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Little else in life is as dangerous as fire jumping Flying past towering pillars of smoke parachuting down to the edge of an all consuming blaze shoveling and sawing for hours upon hours days at a time all to hold the line and push back against the raw power of Mother NatureBut there's also little else as thrilling at least to Rowan Tripp The Missoula smoke jumpers are one of the most exclusive fire fighting suads in the nation and the job is in Rowan's blood her father is a legend in the field She's been fighting fires since her eighteenth birthday At this point returning to the wilds of Montana for the season feels like coming home even with reminders of the partner she lost last season still lingering in the airFortunately this year's rookie crop is among the strongest ever and Gulliver Curry's one of the best He's also a walking contradiction a hotshot firefighter with a big vocabulary and a winter job at a kid's arcade He came to Missoula to follow in the footsteps of Lucas Iron Man Tripp yet he's instantly fascinated by his hero's daughter Rowan as a rule doesn't hook up with other smoke jumpers but Gull is convinced he can change her mind And damn if he doesn't make a good case to be an exception to the rule Everything is thrown off balance though when a dark presence lashes out against Rowan looking to blame someone for last year's tragedy Rowan knows she can't complicate things with Gull any distractions in the air or on the ground could be lethal But if she doesn't find someone she can lean on when the heat gets intense her life may go down in flames Chasing Fire

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    WARNING This review may prove to be dangerously combustible Protection of Endangered Species Fireman in the WildSo after a long dry spell heh heh Nora Roberts is ON FIRE I'm SO punny Okay I'll stop now I've mentioned this before and I'll say it again Nora Roberts' characters have the BEST careers ever Whether she's writing about a pastry chef or a journalist or wildfire fighter you always feel like you're standing

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    This was all new territory to me I had never come across Smokejumpers before so I guess we do not have them in Australia Maybe although our bush fires are savage they have some basic difference to American wildfires Anyway as I said smoke jumping was new to me and all very interestingAs usual Nora's characters were well drawn and entertaining She always writes witty dialogue and manages to keep her romances very roman

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    5 Blazing Stars I loved everything about this bookand then someSo much to love about this story First and foremostGulliver Curry I really enjoyed his character He wasn’t always front and center in the plot but he had such a strong presence that he carried a lot of the book He handled Rowan with ease and she was not an easy woman to handle His determination to be with her was so sexy he was dominant but not in a demandi

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    ★★★★½ Review of audiobook It is one thing to fight a forest fire and another thing all together to parachute into one; however that is exactly what the Missoula Smoke Jumpers do Nora Roberts has decided to write a story that follows several storylines of these select heroes and manages a murder mystery to boot Rebecca Lowman does an excellent job of narrating this one keeping the voice inflections varied enough f

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    DNF at 32% which is about 4 hours of listeningI'm super bummed that I didn't like this one I'm a big fan of the audio narrator Rebecca Lowman who killed it in her narration of Landline so I had high hopes for this one Again Rebecca Lowman delivered a great performance Her male voices were raspy and sexy and her female voices were also pitch perfect However even an awesome narration couldn't save this one for me For some reason

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    This was an exciting well plotted firefighter romance and arsonmurder mystery Rowan and Gull are both firefighters out in rural Missoula jumping out of planes and spending days at a time cutting down trees and creating fire breaks to stop forest fires Rowan’s father was a “jumper” as well and she has sworn not to date one of her colleagues Naturally Gull is different Last season Rowan lost one of her teammates and is haunte

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    This was another really good romance suspense done Nora Roberts style In all of her books she infuses so much about the characters life to paint a vivid picture of how they live and think a device that can works great but sometimes consumes the story too much In Chasing Fire the details about smoke jumping were fascinating relevant and not over done The heroine is the captain of a smoke jumper suad a tough lady who takes her job of

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    Still a bit on the fence about this book The hero is legend I found Simon the hero in NR's previous offering The Search to be a bit of a wanker he's a bit alpha but not overbearing he's sweet romantic and not ashamed to admit it he's funny witty and he knows what he wants; the heroine is strong confident kicks major arse albeit she has some mummy abandonment issues; and the dialogue between them is excellent and really cracked me up Th

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    Why do I keep reading Nora Roberts? Her characters have become stilted predictable and none too personableChasing Fire is about a female fire jumper a murder mystery and a romance with a rookie fire jumper You'll figure out the murderer uickly so don't read it from a murder mystery standpointThis book missed the mark Maybe I'm stereotyping but I would think that a female fire jumper is a bit of a rarity You wouldn't know it to read the bo

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    35 stars The solution to the puzzle was predictable but oh I felt for the smoke jumpers The setting is truly immersive the heat the danger the camaraderie The female lead in particular is well rounded and interesting and both storytelling and prose are good A pleasant read He looked at her as they crossed to the trailhead “I’m all about eual pay for eual work A firm believer in ability determination brains having nothing to do with gend

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