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Northern Lights Extremely enjoyable romantic suspense story set in Alaska Hero Nate Burke who is running from his past in Balti takes the job of Chief of Police in the remote town of Lunacy Alaska Heroine Meg Galloway who is a bush pilot is the girl he falls for The story focuses on Nate adjusting to life in Alaska and the years old murder mystery that is uncovered than it does on the romance but that worked out just fine for me The cast of many characters were really memorable with suspects galore for the crime The setting of Alaska was a character itself described in such vivid detail I could feel the freezing cold and see the snow covered mountains This book was really long but I never found myself bored it held my interest throughout Let #1 New York Times bestselling author Nora Roberts fly you into Lunacy Alaska and into a colorful compelling novel about two lonely souls who are searching for love and redemptionAs a Balti cop Nate Burke watched his partner die on the street—and the guilt still haunts him With nowhere else to go he accepted the job as Chief of Police in a tiny remote Alaskan town with the hopes of starting over Despite the name Lunacy provides a balm for Nate's shattered soul—and an unexpected affair with pilot Meg Galloway warms his nightsBut other things in Lunacy are heating up Nate suspects the killer in an unsolved murder still walks the snowy streets His investigation will unearth the secrets and suspicions that lurk beneath the placid surface as well as bring out the big city survival instincts that made him a cop in the first place And his discovery will threaten the new life—and the new love—that he has finally found for himself I think this is the first dude lit book I've ever read I have to say I loved it Maybe it was the narrator who was brilliant or just the character of Nate 3 but I really enjoyed this oneWhat's really surprising is that the story here is REALLY slow the romance as well the suspense takes hours to get to it but damn I didn't really give a sht ahahahhahahah I just wanted to know about him and his past and how he adjusts to life in AlaskaWatched the movie too Sucked But the main actor was cute so it wasn't a total waste XD bUdDy rEaD wItH mY BeLgIuM wAfFlEThis was slow but I've read books that are slower Loved the journal entries the most and everything how Alaska was described especially because I have always wanted to go and see it The main hero was perfect tortured soul but NORMAL Didn't like the main heroine till almost the end Started to like her when she started to act let's say tenderWish I could say it gripped me but sadly it didn't I would even love it without romance in it but then I wouldn't experience him in the throes of passion and that would suck a lotBut I have to admit that this is the first book ever by Nora Roberts that I finished it All others I started I gave up because I was always bored This is an oldie but goodie if you are a Nora Robert's old school fan I haven't read this one in forever but was glad to see it when I was at Powell's book store I am happy to say I didn't remember who was the bad guy in this one so I went in legitimately surprised It's a slow burn romance novel taking place in Alaska Roberts adds in tons of details about Alaska and the population of Lunacy Alaska that makes this book really come alive The only reason why I gave it 4 stars is that the flow of the book was up and down in a few places Also it took a while for things to get going Nate wasn't the most interesting character to me Meg was I wish that we had spent time in her head than Nate's honestly Northern Lights follows former Balti police officer Nate Burke to Lunacy Alaska Nate is trying to get past watching his former partner die and agrees to become chief of police in Lunacy Nate slowly starts coming back to life while in LunacyMeg Galloway is a bush pilot who loves her life in Lunacy She finds herself intrigued by the chief of police since she sees something sad in his eyes that she wants to see disappear She has a somewhat disastrous relationship with her mother Charlene but has a great stand in father who has been there for her since her real father left her and her mother when was she was a teenPast and present come together though when a dead body is discovered in a cave that leaves Nate to figure out who in Lunacy is a murderer I liked Meg than Nate Probably because she's honest to a fault And I liked that she was upfront about wanting sex with Nate and nothing else Nate started to bug me since Roberts had him doing the alpha male thing romance novel trope where he is the big bad man who will protect his woman Meg shows Nate repeatedly she can take care of herself but he ignores it I am glad though that Roberts doesn't have Meg changing herself to suit Nate I hate that in romance novels I do think that Nate and Meg have great romantic chemistry thoughThe secondary characters in this one are great too We have the mayor Hop the journalists Meg's mother the professor the cook at the lodge the brothers who keep getting into trouble Nate's deputies etcRoberts really did take her time making everyone come alive in this one I honestly even uestioned whether a murder needed to happen in this one Just reading about the hi jinks in Lunacy was enough for me The writing was good though be warned this book is very long It's over 600 pages so it took me a bit than a day to finish The flow wasn't consistent throughout and I can't lie and say that every part of the book sang to me I was slightly bored towards the end until things picked up and the murderer was revealed The setting of Lunacy Alaska fascinated me Roberts must have done some research into things such as how carsengines are kept heated I liked reading about the Northern Lights and how much the town changes when it becomes summer and the sun doesn't uite set for months on end This was Nate's book not Meg's and man was that ever cool One of Nora's biggest strengths is her wonderfully flawed uirky sexy fully fleshed out male characters; and with Northern Lights she finally gave the man a starring role Depressed and broken Nate arrives in Alaska and finds a reason a multitude of reasons to not give up That's the gist of it in a nutshell But Nora does it in such a way that it's an incredibly entertaining read This book wasn't so much about the romance and the hot sex yes there was some but it was by no means the focal point of the story Nor was the growing relationship between Nate and Meg It was the story of Nate making himself a place Going from 'Outsider' to belonging and becoming or less at peace with his past Some of my favorite scenes were Nate interacting with his deputies Otto and Peter and his office managerdispatcheraide de camp Peach How they all came to like and respect one another despite suspicions and events getting in the way Other favorite scenes included Nate constantly butting heads with the natives and long time residents of Lunacy as he spends his first long night of winter as the town's police chief Wonderfully colourful and endearing characters a beautiful setting a mystery that kept me wondering until the very end; Northern Lights was a juicy and fun read and left me with a big smile on my face Yeah Nate and Meg got their happily ever after but the satisfying end was that Nate allowed himself to heal and make a new and better place for himself Besides the fact that one of GRs friends Thank you Pa told me that NORTHERN LIGHTS had some similarities to THE WITNESS my favorite NR’s romantic suspense I was intrigued to see the story posted under What Book Would You Like To Live In Of course there were over 2500 books listed under this title but I was still interested nonetheless So while I was sweltering in our humid 90 degree weather and waiting for autumn to arrive I decided to visit Lunacy Alaska Population 506 And before you ask yes the townspeople refer to themselves as Lunatics And no I never saw the movie and don't wish toNate Burke arrived in his new job as police chief with some emotional baggage Ms Roberts portrayed an honest look at depression I found it refreshing that she chose Nate to suffer from this disease and that she told the story from his POV The townspeople were a contrary sort but Nate eventually formed an odd type of fondness for most of them Especially the bush pilot Meg Galloway And before long there was a mystery with a fair amount of suspense Ms Roberts was in no rush developing the characters then introducing a romance and finally bringing about the suspense At over 600 pages the story was a gradual climb but I had no problem with this The mystery itself was actually pretty good; the author managed to stump me I thought I had the killer pegged but I was wrong I still favor THE WITNESS but I enjoyed Nate's adventures too This book is a perfect example of why I love Nora Roberts so much It takes a lot for me to want to move anywhere in the north where winters are long and harsh Yet even long after finishing Northern Lights there is a part of me that really wants to move to Alaska Her descriptions of its harshness uirkiness and importantly its beauty leaves me breathless every time and makes me want to experience it myself even though I hate winter and snowreturnreturnMeg is the perfect heroine She's tough but realistic driven and yet ordinary I love how Ms Roberts creates characters that are normal They worry about mundane everyday life as much as we do from paying the bills to work to family issues One can easily step into the shoes of one of her characters and not feel out of place in them In her earlier novels Ms Roberts' heroines were fabulously wealthy impossibly beautiful and people that are the exception than the norm I really like the fact that her heroines including Meg are much believable and relatablereturnreturnI also adore Ms Roberts' portrayal of men The dialogue she writes them cracks me up because of the fact that I would expect my brother my husband or my closest males friends to say something similar Nate is no exception in that aspect I do realize that no female can uite conuer the male mind and that if a man were to read this book he would probably scoff at Nate as unrealistic To me he's just another enjoyable characterreturnreturnThis book definitely kept me turning pages long into the wee hours of the night The mystery's resolution caught me off guard and Meg and Nate's relationship definitely hits all the right notes in the romance category There is something so believable about these characters that had me caught up in the story line from the very beginning The Alaskan backdrop is a character on its own Together they blend into one fabulous story A slow reading but get us trapped with the mystery of who is the killer making us distrust different people with each chapter we read and leaving our nerves to the skin Nate is a rich character who makes us want to confort him and let his ghosts fade we want to cherish his heart and heal every wound He is an excellent cop with his heart in the right place and with the great efficiency cold and distant enough until he falls in love and begins to tear down the walls around him A passionate character undoubtedly unlike Meg who is cold distant physical carnal wears armor and lifts a fortress around her and doesn't let anyone into her heart solves things with sex and when things start to staying out of her control she tends to flee and isolate herself Two strong personalities who can only calm things down in bed It was the first work I read of the author and I liked it very much although I found the story a little slow it did not become very boring and it was easy to follow and from the middle of the book we became contaminated with the investigation and we couldn't stop until we discovered who's the killer I just wanted the ending to bring us explanations about the reasons for those deaths This one ended up being pretty good Took me a bit to get used to the narrator but when I did it was smooth sailingNate was great Just your average handsome sweet talking guy He loved the simple life Meg was great too She was a feisty one But she too loved the simple life It took a bit for these two to get together Well they did have a uick romp off the get go but the serious stuff took some time Then there is this murder to solve so that was distracting I’ll admit I didn’t figure out who the bad guy was 🤷‍♀️ Loved the setting in Alaska I have a visit there on my bucket list Overall a great read and if you are a NR fan definitely pick this one up

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