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Hunted Suzanne never believed that she was the type of woman who would allow herself to be dominated by a man even if he was as strong willed and intense as she was herself So as she dangled naked in a dimly lit room and stared into the eyes of the man who was tasked with breaking her will at any cost she was uietly confident that he could not winBut as Sasha slowly stripped away her defenses and drew her into his world of passion pain and intense pleasure Suzanne found that she needed to choose between the job she was duty bound to complete and the dark side of her nature that Sasha had so easily awakened

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    Complete winner for me If you like erotic non con check this one out Warning this is true non con in that she is captured and raped She does however fall in lust with her torturer and she enjoys some of what he does not all If you ever wanted to be a spy and thought about what it would be like to be captured in enemy territory and torturedand if somehow that perso

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    This book is listed as dark romantic erotica however I felt that the torture in the book isn't my idea of dark erotica The book is a short story and starts off with Suzanne who lands in enemy territory and is being chased by Sasha a Serbian sniper After Sasha captures her he is given the task of interrogating Suzanne Sasha uses sex and torture as his means to do it

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    I have been reading this story for over 6 years now and it's always fantasticI also always wish there was a continuation

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    I'm not really sure how one categorizes this book; it is a combat suspense with elements of romance Driven by the inherent danger in mixed gender combat situations it doesn't shy away from the brutal reality This is not a fluffy sweet romance where men are heroic and women are cherished This is ugly violent and confusingand I loved it It takes a difficult intersectio

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    Very good for what it is a taboo read that manages to both thrill and shock Because it was so decently written I wanted than just this snippet I'd have loved to read a serious attempt a better plotted book by this author preferably also starring a fucked up Slav soldier like Sasha and a lot hunting chasing har Alas she's gone poof So there's only Hunted that manage

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    This was recommended by several fellow BDSM group members Not sure what to expect I read it thinking that it was just a role playing interrogation setting NOT SO This was written to be non con and what men to women soldiers Honestly I thought he went a little light on her I'm surprised by the lack of anal violation and the lack of bodily mutilation I see that several o

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    I love this story I love the violence the intensity the passion it's an absolute winner for me Mr Connor has done an excellent job creating passion amidst a hostile atmosphere Sasha is HOT I would love to be his prisoner any day

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    I read the online Literotica version of this book Does anyone know if the book version is different?

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    This review was sponsored by Behind the Chintz Curtain You can still read it over there come on you know you want toHave you ever thought that Behind Enemy Lines would have been way cooler if Gene Hackman’s character weren’t in it Owen Wilson’s part was played by a girl and she was actually captured? Welcome to HuntedSuzanne is a women on a mission Go in meet up wit

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    I'm not opposed to violence in my erotica I just want it to be a bit realistic than what I got in this story Not that the brutality wasn't realistic but that the h was able to get turned on right after being beaten bloody and raped until she bled That just doensn't ring true for meSuzanne h is running for her life Her mission is busted and the enemy is on her trail If the

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