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I was looking forward to what Sommer produced next His first novel was very different from what I had read before I really enjoy how complex it was and the psychology aspects in contained I wasn't disappointed with this one.I have to be honest and say I don't remember much about the characters from The Manufactured Identity There was so much going on in that book I was afraid that fact would hinder my enjoyment of this one It didn't The book draws you in from the prologue At first, the constant switch in narrative is distracting But, I knew from experience that everything would be tied together Gradually the story flow into one stream and you get to know the characters All of them are suffering from sort of psychological problem in varying degrees I liked watching them all sort through their problems And once again, the author shows his knowledge in the area It's not written from the perspective of someone who has done a lot of research It feels genuine and real.I liked the intensity of the novel We know something big is going to happen, but we don't know to whom or who will be the culprit I wasn't even sure if it was a character in the novel or some outside force The true psychosis of the villain was awesome I love how the author is able to make a villain seem like any person you might know The craziness is buried deep within And with the problems the characters are hiding from each other, it really good have been anybody.I liked the theoretical questions this novel asks God plays a big part of it and I enjoyed it for the most part But, in the end it kind of turned me off I could have done without the whole classroom scene It's just got a little preachy there and felt a little out of place with the rest of the story The pacing was a little off for me as well It seems a short amount of time goes by in a few chapters and then all of a sudden months of past The only real indication of this is wording in the story It's almost like the chapters need a timeline But, overall I still really enjoyed this story Dr Sommer has proved he has something to offer the mystery/thriller genre I will be looking forward to what he writes next! The Grand Delusion is a prequel to The Manufactured Identity, which I enjoyed because of it's shocking twists and basis in real psychology The Grand Delusion has many instances of abnormal psychology coming into play, but the focus is muchdeeply based in religion.The thriller portion of The Grand Delusion, the events leading up to and after a car crash that almost kills Jon, Addy and Merci, is just that thrilling The A fastpaced, what'sgoingtohappennext feel runs throughout that portion of the plot Unfortunately, the multiple theological discussions that run that make up the rest of the book did not work for me.While not focusing on any one religion, the theme of the book seemed to be is there a god? Addy, in particular, takes this question to heart and begins looking at everything that happens in life as a vote for or strike against god Some readers may find this to be an interesting look at what is happening around her, but those who get easily annoyed by the inclusion of god in just about every single aspect of a book will not find this enjoyable Having read The Manufactured Identity, I expected some religion, but never to the extent it was focused upon in The Grand Delusion.The Grand Delusion is a good read, but it won't appeal to all readers Those open to intense spiritual debate surrounding an equally intense psychological thriller will love The Grand Delusion Readers who avoid theology will not. I'd forgotten how much I love this series I recently reread all three books, and though I was suspect at first about book two being a prequel to The Manufactured Identity, I was pleasantly surprised by how well it works, as well as by the new batch of suspense The Grand Delusion isof a thriller than The Manufactured Identity, as it introduces some hairier characters than its predecessor But in it we also get to meet Merci, John and Addy as they first encounter one another The triangle is a mess, as any good psychological suspense's characters should be And the author also introduces us to Chief Murphy and Cameron Bo, both of whom are battling demons, onefiguratively than the other.As with TMI, there is a spiritual element to the book Addy in particular is struggling with big theological questions in The Grand Delusion I don't think this should be a red flag for those disinterested in religion, however, because the author is not making a statement The character dealing with these big questions is depressed and should be asking those questions, in this reviewer's opinion Soa spiritual element? Yes A religious bent? No.Heath Sommer's professional work as a clinical psychologist comes through in his work I have never read a psychological suspense or thriller that dove into the mothership of the brain the way Sommer's stories do There are some similarities to TMI in that we get to, for example, join Merci in therpy sessions and listen to Addy as she discusses life's big questions with a religion professor at the college they all attend But unlike TMI, you also get to unfold the brain of a man who, well, takes the length of the book to unfold entirely; we'll just leave it at that.As in The Manufactured Identity, Sommer takes all of the story lines and weaves them together in a best twist sort of way His stories are neatly woven tapestries, to coin a cliche I might not often describe a psychological novel as a quick, fun read, but Sommer somehow manages that with all three of his books I highly recommend The Grand Delusion! The Grand Delusion is a remarkable piece of art in which Dr Sommer successfully blends fiction with philosophy in a book that is both suspenseful and contemplative Never have I read a story with so much substance that has, at the same time, been so thrilling.The main characters in The Grand Delusion are developed well throughout the book and through them we are introduced (or reintroduced) to many of the philosophical questions of life Topics such as good versus evil, logic versus emotion, selfworth, memory, forgiveness, punishment, faith, trust, love, agency, altruism, responsibility, tragedy, and suffering are discussed in an unbiased fashion Since multiple sides of each topic are discussed, the reader can decide for his or herself the answers to and perspectives of these important philosophical questions Interestingly the characters are developed in this same fashion, so it is not overtly obvious who the protagonists and antagonists always are I believe the most interesting facet of The Grand Delusion is how relatable the characters, experiences, and conflicts are The feeling derived at the end of The Grand Delusion what one has gained or learned can differ greatly from reader to reader, and even from reading to reading It is very individual and personal and makes this book highly unique Heath Sommer’s educational, professional, and life experience all lend themselves to what is a very wellrounded novel The sincerity of his messages are felt in each scene I would be extremely interested to read some nonfiction pieces from this same author For now, I will highly recommend (and likely reread myself) The Grand Delusion It is the book I have highlighted, noted, and returned to reference the most outside of a few college textbooks. Loner Addy Siwel only wanted answers when she signed up for a freshman course in theology—what she got was the attention of a murderer In The Grand Delusion, Dr Heath Sommer brings to life the precursor stories of characters John Joe, Addy Siwel, and Merci Bowku, who were introduced to the world in thecontemporary mystery The Manufactured Identity Terrorstruck, the three protagonists vie against a backdrop of ironic evil as they are stalked by an unidentified villain who breaks all the rules and sends Chief of police and reluctant clairvoyant Frank Murphy scrambling against the clock in a murder mystery showdown that leaves all questioning what is real and what is beyond this world [Ebook] ➨ I Blame The Scapegoats Author John O& – Dr Heath Sommer brings to life the precursor stories of characters John Joe [Reading] ➾ Beneath the Earth By John Boyne – Addy Siwel [Download] ➵ Gagged Author Richard Asplin – and Merci Bowku [Reading] ➶ Aristocrats Author Stella Tillyard – who were introduced to the world in thecontemporary mystery The Manufactured Identity Terrorstruck ❴Download❵ ✤ A Dark and Twisted Tide (Lacey Flint, Author Sharon J. Bolton – the three protagonists vie against a backdrop of ironic evil as they are stalked by an unidentified villain who breaks all the rules and sends Chief of police and reluctant clairvoyant Frank Murphy scrambling against the clock in a murder mystery showdown that leaves all questioning what is real and what is beyond this world Though I didn't need a graph chart to follow all the characters in the second in the series (The grand Delusion) I found just plain depressing possible spoilers The first in the series though hard to keep track of who was who, was muchtolerable Also Manufactured Identity had left the ending with you wanting to hear what happens next Instead The Grand delusion is just that delusional It goes back in time (which is not where I wanted to go) I didn't care about the characters to know about their beginning I just wonder if Dr Heath Sommer is as unhappy as his writing? On a postive note it is a very fast read. I read Mr Sommer's previous book, The Manufactured Identity last year I really enjoyed reading it This one didn't disappoint me either It is full of physiological terror Along with mystery and murder You know something big is going to happen, but you don't know who will be the culprit The true psychosis of the villain was great The author is able to make the villain seem like any person you might know Do Addy, John, Merci and Frank find the person? What do they find out when they do? Is the mystery solved? You'll have to read the book to find out. This book explained a few things that were mentioned in the first one There weren't as many characters so it was easier to follow and keep everyone straight (didn't need a flow chart) This book is very different from what I normally would read ~ a lot of thinking in it The book brought up some theology issues and it was interesting to see what each character thought about the issues The book didn't leave me wanting to read the next one though. A friend told me to read this first then read the manufactured identity and then the human obsession, even though that is not the order they were released, and I am so glad I did becuase I think it was all theshocking this way! Absoultely fantstic series I am dying to talk to someone about it but none of my friends have even heard of this author! had never heard of this author before reading this series in the ten guys book club.started a little slow then addicting and thought provoking This is a new author i will be following someNot for you though if you have a weak stomach for blunt The Grand Delusion (Manufactured Identity, Book #2)

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Dr Heath Sommer is the author of The Manufactured Identity psychological suspense series and runs a developmental disability and mental health clinic in southern Idaho.

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