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The Architecture of the City Italian architect Aldo Rossi details his notion of the built city as a set of collective memories that embody a dimension of time Classic material I thought the translation to english left things to be desired It's not that it was unclear but most sentences were just plain unnecessary complicated I think the ideas that this book explores are really very interesting that part of the value of architecture comes from its temporal rather than purely spatial ualities that architecture's role in the city relates to its form rather than just its function that cities are an embodiment of collective memory and that the development of cities follows organically from certain knowable factorsBut man it's a slog to read The writing style is totally opaue and he assumes a wide variety of knowledge on the part of his readers; getting through many sections felt like putting together a puzzle with a bunch of the pieces missing There's good stuff in there but overall this isn't a book I'm eager to revisit offer different dimension to see a city not only from utilitarian view like le Corbusier's Radiant City but from another dimension like socio historical perspective Rossi idea about collective memory urban artefacts city's permanence are very profound Aldo Rossi provides a deep new post modern perspective of the city as a diverse and collective human feat which refutes Le Corbusier's view of the city from the mere standpoint of urban planning Essential to architectural theory I like how Rossi laid out his argument on how architecture tells the city's history as well as creates its fabric The Architecture of the City is the principal theoretical text by Aldo Rossi and constituted one of the first attempts to re examine the function of architecture within its urban context after the reductive theories of CIAM This book wasn't easy to read most of the time but it's really not for college undergraduates but if you have to read it for a class you have no choice The lessons are still valid and timely nevertheless and should be remembered by architects at a time when other theorists celebrate the 'dissolution' of cities under the momentary glare of a globalized world Aldo Rossi a practicing architect and leader of the Italian architectural movement La Tendenza is also one of the most influential theorists writing today The Architecture of the City is his major work of architectural and urban theory In part a protest against functionalism and the Modern Movement in part an attempt to restore the craft of architecture to its position as the only valid object of architectural study and in part an analysis of the rules and forms of the city's construction the book has become immensely popular among architects and design students I’m a new student about architecture so I want to know a lot about this subjectand I want to read this book much but in my country I don’t know where or how I buy this bookEventhough just have this way that I can read this book The Architecture Of The City great book on the typology thinking should be followed by copy paste

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