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The King of America A Novel She is a delectable writer precise lovely Dare I say luminous? Don't read the book if you like happy endings Fictional rendering of Michael Rockefeller's tragic life story with names changed but clearly identifiable Because his story is back in the news with Carl Hoffman's new non fiction book excerpted in a spring Smithsonian magazine and lots of other press I decided to read this brief earlier tale which was recommended to me when it first came out Hopefully an e book will appear in the future Exploring the inner struggles of one young man and how those struggles manifest in his relationships this is a hopeful tragedy Readers are challenged to develop sympathy for someone for whom they may have disgust You will keep reading to know if you will love or hate in the end hoping that Gillison will decide for you Well written and a wonderful sometimes dark adventure I enjoyed my character being put to test Throughout you aren't given enough to decide if you really like or dislike this young man? So how do you respond to his actions Every day we meet strangers and are faced with the same challenge Do we show compassion towards or dismiss those we don't know? Do we judge one another based on social appearances? Beyond that you are confronted with the uestion is my life meaningful? How much of what fills you with happiness? Borrowed this from Kim my friends list and couldn't put it downIt reads fast and i just had to find out what was going to happen next the book begins at the enda contrived ending since nooone really knows and then flashes backIt is also good as a social comment on children born to the very rich and the difficulty they encounter etching out their own identity on the planet in the shadow of a rich and famous family nameSurely none of us ever escapes our environmental influences but to think the rich with all their resources have a better chance at it is a myth My professor recommended this book After reviewing my manuscript he noticed that my descriptive style is similar to the aurthor'sGillison admits that the novel is loosely based on the mysterious 1961 disappearance of Michael Rockefeller I hope the locals didn't eat him The King of America sounded interesting to me so I gave it a try The book was good enough to continue reading but is not something I would read again I did not know anything about the event in history that this book is loosely based off of It compelled me to find out about the Rockefeller family and also about the disappearance of Michael Rockefeller I think this is a really good interesting novel and was shocked that a number of other critics didn't like it muchhttpwwwbookpagecom0403bpsamant lLoosely based on the mysterious 1961 disappearance of Michael Rockerfeller This is a work of fiction however it is based on the life of Micheal Rockfeller 1940 1960'sBeautiful prose descriptions of his emotions toward parents teachers one who took advantage of him how he falls in love Liked how the book flipped back forth between his youth end of lifeHowever the book didn't completely hold my attention maybe I've come across too many stories of the unloved rich kid who continually seeks approval from those unwilling to take the time Loosely based on the mysterious 1961 disappearance of Michael Rockefeller The King of America traces the short brilliant life of Stephen Hesse firstborn son of one of America’s wealthiest most powerful men After a lonely and restless childhood in a broken family Stephen attends Harvard eventually accompanying his mentor a charismatic anthropology professor to the impossibly strange and distant world of New Guinea where a thriving Neolithic culture still practices its ancient rites There Stephen hopes to make an archaeological discovery that will secure his professional standing and guarantee him a lasting place in the world’s–and his father’s–esteem But his hardheaded insistence on securing his treasure before the onset of the monsoon season has tragic conseuences

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