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Beautiful Creatures 662 pages 90 chapters of catching drama exuisite description of the slightest details and satisfying writing style introducing different languages other than English and some really useful information especially in fashion style law and management The characters were attractive and inspiring I related to them than once while depicting their acts and thoughts and reactions It is a mixture of an erotica a thriller and a fashiontravelling blog all of these categories were combined under the word Fiction written on the back discretely so that the reader forgets that it's all a work of imagination and engage with the events Nice work Lulu I thought Octavia Flora are 2 faces of my personality the wild and the vulnerable; and their names uite suited them But they were the stereotypical image of twins there is always that one dominant twin who imposes his ideas and opinions and protectscontrols the other passive submissive twin I found the ending cheesy and stereotypical as well good thing that the epilogue fixed it a little The book though it may seem as a Harleuin light novel is worth reading and I don't regret the time spent consuming it on the expanse of other worthy books I shall admit that my English has improved after reading it; I learned new vocabulary and better ways of expression thanks to it What can I say bravo I suggest making a movie or a series out of it It'll be a success In a small South Carolina town where it seems little has changed since the Civil War sixteen year old Ethan is powerfully drawn to Lena a new classmate with whom he shares a psychic connection and whose family hides a dark secret that may be revealed on her sixteenth birthday Everyone has heard of the Beaufort twins but few have ever seen themOn the eve of their 21st birthday at one of the most lavish parties society has ever seen Octavia and Flora Beaufort are launched into the world For Octavia it is one of the most thrilling nights of her life an evening glittering with the promise of her future But Flora shrinks from the limelight fearful of what lies beyond the walls of her over protective aunt’s houseAs Octavia is swept into a whirlwind of lavish spending and fashionable society she grasps eagerly at whatever she wants clothes houses men even a department store But Flora yearns for security – and when she is rescued from harm by a kind stranger she seems to have found the love and protection she craves Prey to all kinds of dangers the twins soon realise that without each other they run the risk of losing everything But is it already too late I have read a couple of other books by Lulu Taylor which were much better than this The storyline is to say the least rather far fetched I very nearly gave up on it but did actually want to see what the ending was although that turned out to be sadly very predictable I found the unnecessary semi pornography a bit difficult to take and was totally fed up to the back teeth with the constant references to presumably designer labels Being an old fogie who metaphorically lives in a box I have never heard of 99% of them so I was completely unimpressed Not one I shall keep on my Kindle I did not enjoy this book Gentle easy read Loved it My sort of book enjoyed every page I read all books by Lulu Taylor and really like her writing style In fact i have been waiting for this ebook version for so long and remember how ecstatic i am when i realised that i can buy the ebook from Kobo ; I recalled the dramatic elements in each of her books and this book is not exempted from its conflicts and dramatic elementsThe story is about a pair of twins who set to inherit hundred of millions inheritance from their father found themselves faces with a world that they have no idea about Olivia the older twin who have a strong personality found herself to be able to adapt to the strange environment and is excited to explore and experience such an adventures which totally different from the environment where they lived before Flora on the other hand have a very fragile personality She is timid and find it extremely hard to adapt to the new environment Being lived and guarded all their lives they are now on their own to live the life they want yet they have no idea how to Being extremely rich they soon find themselves being crowded with strangers who want to befriend them and vying for their attention which have lead to disaster and lesson that they will not forgetI can hardly put down my ereader especially when i reached the Third part of the book there are three parts where i think is the peak of the climax where Octavia rescued Flora from her husband Otto a maniac and at the same time found her boyfriend Ethan have been siphoned her money out of the company where both of them have shared The story plot move very fast so fast that i almost breathless just by chasing after it Overall this book is by far the best book by the author and i am really hoping for the latest book scheduled to be publish in May is as good as this book Gave up reading after about 100 pages just couldn't get into it I don't know why I finished this book nor why I even thought I would like it Totally trashy Not in a bad way if you like that kind of stuff but not usually what I am in to I guess it's nice to give a book one star and really mean it It doesn't happen often because I usually don't read the whole book if I don't like it

About the Author: Lulu Taylor

Lulu was brought up in the Oxfordshire countryside attended a girls’ school and then went to Oxford University where she read English Literature After university she worked in publishing for several years before becoming a novelistLulu says of her books ‘I’ve always adored stories of the rich and reckless at play everything from The Great Gatsby to the brilliant blockbuster novels of the 8

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