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Iron Council The third novel in his amazing imaginative seuence focused on the fabulous city of New Crobuzon and its very special worldIt is a time of revolts and revolutions conflict and intrigue New Crobuzon is being ripped apart from without and within War with the shadowy city state of Tesh and rioting on the streets at home are pushing the teeming metropolis to the brink In the midst of this turmoil a mysterious masked figure spurs strange rebellion while treachery and violence incubate in unexpected placesIn desperation a small group of renegades escapes from the city and crosses strange and alien continents in the search for a lost hope an undying legend In the blood and violence of New Crobuzon's most dangerous hour there are whispersIt is the time of the Iron Council

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    I've known about Mieville for a long time But I don't know if I've ever read one of his books before Generally speaking though people I respect enjoy his books and that's the best way I know to find new things to read Simply said? I really enjoyed it Strange enough to be wondrous but not so bizarre that it's nonsensical Good story Good use of language Good characters Perhaps than anything else I was impressed by the moral ambiguity of the bo

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    Overtly political teasingly intricate and deeply intertextual China Miéville's Iron Council is everything I expect to love in great speculative fiction and nearly everything I know I love in Miéville's workYet since its publication I have only read it once and I still find myself ranking it third of Miéville's Bas Lag books I've been baffled by my restraint with Iron Council My admiration of Miéville's other books is boundless bordering on madne

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    Iron Council is China Miéville's most overtly political fiction work but don't pigeonhole it Between the revolutionary fervor fantasy trains and Western like parts runs a common theme of love and the painful desperate doomed human longing I loved this book It was not the insta love like it was with The Scar but a long careful slow to build up affair that by the end of the story fully blossomed This book is fascinating passionate brutal at times thought p

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    Dear ChinaIt’s not you it’s meI wanted to like Iron Council and there were parts of it I really did like but the old magic was just not thereI remember first meeting you on the pages of Kraken and your fantastic images scenes and people made me want to spend time with youThen we spent some time together stepping in between Besźel and Ul oma and I realized the depth and virtuosity was than a flash in the pan you were on to some heady stuff THE NEW WEIRD I

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    I gave this four stars but I also gave Mieville's The Scar four starsBut they aren't eual This highlights the difficulty with the Goodreads rating systemThe Scar probably deserved a 45 nearly perfect where this rates like a 35This is the third book in the New CrobuzonBas Lag seriesThe first two were Perdido Street Station and The ScarThe Iron Council takes place in the same universe but many years later in the nineteenth century where the earlier two books were in the

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    Full review to come at some point in future hopefullyFor now like the rest of the series combination of very weird but very well written steampunk and real world politics with ambiguous sides and no truly right answer

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    I love the first two Bas Lag books but it took me ages to get around to this third volume due to the relatively high number of less than enthusiastic reviews on Goodreads and elsewhere Yes I can be swayed by reviews if the consensus opinion leans towards the negative At the end of the day though I could not resist picking this book up as it is the last Bas Lag volume for the foreseeable future Miéville may come back to it but he seems to have no plan to do so at the moment Another t

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    We live in a culture that desires fragmented stories; stories that are told uickly and compellingly so we can move on to the next tale It is why we love visual forms so much It is why YA fiction is increasingly popular with older crowds It is why graphic novels are on the rise as a literary form But where are the novellas? Where are books like One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich The Old Man and the Sea Heart of Darkness The Awakening A Clockwork Orange?I have been looking waiting hoping

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    Recall in my review of The Scar how I was whining about my opinion of China Miéville and his novels remaining relatively constant? How I wanted to read something different something I could say didn't rank eually with the other three novels by him that I have read?This is the story of why I should have been careful with my wishingI knew something was wrong—perhaps I should say off—almost from the beginning of this book The opening was grandiose in Miéville's usual style which if you've read

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    So here we are in Bas Lag again According to interviews Mieville sounds like he has every intention of returning to the world of Bas Lag in the future so I won't refer to this as the last Bas Lag novel But as of 2009 it's the most recentI found the experience of reading Iron Council markedly different from the first two books set in this world For one in this book the story isn't as localised We have met the city of New Crobuzon in Perdido Street Station and the pirate collective of Armada in The Scar No

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