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Pantaleón y las visitadoras Baseado em factos verídicos Pantaleão e as Visitadoras é um romance engenhoso divertido e sarcástico ue põe em evidência a outra face de um sistema a partir das suas próprias raízes deixando entrever o funcionamento ambivalente de uma instituição Publicada em 1973 e adaptada ao cinema Pantaleão e as Visitadoras é uma das obras mais populares e divertidas de Mario Vargas Llosa Pantaleão Pantoja um oficial do exército com uma folha de serviços irrepreensível enfrenta a missão mais arriscada da sua vida organizar dentro do mais absoluto sigilo militar um serviço de prostitutas para aplacar as necessidades das Forças Armadas do Peru isoladas na selva amazónica Rigoroso cumpridor do dever Pantoja muda se para Iuitos para levar a cabo esta missão mantendo se afastado dos demais militares vestindo à civil e sobretudo sem nada revelar à mãe e à mulher No entanto em pouco tempo o ue era uma missão discreta transforma se no maior empreendimento de prostitutas do país virando do avesso a vida de Iuitos e do próprio Pantaleão ue como se não bastassem os problemas familiares se verá envolvido com uma bela e insinuante «visitadora» acabando por pôr em perigo a sua tarefa

About the Author: Mario Vargas Llosa

Mario Vargas Llosa born in Peru in 1936 is the author of some of the most significant writing to come out of South America in the past fifty years His novels include The Green House about a brothel in a Peruvian town that brings together the innocent and the corrupt; The Feast of the Goat a vivid re creation of the Dominican Republic during the final days of General Rafael Trujillo’s insidiou

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    You can't win 'em all Captain Pantoja's Special Service is a brothel for the Peruvian army in the ian basin The book is a mixture of satire and slapstick comedy but not really even close to the writing uality on The Time of the Hero The Green House or Conversation in the Cathedral that proceeded it or Aunt Julia and The War at the End of the World which succeeded it I only found it marginally humorous and could not help but be put off by its outright misogyny Whatever I will still conti

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    My Spanish is getting a little rusty This work took me waaay longer than I'm used to in investing any given novel But with the Peruvian storyteller this is another story altogether You must at least once in your life read classics in their original language which is why I should learn French sooner than later The flavor of different character's vernacular would be lost in the translation I've read so many of them in the case of MVLThis is a hard sell The picaresue novel the megacomedic juggern

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    Edit 291216 Best Fiction read of 2016 Captain uartermaster Pantaleon Pantoja is a career military man in the Peruvian Army like his father and his grandfather He is a model officer known for his efficiently logistics planning and honesty An officer 'without vices' is how the Intelligence Service have reported him to his superiors His superiors about to give him a special assignment a secret one One in which he will have to remain in disguise out of uniform as a civilianDeep in the Peruvian the men a

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    One of Mario Vargas Llosa's earlier novels at first it appears to be a light farce albeit an extremely well written one but it evolves and develops into something much deeper and movingThe story is about the straitlaced logistics officer Captain Pantoja who is assigned to set up mobile brothels in the to divert the troops from pursuing and often raping local women Captain Pantoja brings his astonishing efficiency to the task with such steps as surveys about how often men need the services timing how long

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    Mission oh so delicate and secret because army and pimping do not even mix well and that is given to us by Captain Pantaléon Pantoja chosen for his undeniable organizational skills his rigour and above all his blind obedience to his superiors Embarrassed by the content of this mission Pantaléon will put all its professional conscience at the Service of its success He was endeavouring to recruit the most efficient visitors to meet the needs of its mates and profitably cost while maintaining optimal health and saf

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    We're talking about a delicious book which its great trump is satire Through the tragicomical situations presented through the pages the author manages with an incredibly successful way to satirize to the structure and function of the Peruvian army and all over the spectrum of society Having tremendous sense of humor creativity on the characters of the book creating successful contrasts and giving amazing dialogues we have a really brilliant text funny that relaxes and pleasures the reader A large part of the book consis

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    It's a few years since I last read a book by Mario Vargas Llosa and this early novel is somewhat different in feel from the others I have read albeit the author uses the non linear style that is something of a trademark of his and which initially can be confusing if you haven't encountered it before In the jungle city of Iuitos soldiers from the local army base are sexually harrassing the city's women and the army's solution is to set up a secret brothel to divert their appetites Chosen to run the project is the priggish Capt P

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    This book is brilliant funny and a treat to read from start to finish What can you say about the Captain whose life is the army is given a top job to create a brothel in the steamy jungles of Peru to service the Peruvian army so the men can be better soldiers? uite the job and oh yeah keep it secret CaptainExcept you have a pregnant wife a tempting woman called The Brazilian and a band of crazy missionaries as your neighbors who like to crucify animals among other things Captain Pantaleon does such an excellent job that the secret get

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    A high uality satire of morals and religion Pantaleón reportedly contains several elements from Vargas Llosa's personal experience Apparently there really was a Peruvian army initiative to provide its soldiers in jungle outposts with prostitutes; the author had already described both his early fascination with prostitution and his army experiences in earlier novelsThere are multiple layers of irony starting with the fact that the hiring of prostitutes is formally assigned to a young officer who has very little experience with women altogeth

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    This is an early Vargas Llosa novel 1978 and it displays his sharp wit clever exposition and facility with farce An upright and uptight army officer is drafted to set up brothel services to the troops who are rampaging and ravishing local females in their uest to satisfy their lust Captain Pantoja is a model soldier devoted to his wife and mother and he is shocked that he must undertake this project all in deep secrecy Captain Pantoja proves to be a terrific organizer and the project takes off and succeeds beyond anyone's wildest expectation As the

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