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Dudley Moore An Intimate Portrait Rena Fruchter was Dudley's concert piano partner and the friend who looked after him in the final years of his life until his death at the age of 66 This is her intimate portrait of the extraordinarily brilliant complex character that was Dudley MooreDuring the last ten years of his life Dudley changed He stepped off the podium and into real life Physically life was difficult professionally it was turbulent but during his final years he blossomed and in the midst of his illness from the debilitating effects of Progressive Supranuclear Palsy he found peaceRena writes beautifully of Dudley's final years but also takes us back through his life story conveying his inimitable talent humour and vibrancy; evoking the atmosphere of a working class upbringing in 1940s Britain life in 1950s London and his relationship with Peter Cook and the excesses of 1980s LA With style and precision she unravels his personality looks back at his childhood and career weaving a moving and compelling story of a uniue man

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    Wonderful account of Dudley Moore's last years The book doesn't focus much on his early life and career but the point of this book is an intimate portrait of a very talented actor musician and comedian who through fighting the horrible disease of Progressive Supranuclear Palsy was able to be at peace with himself This account will make you cry and wish that victims of t

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    I have admired Dudley’s talent for years years I had no idea that the end of his life was so tortured or that his marriages were so tumultuous A sad end for a genius performer All new information Thanks Ang Love your picks

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    Reveals so much of his incredible musical ability and the poignant decline as his illness took hold A great and revealing read about one of the world's funniest men

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    Dudley Moore always made me laugh Arthur was my favorite movie Any time I have had sickness or sadness I pull out movie and watch The book was wonderful His life story not so wonderful He endured many hardships in life How he could still make us laugh And what an amazing piano player His caregiver who wrote the book is an amazing ladyIf you like Dudley will love book

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