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The Bourne Identity I FINALLY finished this I just don't have time to read long books in print any but I've wanted to read this for a while found it worthwhile It's certainly not a perfect book There's a lot of convenience especially Marie's love expertise Several times there were silenced revolvers too I hate them but the plot was twisty the psychology was good better done than the way amnesia all is typically done Well for me anyway My knowledge of psychology amnesia are practically nonexistent at best Still it worked well in the story retained its logicIt was nice to finally see what the movie was based on As usual there isn't much in common beyond the names of the characters the non stop action It read pretty well was a nice change in pace from my normal reading I don't think I'll run out read another of Ludlum's novels any time soon if ever I certainly won't read further in the series since Eric Van Lustbader took them over I liked The Sunset Warrior trilogy many years ago but he's into writing bricks now I read one of his ninja books a couple of decades ago I'm not into bricks of that sort This book caused me pain Intense boredom odd moments of indignation and pain It's poorly paced The prose is a clunky redundant pointlessly vague affront to all that is good in the English language The dialogue is stilted and horrid The characters are so robotic I begin to uestion whether Ludlum ever met a human being and the romance is not only horribly oversold BUT PREDICATED ON BOURNE USING HIS LOVE INTEREST AS A HUMAN SHIELD I don't care how many rapists a man rescues you from; if he introduces himself by slapping shaking and threatening to shoot you HE IS NOT BOYFRIEND MATERIAL and that relationship SHOULD NOT BE SHOWN AS LOVING AND WONDERFULAnd seriously the prose is awful Get Carlos Trap Carlos False Cain is for Charlie and Delta is for Cain Find a man Some nonsense about traps Maybe if I repeat the same meaningless statements over and over and italicize everything and sprinkle liberally with exclamation marks people will people will what? I can't even begin to think of a rationale for thatAnd I want my afternoon back I don't remember how this ended because I had to buy myself a Jack and Coke to get through the last chapter Ludlum belongs in a very small elite group of authors who don't know what words mean To illustrate this here are some passages from the book followed by the first image that came to mind when I read them'If I scream Monsieur?' The powdered mask was cracked with lines of venom now the bright red lipstick defining the snarl of an aging cornered rodentHimself The chameleon The charade had workedHe had done such things before experienced the feeling of a similar accomplishment before He was a man running through an unfamiliar jungle yet somehow instinctively knowing his way sure of where the traps were and how to avoid them The chameleon was an expertAaaand this last one was basically my face the whole time I was reading this Sorry if you loved this book I HATED it Maybe it was above my reading level There were just too many alpha bravocain deltaCain is for Charlie Delta is for Cain This book put me to sleep so many nights it is surprising that I finished it I just kept hoping that jason bourne would dieGood thing I shop at Goodwill and it only cost me 50 cents Everyone tells me that I should give the movie a chance and that it is better than the book but I ask won't it remind me of the book and bring all those bad memories back? The scenario is absolutely excellent and probably one of the best I ever read in terms of complexity and continuous action andor new discoveries What an imagination The story and the characters are slightly different from the movie; I should say the storyline is way much complex in the book; the characters could do with a bit substance The major drawback which explains my rather poor uotation of this book is indeed the writing uality or lack thereof Some sentences simply do not make any sense even when read 3 or 4 times on their own and within the paragraph; some images are not relevant;wording is usually poor and uite inadeuate; there are mistakes in grammar and conjugation So much actually of all of this that I really had trouble to open the book again even though I knew the story was so compelling I would not put it down so easily Ludlum to my opinion is the worst writer I've ever read but with one of the best story lining and imagination Indeed I believe Ludlum should not have worked on his own but teamed with a skilled writer who would have put that into right words and made this book into the 5 star winner it really should beThis has been my first and probably my last book from this author I saw the first movie and didn't understand anything Too much action for me But this retold version is uite different from the movies because the story takes place after the Vietnam War Then now I completely understood this abridged version from the original book with MP3 I studied German at the university 30 years ago and I thought this language was very difficult but learning English is also very difficult but I'll succeed This book was my introduction to spy novels and its still the best I've read in that area Incredibly detailed and full of suspense My favorite spy and one of my favorite villains rolled in to one in to exhilarating package with fast pace actionIf you like an authentic touch in what you read you'll love this Must note that the movie is completely different from the book In my opinion the book is a much better experience Read it a long time ago but still rate this one as a five Couldn't put this one down and for it's time it was a breakout concept the set the stage for many other great authorsDavid Putnam author of the Bruno Johnson series I loved the movie and heard that I the book was comparatively awesome And it wasThe thing is I haven't the faintest idea how the movie came out of the book Beyond the premise of a man fished from the sea with no memory but incredible ingrained abilities and talents that make it look like he's really probably and assassin with no amnesia and the fact that the first act after the prologue occurs in Z├╝rich and deals with a Swiss bank nothing is the sameSure there's a girl named Marie but she's an entirely different character Sure there are people trying to kill the man named Jason Bourne but they're entirely different men Sure there's an American government run company called Treadstone Seventy One that is looking for Bourne but for entirely different reasons But are all these differences a bad thing?No They are notI really think the first Bourne movie is among the best action films ever created That said for most of its running time Ludlum's 1980 novel is better than the movie The premise is so much intriguing and Bourne's turmoil better perceived Instead of an enemy as doughy and effeminate as cloak and dagger US senators and secret servicemen the novel pits Bourne against the unbeatable assassin Carlos the Jackal though Ludlum refrains from the colourful animamorphism and his vast array of human resources The book is action packed one of those thrillaminnut rides that refuses for the most part to let up I don't read cheap thrillers often but The Bourne Identity was worth my timeAnd I like to think that my time is valuableThis is not to say that Ludlum's thriller is not without fault The book's reuisite romance is rushed and artificial We know that Bourne and his interest are in love solely because Ludlum tells us that this is the case not because we see any evidence that this should be the case And actually there is a far greater problem The climax is poorly wrought and much difficult to follow than anything previous encountered in the book The ending is not satisfying in that by the time it comes emotional resonance has long since evaporatedBut still I was in love with the book until the last forty pages or so Robert Ludlum's most famous character comes to life in the first in a series of books He has no pastAnd he may have no futureHis memory is blankHe only knows that he was flushed out of the Mediterranean Sea his body riddled with bullets There are a few clues A frame of microfilm surgically implanted beneath the flesh of his hip Evidence that plastic surgery has altered his face Strange things that he says in his delirium maybe code words Initial JB And a number on the film negative that leads to a Swiss bank account a fortune of four million dollars and at last a name Jason BourneBut now he is marked for death caught in a maddening puzzle racing for survival through the deep layers of his buried past into a bizarre world of murderous conspirators led by Carlos the world's most dangerous assassinAnd no one can help Jason Bourne but the woman who once wanted to escape him

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