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No Way Down Life and Death on K2 “No Way Down is both a gripping read and a clear eyed investigation of the hubris politics and bad luck that brought on one of the worst disasters in modern mountaineering history” — Michael Kodas author of High Crimes The Fate of Everest in an Age of Greed “Graham Bowley’s No Way Down does a great job of putting you on the mountain It is a refreshingly unadorned account of the true brutality of climbing K2 where heroes emerge and egos are stripped down and the only thing achieving immortality is the cold ruthless mountain” — Norman Ollestad author of Crazy for the StormIn the tradition of Into Thin Air and Touching the Void No Way Down by New York Times reporter Graham Bowley is the harrowing account of the worst mountain climbing disaster on K2 second to Everest in height but second to no peak in terms of danger From tragic deaths to unbelievable stories of heroism and survival No Way Down is an amazing feat of storytelling and adventure writing and in the words of explorer and author Sir Ranulph Fiennes “the closest you can come to being on the summit of K2 on that fateful day”

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    EDIT I have since read One Mountain Thousand Summits which I find to be a detailed and accurate portrayal of the 2008 K2 disaster If you have time to only read one book read that oneNo Way Down is probably the single most detailed acc

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    Yikes This book is rather gruesome than most of the mountain woe books I've read People just go sliding right off cliffs someone finds another team member's eyeball in the snow after an avalanche and later on that same person's penis i

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    Good companion to Ed Viestur's K2 book That one is straight up reporting whereas this one recounts the 2008 disaster using a suspenseful narrative style It reads like fiction with lots of dialog cliffhangers and foreshadowingKnowing wha

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    This is an excellent book about the August 2008 season on K2 second highest mountain in the world when 11 climbers died There were a number of different expeditions on the mountain as well as a handful of solo climbers Graham Bowley a Bri

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    The hour by hour story of the infamous K2 expedition in 2008 that claimed the lives of eleven climbers The author interviewed many of the survivors and pieced together the most likely series of events from their accounts although in spots

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    This book presents an explanation of the tragedy that occurred on K2 in 2008 during which eleven people died The author provides an unbiased account of what took place who did what and why Bowley exposes the many factors involved including

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    Like everyone else who read Krakauer's Into Thin Air I've been obsessed ever since with tales of high altitude climbing particularly when that climbing goes wrong This book is about the 2008 disaster on K2 which left 11 climbers dead One cli

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    It is hard not to compare this book to Into Thin Air by Jon Krakuaer However there are some noticeable differences which I believe make this book a pleasurable read The latter spent a far greater number of pages detailing the rich cultural h

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    Adventure and death sometimes go hand in hand Climbing K2 provides an abundance of mountaineering adventure with the always looming prospect of death This story is a riveting explanation of the personalities and decisions that lead to the trag

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    The jacket blurb calls this a riveting work of narrative non fiction Hardly It reads like a long newspaper article

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