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The Bouncer Kevin Branigan thought he was moving to Austin Texas for a job Instead he got a lifeKevin Branigan begins a new life in Austin Texas working as a bouncer at his brother's bar He intervenes when a drunken patron beats up his girlfriend and Kevin winds up being arrested Sentenced to community service in a gay church Kevin begins to think that the signs are all badHowever late one night at the bar he's seduced into a hot threesome with two of his co workers He finds himself drawn to this dangerous mix as well as to hunky undercover cop Cruz DixonUnfortunately Cruz appears to have a boyfriend Or does he Can he win over Cruz who's captured his heart and his mind Reader Advisory This book contains scenes of menage a trois and menage a uatre sex This book was all over the place genre wise At times it was not clear if this is a romance book an erotica book a family drama or just a tourist guide to Austin Texas The lack of focus on a definite genre and plot arc gave the story a rushed chaotic air It resembled a personal diary or unedited account of a story than a fiction book The characters were generally nice it just seemed that the author hadn't really decided what he meant to do with them up to the middle of the book and was playing with several options up to that point This was my second read of The Bouncer and I am reviewing the newly released 2015 editionKevin is a man down on his luck He hasn't been able to find a teaching job and his boyfriend of 6 years has run off with his possisions his money and his heart He decides to make a change and move to Texas and help his brother Jack and his brother's boyfriend Tito run the gay barrestaurantnightclud called Tiki Tito He is now The BouncerThis actually felt like two different books to me One was a story about a down on his luck man returning home with his tail between his legs after a failed romance and no job prospects He takes a job well below his means at his brother's bar and has casual threesome sex with the bartenders at the restaurant The other story is about a lonely man looking for a place to call home who fits in perfectly with his brother Jack and his brother's new husband Tito and his two young sons who he has partial custody of Kevin meets and uickly falls in love with dreamy police officer Cruz and their courting is beautiful and romantic and fucking hot as sin THAT is what I absolutely loved The romance and the family dynamics The rest I could pretty much do without But the romance alone in this one is worth the recommendation It is wonderful Recommended This review is also posted at Gay Book Reviews This was such a fun book to read The story is about new beginnings family and finding love It's told with elegance humor and a deep insight into human nature all of it the bad and the good both get exposed for what they are I love it when a story is honest like this giving a full picture of the characters and leaving nothing out Somehow it makes everything that happens realI loved Kevin from the very start He's just had a horrible break up with his boyfriend and what does he do? Start a new life in a new city to try to put it all behind him He sees signs everywhere but doesn’t let them stop him He's such a giving person and will do anything to protect his brother Jack and his husband Tito Not to mention Tito’s adorable sons who are being kept away from him by a vengeful mother who doesn’t like the fact that Tito stopped earning lots of money as a boxerCruz is the enigmatic cop Kevin falls for The man isn't out and initially shies away from a deeper connection because he's been burned as well It took me a little longer to figure out Cruz but I agree with Kevin he's a guy worth the effort of getting to know himThis is a great read with wonderful observations about human nature and one that doesn't shy away from the serious issues All of it wrapped up in the humor of Kevin’s uniue outlook on life ensuring that there is never a dull momentNote This book was provided by TEB for the purpose of a review I loved this story Kevin Branigan is new in town recently heart broken and freezing his balls off standing outside his brother’s bar where he’s the new bouncer when he sees Cruz Dixon a local cop going into the club across the street The two men merely gaze at one another but it’s enough to get Kevin hot and put Cruz at forefront of his mind for days Things progress rather slowly as far as relationships go and it takes until 50 or 60 percent of the way through the book before they really seem to come together There’s a lot of lead up and they’ve both been hurt before but Cruz is definitely the gun shy of the two Once together though things get hot and heavy fastI loved the side characters in this story as well there’s Tito Kevin’s brother in law Jack his brother and Tito’s kids Chero and Juanito By the end of the story they all seem like one big happy family and it’s fantastic There are a few scenes that include menage sex that I could have probably done without but do nothing to take away from the story as a whole I think I’m just not a sexcapades kinda gal Who knew? Overall this was a really fun excellent read Well done AJ Llewellyn

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