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Killing Ground Douglas Reeman not only provides an excellent historical perspective of the Battle of the Atlantic but does so with a well constructed plot with complex and realistic characters Well researched novel following the Captain and crew of a Royal Navy Destroyer during the Battle of the Atlantic from 1942 1944 Reeman paints a picture of the brutality of the conflict and the passions of the participants without delving into graphic language of violence While the main character is the Captain Reeman jumps from character to character using the third person omniscient narrative and develops the plot so that like war itself there is no guarantee that any particular character will survive the next engagement I will be adding of Douglas Reeman's books to my shelf The Western Ocean 1942From the bridge of HMS Gladiator Lieutenant Commander David Howard's orders were chillingly clear There could be no mercyTo the men who fought to protect the vital threatened Merchat Navy convoys in the Western Approaches the Battle of the Atlantic was a full scale warA relentless savage war against an ever present enemy and a violent sea in an arena known only to its embittered survivors as the killing groundHMS Gladiator was part of that war An ordinary hard worked destroyer and her company of men Fighting for survival in a war with no rules I hate to be the naysayer and I do so with caution since every author instantly wants to become a critic Nonetheless I disliked the book so much I abandoned it about half way though Here is whyThe narrator introduces a relatively large cast of characters and whenever the scene is inhabited by two or characters Reeman moves his point of view between characters often rapidly and without warning I found it extremely difficult to keep the characters straight and who was thinking what at any one moment In author speak this is head hoppingI kept reading since I was able to keep track of the main storyline but the feeling I got was it was a rambling story because of the head hopping and at one point I had to stop and go back several paragraphs because a ship had just been torpedoed and it took me several paragraphs to realize it In those paragraphs he covered three individual character points of viewOn the upside his story is true to the salty world of sailors and his use of language and description is excellent and interesting I agree with one reader that Reeman sometimes leaves you with the feeling the crew drinks way too much and leaves me wondering how this ship of drunks can manage a warshipIf you are okay with an author rapidly changing points of view between characters this is an excellent book and would rate five stars I give it two stars based on my own bias Nasty goings on below the surface of the waves destroyer escorts corvettes convoys with sinking smoking hulks and the waters burning with oil It could be the Gulf of Mexico 2010 however as is usual for Douglas Reeman books it's WWII and the Battle of the Atlantic A rare fiction read for me and no matter how well written and authentic still only two stars Much like The Cruel Sea by Nicholas Monserrat this book seems to be an authentic account of the struggles endured by the Royal Navy during the battle of the atlantic in escorting convoys while under attack by U boats This book has the added attraction of including insights into the personal lives and loves of some of the principal protagonists I am enjoying this book although it brings home vividly the horrors of war to both sides of the conflict Another good WWII sea novel by Douglas Reeman this time involving British destroyers against German u boats in the Atlantic Western Sea convoy war Principal characters are finely drawn and we empathize with their losses and sorrows The fiction parallels real events and trends and the book gives us perspective into the British struggle for survival during this horrendous war As always with Douglas Reeman an enjoyable read His descriptions make me feel as though I'm actually there He actually did convoy duty and obviously knows what he is describing A very moving account of what it must have been like One of the better books by the author Likely has the best presented depictions or action and combat but still suffers from the two common Reeman tropes an inexplicable “heel” character with no redeeming ualities Who obviously gets his comeuppance and a “savior” love interest who brings our hero back from the brink of insanity via a poorly portrayed courtship followed by sub trash romance novel sex scenes It seems in Reeman’s novels the female characters exist solely to eventually bang the despair out of the ship’s captain This feels derivative I think Nicholas Monsarrat did this subject better

About the Author: Douglas Reeman

Alexander KentDouglas Edward Reeman was a British author who has written many historical fiction books on the Royal Navy mainly set during either World War II or the Napoleonic WarsReeman joined the Royal Navy in 1940 at the age of 16 and served during World War II and the Korean War He eventually rose to the rank of lieutenant In addition to being an author Reeman has also taught the art of navigation for yachting and served as a technical advisor for films Douglas married author Kimberley Jordan Reeman in 1985Reeman's debut novel A Prayer for the Ship was published in 1958 His pseudonym

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