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The Fifth Day of Christmas It hadn t taken Julia Pennyfeather long to fall in love with Ivo van den WerffBut as soon as she met Marcia Jason she realized she had to fall out of love just as quickly Clearly the other woman had a much stronger claim on Ivo s affectionor did she

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    Once again I find that I m not too tired to state HOW MUCH I FUCKIN LOVE BETTY NEELS Excuse the language This book has to be one of my favourites by her It was just so beautiful Even the OW was so amazingly evil.How I love this sweet anguish Betty puts us readers through And anguish it definitely was Throughout the entire book I was likeShe was honestly one of Betty s best efforts at pennin

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    4 1 2 Stars Having traveled by ambulance, Julia is a nurse who accompanied a teen back to her home, a day s ride out of London The girl is a diabetic in recovery from surgery a few weeks before They arrive in the middle of a snowstorm, the power and telephone out, and no one home except an elderly man who looks after the house Ivo is the youngest Betty Neels hero I ve read to date at nearly

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    Julia Pennyfeather is a nurse who is accompanies a patient to the patient s home in Scotland via ambulance The weather changes from clouds to fog to freezing fog to snow to a blizzard The ambulance men are snowbound, the expected nurse doesn t show and they are stranded Late in the evening, the doorbell is rung and Julia opens the door to a handsome blond man of about 30 He immediately scolds

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    This fairly early Neels is first rate all the way Nurse Julia Pennyfeather is just wonderful not a mouse, not a shrew but one of Neels most well balanced young women Dr Ivo van den Werff is, I believe, the youngest RDD rich Dutch doctor that Neels has given us He s a mere child of 30, instead of pushing 40 Oh my, and he and Julia get on quite well There is, of course, a fly in their soup of ha

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    This book is a bit different than the majority of other Betty Neels books I felt the lead female character was a Virgo view spoiler While she was self sacrificing and understanding with the most horrible patients, she cared nothing about her own family Her sister in law had debilitating depression and that is the main reason she left the hospital her brother has asked for her help with his wife

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    I would rate this 3.5 stars Julia is one of theinteresting heroines that BN has penned She is young, feisty, beautiful, quirky yet lovable She makes incredibly selfless decisions, yet is never downtrodden and gives as good as she gets The secondary characters sister and father added dimension to the story and the evil OW was quite evil She was a nasty, self centered, jealous, vindictive, two tim

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    My critical sense flies out the window and perches on a Dutch elm when it comes to achieving perspective regarding Betty Neels I just love her so And certainly this Christmas offering was everything you d want from a Neels romance The hero was a cypher Dutch doctor He was big, capable, and a haven of solicitude, humour, and gruff affection for the heroine Ivo and Julia are wonderful together, des

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    christmas AND betty neelsya gotta love it.

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    I don t think cd players, active cases of polio, and ladies wearing bonnets with their coats occur in the same time period, do they

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    This is one of the nicest of Betty Neel s stories in that the hero is extremely romantic at the end and gives meaning to the title.Ivo is very obviously smitten by Julia when they are snowbound in Scotland at the beginning of the story but something is holding him back.Julia discovers that it is Marcia Jensen, a woman Ivo dated prior to his six months course in Scotland She caught Polio at a party s

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