Captain Hornblower Hornblower and the Atropos The Happy

Captain Hornblower Hornblower and the Atropos The Happy Return; A Ship of the Line Follow the thrilling and exciting adventures of Horatio Hornblower's life at sea in the Royal Navy in these three classic stories Hornblower and the Atropos Skippering the flagship for Nelson's funeral on the Thames is not Hornblower's idea of thrilling action But soon his orders come and he sets sail for the Mediterranean in the Atropos Battle storm shipwreck disease what were the chances that he would never come back again The Happy Return Hornblower sails the South American waters and comes face to face with a mad messianic revolutionary in this gripping adventure A Ship of the Line Commando raids hurricanes at sea the glowering menace of Napoleon's onshore gun batteries Hornblower must deal with them all as he sails his ship to the Spanish station

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    The classic stories of a Royal Navy captain in the Napoleonic Wars Hornblower is a realistic hero with his own natural flaws and these novels are excellent They are of their time so expect some unfortunately racist and sexist terms and phrases but it's not too bad considering I guess Or at least the Spanish get the worst of itIt's also unfortunately evident that A

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    This book wasn't as good as the first one but I still love the character I find that Horatio is like a real person Usually in adventure books everything goes well for the hero in the end but Hornblowers life is full of failures and it just makes it seem real in a way This book did have some longer parts that were a bit hard to get through so that's why I gave it 4 sta

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    Love the Hornblower novels It is interesting how much the character changes based on the order the books were written as well as the continuity despite the chronological order being jumbled as the books were written

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    Such a sad ending Great read loved it Old English but worth reading for anyone who loves the age of sail Very sad end

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    Not the best Hornblower ones they're fine but nothing too interesting or special kind of just filling the gaps

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    Fantastic Starting the next one tonight Hornblower isn't uite so clean cut and virtuous in the books so far

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    Excellent I have read this and the whole series several times Forrester is in my opinion the best writer of this gendra Heartily recommend Suggest the whole series is worth reading and enjoying Plots and characters are simple and deep A real mix for readers of adventure

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    With every book i grew fonder and fonder of our little complex ridden Sea Captain It is almost funny how much trouble and strive he can go through and still think of himself as a cowardly loser who cannot do anything right and even has to go through the next best thing to a vow of silence to not invite his subordinates to run over him and his sparse authority Yet every sailor and Officer we get to

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    First things first Since I'm reading the book in chronological order From Midshipman to Admiral rather than in the order they were published in I have to say the change in writing style and in characterisation too is very noticeable helped along by Forester occasionally getting tanlged up in his own timeline and retconning dates or eventsBut mostly I'd say Forester managed to retro actively lay down the

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    More fascinating adventure as Hornblower takes on his own independent commandsThe stories emphasise the lonliness of command and the sense of responsibility he feels for those under himThere are some fascinating insights into Naval history from what is clearly a well researched book Unlike O'Brien Forrester seems to concentrate on the Naval side trather than on the personalities of the characters and civilia

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