Deutsche Sagen Und Legenden Kindle ✓ Deutsche Sagen

Deutsche Sagen Und Legenden This is a captivating collection ofillus trated tales and legends drawn from the rich Germanic folk h eritage These tales are written with those learning German in mind There are words defined in English at the foot of t he page to help This book was easy to read with lots of footnotes, vocabulary words and useful activities after each section The sagas and legends were fun to read, although very simplified. Although I enjoyed the idea of this book, I didn t enjoy the actual reading of this book Though I found it helpful that many of the unfamiliar terms were defined both at the bottom of the page and at the glossary at the back of the book, I was a little annoyed when words which I didn t recognize weren t defined I also didn t appreciate the follow up questions very much since there weren t any answers included in the book.

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