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Naughty Amelia Jane I couldn’t put this book down as a child I loved finding out what Amelia Jane would get up to next I thought Naughty Jane would completely reform or be taken away by the children so that the other dolls could love in peaceBut I still like the fact she scars her hand and she will always remember that she got it by being naughty and mean This is one Maggie's favorites Why? Because Amelia was naughty but she does truly have a good spiritI read this with my 8 year old daughter We are huge fans of the Faraway Tree and when we saw this Enid Blyton book at a friend's house we knew we needed to read it A similar storyline to Toy Story yet their is a mischievous handmade doll who knowingly wreaks havoc in the toy room Honestly Amelia Jane's antics are slightly outdated but my daughter enjoyed them anyway The language is simple enough that she helped me read The above review was written by my daughter I remember reading this book as a child and enjoying it This is one book which thought me not to judge a book by its cover because when my mom first gave it to me I said mom this looks so boring and I was obviously wrong I have always been a big fan of Enid Blyton and have always enjoyed her most of her books like 'Thirteen O'Clock' and '12 silver cups' but the Amelia Jane series is very different This is the sort of book any growing up child should read It has very simple grammar and the book has something very catchy about it and if you have never read it now is the time I need to note that the copy I purchased no longer has the Golliwog character in it He's been replaced with a toy soldier named Tom I hadn't realized how controversial Enid Blyton's books were I've managed to somehow accidentally buy just cleaned up versions of Enid Blyton where names and characters have been changed a bit Thus I always enjoyed Blyton and was none the wiser Then I was reading a Famous Five book came across a character named Sooty and got concerned and then found the rest of the story via Google Before I get into all of that if I wouldn't have known about Enid Blyton I would have liked Amelia Jane The stories get very repetitive it's always Amelia doing the same ridiculous nonsense Amelia Jane is very very naughty It is interesting that much like Toy Story the toys come to life when no one is around and then drop limp when someone shows up There is also a cowboy doll in one of the stories Hmm Amelia Jane is much like Horrid Henry she is consistently bad only behaving for very brief periods of time While reading this it put me in mind of a book that does this better If you like this but want something a little less mean and controversial I highly recommend the My Naughty Little Sister books by Dorothy Edwards I'm not sure if Dorothy was a better person or not but a brief google search turned up nothing shocking The character is a little girl instead of a doll and she does get into trouble but the story is so much charming Anyhow I generally try not to learn too much about famous authors because honestly a huge percentage of them weren't great people I want to be able to enjoy the book distinct from the author because otherwise there will be very little older books left to read HOWEVER Enid Blyton mixes her views up in her stories many of which have been doctored If you are buying reprint Enid Blyton books for a child I suggest a uick scan through the book at least to make sure your getting the version you expect I was looking forward to buying some vintage versions of her works because I buy a LOT of vintage juvenile fiction Definitely won't be buying these as the Golliwog character looks like the worst kind of blackface I don't believe in censoring as a general rule however entry level chapter books like Amelia Jane are sort of expected to be relatively 'clean' Enid Blyton used to be my fav author whn i was 10 I would give this doll away but Amelia Jane’s redeeming feature is that she does accept her mistakes and conseuences She doesn’t seem to learn lessons from them which makes these stories enjoyable to children These stories popular with kids who like that she is not perfect Franny I really like this book because it brings silly toys to life and they go on adventure all around the city She plays lots of tricks on the other people bu never gets caught by humans I give this book 4 stars because they could have put in about the humans Naughty Amelia Jane Enid Blyton Achat Vente livre Dcouvrez Naughty Amelia Jane Enid Blyton ainsi ue les autres livres de au meilleur prix sur Cdiscount Livraison rapide Livraison rapide En poursuivant votre navigation vous acceptez l'utilisation de la part de Cdiscount et de tiers de cookies et autres traceurs des fins de mesure d'audience partage avec les rseaux sociaux personnalisation des contenus profilage et Naughty Amelia Jane | Vues d'en faceVues d'en face Naughty Amelia Jane Comdie Inde et Rpubliue tchue minutes VOSTF Genre Laissez moi danser C’est l’histoire de deux filles c’est l’histoire de deux femmes c’est l’histoire de deux vilaines C’est l’histoire de l’hilarante hypocrisie des conventions sociales Ptillant Fiche artistiue Ralisation Risheeta Agrawal Interprtation Maelika Naughty Amelia Jane Enid Blyton Naughty Amelia Jane Enid Blyton No preview available View all About the author Enid Blyton November Enid Blyton was born in London in She was educated in a private school and thought that she would become a musician until she realized that writing was her passion She attended Ipswich High School where she trained to become a kindergarten teacher and Amelia Jane Wikipedia Amelia Jane is a fictional character and book series by Enid BlytonHer initial book Naughty Amelia Jane appeared in According to Blyton's daughter Gillian the main character was based on a large handmade doll given to her by her mother on her third birthday Naughty Amelia Jane – Cloudaloud publisher Egmont UK Ltd contributor Enid Blyton Naughty Amelia Jane – Toolo Enid Blyton is arguably the most famous children's author of all time Thanks to series such as The Wishing Chair The Faraway Tree The Mysteries The Famous Five and The Secret Seven she has earned a place in the hearts of millions of fans around the world Her characters can be funny heroic naughty and scary but always memorable And Naughty Amelia Jane | World of Blyton The Amelia Jane books might well have been the first Blyton ones I read or had read to me As I’ve mentioned before I had Dean editions of the first two books but now I have a ninth impression of Naughty Amelia Jane I actually bought this at the Enid Blyton day as I with my slight disdain of Deans wanted an earlier edition Naughty Amelia Jane Pizza Party YouTube Naughty Amelia Duration Brianna Pons Hangouts Only views Made In Sheffield Amelia Jane Duration tonyobrien Recommended for you Little girl Cherlyn's Diary Book Summary Naughty Amelia Amelia Jane was very good then but she was not good for very long and started to forget her promises She started to play pranks again When the toys knew that they find various ways to punish her again and again until finally Amelia Jane was being naughty again Amelia Jane Rutherford | Dana's Discipline Diary Dana and Sarah team up with one of the all time goddesses of the British spanking scene the great Amelia Jane Rutherford Her acting facial expressions and instantly recognizable sculpted posterior are all on display in this exuisitely edited film As our scene begins the shock of seeing Dana’s hairbrush cracking down across her friend Sarah’s backside has transformed Amelia from a Just a good old Enid Blyton book with short chapters which are short stories within themselves so can be read 1 at a time or in a whole sitting While the edition I read was from 80s and maybe wouldn’t be the same now a days for politicalstereotyping reasons I enjoyed this book

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