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Simple Wicca Simple Wisdom Book This book provides beginners with a firm grounding in the practice of Wicca an oft misunderstood complex religion which has nothing to do with black magic everything to do with ancient wisdom spiritual practices that honor the earth nature the balance of male female energies This was an ok book Enlightening look at Wicca I found it interesting that you can actually be a ChristianMuslimwhatever and Wicca at the same time based on their definition and practices This book had a lot of information even though it wasn’t very long I would say it’s of a beginner’s guide than just informative non fiction because it does tell you how to practicefind your way to practice Wicca Beautiful and simple little book Would help anyone starting out with Wicca or anyone who has a need to better understand it Definitely simple A nice overview Though I already had an awareness of much of what it covered it has been several years since I have given any thought or research to witchcraft So it worked well as a refresher But you will not find much in depth information here That is not its function It's good for what it is a general introduction to a Wiccan flavor of witchcraft Though I study to be a witch I am an atheist not Wiccan so I personally could not use the examples of spells and rituals as written but they are still a good jumping off point and would work well for one who does ascribe to the Wiccan god and goddess

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