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The Baby Agenda The night that became something One of Moira Cullen's few walks on the wild side has come back to haunt her Now she has to tell the man who rescued her from a disastrous evening he's going to be a father Not the best thank you she can give Will BeckerHe proves her instincts were sharp the night she took a chance on him Not only does he commit to being involved with their baby he also returns from his dream job in Africa to do it He's a good manperhaps too good Moira has to wonder if he's here because he wants to be or because he always does the right thing And the way she's falling for him she wants a marriagefor real

About the Author: Janice Kay Johnson

Janice Kay Johnson is the author of over a hundred books for children and adults Her first four published romance novels were coauthored with her mother also a writer who has since published mysteries and children's books on her own These were sweet romance novels the author hastens to add; she isn't sure they'd have felt comfortable coauthoring passionate love scenesJanice graduated from W

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    This was a really good story mainly because I loved the characters Moira makes a mistake when she sleeps with Will She has all kinds of regrets when she wakes up and he's gone Then she finds out she's pregnant She does the right thing and let's Will know she's carrying his child What she doesn't count on is home showing up wanting to be fully involved in the baby's birthThese two were perfect for one another and

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    This is one of the best stories I have read in a long time The plot was refreshing the characters very likeable and the writing was excellent This story was a joy to read even though I teared up a few times

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    I was mildly annoyed at Moira's insecurities but all in all I will say that it was a good book not the best but definetly not the worst either

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    She's exhausting She was so INSECURE As a reader I went from mild understanding to irritationHonestly one reason I read Harleuin and then stop for months is because it's not steeped anywhere near reality like for God sake open your mouth have a conversation It's irksome reading all the internal dialogueAND I SO LOATHE A WOMAN WHO SEEKS A MAN OUT TO MAKE HERSELF SECURE OR WHO REUIRES PERMANENT VALIDATION FROM HIM She really annoyed me as

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    I thought this romance was merely average It might have had a good idea but the characters were just lacking in it There was no connect ability thereMoira has always struggled with her self image So much so that when she shows up to an event and sees her current boyfriend there with someone else she ends up having a one night stand with a man who calls her beautiful And that's all it can ever be because little does she know Will is going to Afr

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    Moira Cullen is an insecure woman who decides to have a one night stand with Will Becker because he showered her with compliments she was in need of hearing after she sees that her boyfriend told her not to go to a party when he intended all along on attending just not with Moira and he ends up hurting her and leaving Becker there to pick up the pieces and working out great Throughout this story Moira gets pregnant from the one night stand and from the

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    Why do characters in these books never talk to one another? A simple conversation or two would have solved a lot of the issues between the characters But I guess then the book would have only been about 50 pages long tops

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    Autant j'avais bien aimé le livre la saison des secrets ou le personnage principal apparaît autant j'ai détesté celui ci Trop mièvre pour moi sans originalité dans l'histoire et dont les personnages souffrent d'un cruel manue de personnalité Très déçue par ce livre

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    Miniseries 9 Months Later

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    Miniseries 9 Months Later

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