The usual happens though it does have a slightly different twist from Rad's others I liked the character of KT What I didn't like was the omniscienthead hopping POV etc etcActually this is the third in the Provincetown series and does cont

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    Book 3 of the series has the Provincetown Police Department finally crack pun intended the case on how young people are acuiring drugs on the island Our favorite lesbian couple is back and a new couple makes their debut

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    4 stars because of KT’s appearance in the book If it weren’t so good I would have rated 2 For someone who cheats KT doesn’t deserve someone who could love unconditionally like Pia and certainly Tory’s forgiveness It frustrates the hell out of me that Radclyffe even thought of plotting KT as a main character in this book of the series I couldn’t f

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