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Horse Sense Business Sense Vol 1 Euine therapy programs have been in existence for nearly thirty years in the form of therapeutic riding However a new form of Euine Assisted Practice has evolved in the past decade and a growing number of people are experiencing profound healing and significant personal growth through the application of Euine Assisted Psychotherapy EAP and Euine Assisted Learning EAL programs Both therapists and horse people alike have been attracted to the new discipline seeking to leave traditional roles behind in their respective worlds However while EAP and EAL grow in credibility these same odd bedfellows are struggling with the realities of operating both an euine business and a mental healing practice under one umbrella with sometimes disastrous results Developed by one of the leaders in the field of Euine Assisted Practice Horse Sense Business Sense is book written for those seeking to learn the business basics essential for a successful journey into Euine Assisted Therapy and Learning Practical and pragmatic Horse Sense Business Sense relates the straightforward and oftentimes humorous story of author Shannon Knapp s own journey from idealistic up start to savvy entrepreneur with key principles and pointers ideal for the new therapy business Shannon Knapp is one of the experienced veterans in the field and has learned firsthand that creating a successful practice comes only after learning how to create a successful business foundation Learn the necessary Horse Sense principles to avoid the pitfalls that can threaten your success in the exciting new world of Euine Assisted Practice Horse Sense Business Sense is the book therapists and euine businesses have been waiting for and a terrific common sense book for anyone trying to be financially successful while following their dreams Kendall SummerHawk author of Brilliance Unbridled says Running a horse business is a labor of love Horse Sense Business Sense is chock full of practical insights and real life information that will give every horse business owner the shot they deserve at being successful Definitely a must read

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