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Amexica Amexica is the harrowing story of the extraordinary terror unfolding along the US Mexico border—a country in its own right which belongs to both the United States and Mexico yet neither—as the narco war escalates to a fever pitch thereIn 2009 after reporting from the border for many years Ed Vulliamy traveled the frontier from the Pacific coast to the Gulf of Mexico from Tijuana to Matamoros a journey through a kaleidoscopic landscape of corruption and all out civil war but also of beauty and joy and resilience He describes in revelatory detail how the narco gangs work; the smuggling of people weapons and drugs back and forth across the border; middle class flight from Mexico and an American celebrity culture that is feeding the violence; the interrelated economies of drugs and the mauiladora factories; the ruthless systematic murder of young women in Ciudad Juarez Heroes villains and victims—the brave and rogue police priests women and journalists fighting the violence; the gangs and their freelance killers; the dead and the devastated—all come to life in this singular book Amexica takes us far beyond today's headlines It is a street level portrait by turns horrific and sublime of a place and people in a time of war as much as of the war itself

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    Picking up Amexica War Along the Borderline by journalist Ed Vulliamy I was initially excited thinking here might be an accessible book by a veteran journalist capable of explaining to the English speaking public just what is going on in Mexico and why Naïve I know My suspicions were raised as early as the second paragraph when the author mistranslated the extremely common Spanish l

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    This was my beach read for our Thanksgiving vacation to Florida I was so thoroughly engrossed I barely remember any details from our holiday This fascinating angering and heartbreaking report is very well researched and written and the authorreporter so well versed and caring so much about the subject matter that I began an instant obsession with the region as well as its our vexing i

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    So far my main goal is to try to get over how many spelling mistakes there are in the Spanish and focus on what Vulliamy is saying It is difficult given I am still only at the prologue and I've tallied 14 mistakes so far which is frankly embarrassing for Vintage Hopefully it won't get worse though clearly it will and I will be able to get through Amexica without hurtling it across the

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    Fantastic read and a really important book everybody should read it and be aware of the atrocities happening everyday in MexicoLove the very poignant closing line by Munoz the Tijuana pathologist I live like a man who sits eating a delicious taco on the street there aware that every moment could be his last One bullet and he is dead

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    A well informed piece of traveloguereportage of the literally torturous history of the US – Mexico border in the era of the War on Drugs It captures well the way in which the simple stories of opposition between nefarious drug lords and virtuous Mexican government is blatant misrepresentation On the contrary there has long been a series of not very cozy condominia between various drug

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    Fantastic book mostly about the drug war raging on the US México border All aspects are covered including the army's and policy fight against and often complicit involvement with the narcos the war's effect on immigration the recent involvement of Native border tribes in the issue the complicity of the mauiladoras in providing the grounds for recruitment the complicity of the US in regar

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    A literally shocking non fiction account of the drugs war raging on the Mexican American border and the breakdown of society that this is in turn promoting The book starts in a fairly dry way but soon becomes a gripping dialogue for the dead as the atrocities and breakdown of society are catalogued through accounts from not only the people trying to address the problems but also from the b

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    A point in time review of events along the US Mexico border during some of the worst of the narcotics related violence From the gruesome open warfare in Tijuana and Nuevo Laredo to the calm but chilling repression in Matamoros which has seen escalating violence since this was written Vulliamy sympathizes with the Mexican citizens who have gotten caught up in all the chaos The book details t

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    An excellent read Sometimes these kind of books can be a bit on the dry side but Vulliamy does a great job of bringing to raw desperate life the people he talks to and the places he describes My interest in the whole War on Drugs subject had been sparked initially by reading Sam Hawken's 'The Dead Women of Juarez' and then the magnificent 'The Power of the Dog' by Don Winslow; but this book

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    Author did a tremendous work to describe every aspect of this violent and unbelievably cruel warThe numbers of victims are terrifying and whe don't know when this conflict will finally endFor most of the people who lives among the cartels it's s dead end they have no choice left they need to cooperate with drug traffickers Sad thing is that there is no hope for them corruption and bribery is

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