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Loukas Andreou a force to be reckoned with in businessand in the bedroom, as rumor has it The same man who, to Alesha Karsouli s horror, she must marry according to the terms of her father s willAlesha reluctantly concedes to a paper marriage where she and Loukas will fulfill social obligations yet lead separate lives But Loukas needs a wife who is doting in public And the only way to make that arrangement appear authentic is if she s his willing bride in private [Ebook] ➨ I Blame The Scapegoats Author John O& – as rumor has it The same man who [Reading] ➾ Beneath the Earth By John Boyne – to Alesha Karsouli s horror [Download] ➵ Gagged Author Richard Asplin – she must marry according to the terms of her father s willAlesha reluctantly concedes to a paper marriage where she and Loukas will fulfill social obligations yet lead separate lives But Loukas needs a wife who is doting in public And the only way to make that arrangement appear authentic is if she s his willing bride in private The Andreou Marriage Arrangement

About the Author: Helen Bianchin

Helen Shirley was born on February 20 1939 in New Zealand, where she grew up, an only child possessed by a vivid imagination and a love for reading She wrote stories for amusement in her early teenage years, and when she left leaving school, she took a secretarial job at a father and son legal firm.At age twenty one Helen joined a girlfriend and embarked on a working holiday in Australia, travelling via cruise ship from Auckland to Melbourne Alas, no shipboard romance, as she spent all four days in her cabin suffering from sea sickness After fifteen months working in Melbourne, Helen and her friend bought a vehicle and took three months to drive the length and breadth of Australia, choosing to work in Cairns in order to fund the final leg of our journey to Sydney.It was in Cairns that Helen met her future husband, Danilo Bianchin, an Italian immigrant from Treviso He was a tobacco sharefarmer from the tobacco farming community of Mareeba His English was pitiful, and her command of Italian was nil Six months later they married, and Helen was flung into cooking for up to nine tobacco pickers, stringing tobacco, feeding 200 chickens, a few turkeys, ducks plus killing, cleaning and cooking the same Her knowledge of Italian improved, and there were hilarious moments in retrospect Some of what she endured was cooking on a wood burning stove, having no running hot water, a primitive shower and toilet facilities, washing uniforms for two soccer teams during the soccer season floods, horrendous hailstone damage to tobacco crops, hardship, and the stillbirth of their first child Then, to their joy, Helen s daughter, Lucia, was born Three years later the couple returned to New Zealand, where they settled for sixteen years During those early years, they added two sons, Angelo and Peter, to the family.With multiple anecdotes of farm life in an Italian community to friends, the idea of writing a book occurred A romance, set on a tobacco farm in Australia s far north, Queensland, featuring an Italian hero Helen says, the background was authentic, believe me However the hero was rich and owned the farm artistic license It took her a year to complete a passable manuscript, typed on a portable typewriter at the dining room table That first effort was deemed too short with insufficient detail Helen rewrote it This time it was considered too long with too much extraneous detail She revised, then sent it to London Four months later she received a telegram from Alan Boon Mills Boon to say they intended to publish and a contract would be sent in the mail It was the most wonderful news Helen wrote tenbooks while living in New Zealand, then in 1981, her family resettled in Australia, on Queensland s Gold Coast She has since published twenty fivebooks Today, with computer technology, the mechanics of writing are much easier However, the writing process doesn t change Helen says that she s having a good day if she can achieve 5 good pages, which she is likely to change, edit and rewrite the following day.She loves creating characters, giving them life and providing a situation where their emotions are tested and love wins out For her, the greatest praise is for a reader to say they couldn t put the book down then Helen knows that she has achieved what she set out to do create a moving enjoyable story which holds the reader entertained from beginning to end Helen s hobbies are tennis, table tennis, judo, reading She loves movies, and leads an active social life.

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    I wish HB would change up her style a li l bit once in a blue moon She tends to write a familiar formula sparse dialogues when I say sparse, I mean short sentences a disconnect emotionally , a catty ex mis w claws but I give her credit that heroine gets the upper hand Yay , too detailed mundane activities like eating, bathing, shopping etc Not much meat to chew on Why the 4 The hero, Loukas He s not the typical that U usually see i

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    2.5 rounded up Heroine was in an abusive relationship and divorced the guy Her father was worried about her and his business so his will contained a forced marriage clause to the hero Hero turns out to be just what the heroine needed Most of the story is the hero realizing what the heroine has gone through and patiently drawing her out of her shell He takes as many showers as she does, so they are a match made in heaven.The heroine re

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    Very cheesy and passionate love story about a marriage of convenience Heroine had been married before and she was mentally and physically abused It was great how hero s love healed her and it was great how hero ruined her ex bastard husband He was a strong and sexy alpha hero Epilogue with their twins was super cute

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    3.5 stars

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    Re read December 9, 2016 add 2 star Read October 13, 2012 paperback Marriage of convenience heroine abused hero coveted by another woman ex lover bitch describes parties and clothes of the rich in detail It follows the formula already known by the author but there is somethingto this story I did a reading Marathon this week and in all books heroin accepted all harassment and threats that the other woman does to heroin without reacting in Re re

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    This is somethg different.

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    After being abused mentally, physically, and sexually by her first husband who was only after her family money, Alesha Karsouli vowed never to marry and allow another man to get to her However, when her father s will is read, she learns if she wants to keep the family business, she must marry Loukas Andreou Together they will co own and operate the business Loukas is a man her father liked and trusted, thus, her father is ensuring there isn t a repe

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    I actually had forgotten I d read this, but loved it just as much the second time around This time I read it in the compilation Marriage of Convenience with The Replacement Wife by Caitlin Crews Original review A sweet, low angst story The h is still traumatized by her brief abusive marriage, only to find out that under the conditions of her father s will, she must marry her father s friend to keep her shares of the company she has poured her life into

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    3,5 4,0 Everything happens very fast and there isn t much dialogue between the H h, but there are plenty of searing looks and fleeting touches that makes those two fall in love with each other LOL Classic Helen Bianchin, perfect for when you re in the mood for a sweet and quick read.

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    Great read Love the strong alpha hero.

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