Unknown Binding ✓ Tender Torment MOBI ↠

Some weaknesses on why she did what she did on no action years between prison and h`s kidnap finally on kind of abrupt ending Other than that not bad at all 35 rounded to 4 Me pareciĆ³ muy profundo ese amor con solo un encuentro This is the first book that got me hooked to English romance I found this on our bookshelf when I was in college I read it over and over again but sad to say I lost my one and only copyThe twist and turn of the story is really compelling I would say this type of revenge kidnap sweet torment that heath tanner did to Shelby Constantine really captured me He hated her so much and she hated herself for hurting him But then just like all heroine's they were too proud to admit that she hurt him badlyHis hate Her guilt A good combination in a great romance bastante lindo Shotgun justice was that what Heath Tanner wanted Had he kidnapped her and imprisoned her on his Montana ranch because he wanted to watch her sufferWas it fair Shelby Constantine had already paid for her crime Just a girl could she have explained why she'd lied about her age how she'd been forced to lie in court How could she have known how brutally Heath would be punished for that one night of unforgettable passion Seven years Shelby had paid in pain and guilt and longing And now Heath was so near yet bitterness kept them so far apart He'd caught her judged her guilty without a hearing unaware that he'd sentenced them both to tender torment Tender Torment

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