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Billy Bragg Still Suitable for Miners The Official Biography He was a punk He was a soldier He was a flag waver for the Labour Party He is Billy Bragg best known as a passionate political songwriter and urbane folk singer but eually admired for his offbeat love songs Billy Bragg is a British institution who never went out of fashion he was never in fashion in the first place In America he was chosen as the spiritual heir to legendary protest singer Woody Guthrie beating rival claims from the likes of Bob Dylan and Neil Young In the UK he surfaced on current affairs TV programmes during the 2001 election dressed as a Roman legionary advocating tactical voting to keep the Tories out Billy Bragg is a one off and Still Suitable for Miners is his official story a portrait of a peerless entertainer and a fearless campaigner growing up in Britain in the years after rock 'n' roll The book includes childhood photos and previously unseen images from Billy's personal archive

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    I first became aware of Billy Bragg on hearing ‘Between the Wars’ during the miners strike and his brand of Urban Folk music fitted the times we were living in completely Originally politicised from the records of the Two Tone label and Weller’s bands The Jam and The Style Council the songs Billy Bragg was singing seemed to me with a then complete lack of knowledge of folk music to be

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    This was a book I approached unsure of what to expect I'd heard all the rhetoric around Billy Braggand I guess it had influenced me slightlyThis wasn't a fast read for me as the book is packed with detail but it's all part of the overall storyMr Bragg comes across as a geuine and sincere decent all round bloke The type of man you'd love to have a chat with down the pub not only for his anecdotes

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    Really interesting and not my usual sort of read at all The pop culture history in particular is great for anyone with a vague love of punk and old pop

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    It's taken a few days to settle in but I think I've got a handle on what I think of this biog beyond the 4 stars Biographies are hard to judge as they are balancing acts of sucking up to the protagonist and dishing the dirt between being entertaining and sifting facts There are good ones out there but there are far bad biogs cluttering up the shelves In theory this feels like it's in the latter categor

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    If you are a Billy Bragg fan this is a great readWasn't sure how many stars to give this one really in terms of the way it's written I'd say five stars It's an engaging style and often has cross references to Billy's songs and political eventsIn terms of how well it kept me interested I'd say three stars so I averaged out at four though to be fair this is about me than the book The first third of the book

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    There's a lot to enjoy in this biography of Bragg It provides a nuanced view of his music and his politics than tend to come over in the general press music or otherwise Having said that Collins still fails to dig deeper into some of the inherent contradictions and paradoxes about things like the Miners strikeThis was the fourth edition of the book that I read but the additions are almost literally that Little

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    Earnest warm and easy to read I enjoyed my time with Andrew Collin’s Billy Bragg biography and would recommend it if you’re a fan of the socially conscious songwriter or if you’re just looking for something a little hopeful and nice

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    Artists like Billy Bragg need to be treasured Not to everyone’s taste I’m sure but has always struck me as trying to do the right thing An essential volume if you are a fan Essential

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    I love Billy but this book was just too safe despite having great access and research it was clear the author was fan than documenting the history Still worth the read

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    Billy Bragg is one of those blokes who could be described as a national treasure He has entertained with his own songs influenced by Punk and Folk music He has been involved in many political campaigns through the eighties to the present day This book is the updated 2007 edition of the biography that describes his time in the army and the time in his early band Riff Raff at the height of Punk It also covers his family backgrou

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