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Dreamland Lake Flip and Brian have been best friends since grade school But everything changes during the spring of seventh grade That's when they find a man lying dead in the leaves near Dreamland Lake What happens in the summer that follows will change the course of their friendship—and their lives—forever

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    This was great though I understand why a lot of people might not like it especially if they read the blurb on the back of my book It's the same as the one on goodreads mentioning two boys finding a dead body but mine also goes into them finding swastikas carved around the place a mystery and some other stuff It's not an inaccurate blurb but it spins o

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    Well this is the only time I've been disappointed in a Richard Peck story It starts off well enough but it goes pretty much nowhere The fact that I began to skim increasingly as it headed towards the end shows how disappointed I was Peck teases us with the possibility of a mystery story but winds up withwell I don't know Unlike his other books where a

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    Dreamland Lake is a short novel which I guess is supposed to target the YA crowd although it has mild swearing and some pretty dark topics It has you hooked from the early pages This tale begins when two boys who are interested in the history of their small town discover that there once was an amusement park where there is now an overgrown park with a l

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    Dreamland Lake by Richard Peck was a very interesting novelI must admit the cover and preview of the book made me very excited However it wasn't my favorite It wasn't bad either In my opinion it started getting boring in the middle because it's supposed to make you feel the suspense of the traumatic events However I felt like I was just reading some odd

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    This book was not my favorite It was about two boys who found a dead body and get a ton of publicity about it They had taken pictures and realized someone was in the pictures behind them They realized it was one of their classmates and they form an interesting bond along the way The two boys drift apart throughout the book and it ends in a tragic accident

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    This is only Peck's second novel He was still feeling for his footing here I think But he grabs us by the throat with his use of easy voices and middle School kids He's so good at that The plot is convoluted a little and the ending is not satisfying I know Peck says in other places he doesn't want us to be satisfied But there were a lot of loose strings in

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    Retrospective coming of age tale in the vein of The BodyStand by Me published a decade earlier it's not a copy Interesting read though not my favorite Peck novel PS Mild language through out but not overly done

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    Dreamland Lake is a well written seventh or eighth grade novel that should appeal to most boys I hate snakes but Flip’s treatment of the puff adder repulsed me The novel ended abruptly after a very climactic event

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    I have read a lot of reviews of this novel being a rip off of Stephen King's The Body It was written in 1973 so the readers are incorrect I liked the book

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    This book is about two best friends who find a dead body near a duck pond which was once called Dreamland LakeI was excited about reading this book I first found the book through my library's website over the summer and I finally borrowed it From the book description it sounded awesome and definitely like my type of my book However I was greatly disappointedI

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