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Developing Management Skills I learned so much from this book I have been an executive director of several non profits in various parts of the mid west for 14 years and I wish I had read this book 14 years ago I can not wait to begin implementing some of the strategies in this book This is a text book for a business management course I am taking in about a month I hope to learn as much from this class as I did this book The book is a bit long Rather expensive And sometime a bit repetative but a good book I’d recommend this text to anyone in business Had to read this for class I enjoyed that it was full of exercises and case studies Interesting subject and lots of good information And fairly easy to read for a textbook As academic books go this one is dense and intimidating I'm not a particularly slow reader but in this text each 30 40 page chapter would easily take me several hours to read Nonetheless I found this book engaging and compelling Rather than approaching the topic of management from a research or scholarly perspective the authors treat this book as a practical field manual for managers that just happens to be informed by researchEach chapter begins with a skill assessment some of which were on line and would be tied to a class if one were reading this text in school and then moves on to a learning section describing management theories and skills The learning sections are not footnoted which keeps the reading free of distractions But the references section in the back is massive so you know that Whetten and Cameron have done their homework The chapters cover topics ranging from managing stress and well being to motivating others to building effective teams The final section of each chapter includes practice and analysis sections which often includes case studies and scenariosIf you're looking for a book to help you start thinking about what it means to be an effective manager of people this could be a good place to start It's think and dense but if you read it a chapter at a time as I did it's well worth the investment Used it in my undergrad class A thorough and easy read Very interesting material not the type where you dread flipping open the pages compared to other textbooks An early edition of this was assigned as a text in one of my Organizational Behavior courses when I was an MBA student I found it both useful and engaging then and have since used later editions in some of my own classes The topics addressed are especially important for managers and the chapters are well grounded in theory and research but not so pedantic as to put off practitioner readers Each chapter contains several useful self assessment exercises to assess current state then developmental exercises and other material that focus on developing competency in the tools and skills highlighted in the chapter Finally each chapter concludes with additional self assessment exercises to assess progress For its purpose it is an outstanding book One of the first school books that I actually look forward to reading I've been reading this book in my spare time we haven't even been assigned to read it yet It is awesome and I am learning so much about managing in all walks of life The authors are great and funny Specifically this book is for librarian types taking INFO 500 courses I am certifying as an information technology specialist and this class is reuired One of the best books on soft skills development Its main strength are research based full of exercises case studies include a big number of skills condensed and focused reading materials Develop ten essential management skills With an emphasis on self assessments Developing Management Skills gets readers involved in the learning experience helping them connect the theories to their own lives Further this text focuses on developing the ten essential skills needed for success and gives readers tangible goals to work towards Based on suggestions from reviewers instructors and students a number of changes including new skill assessments and cases and updated research have been incorporated in the eighth edition

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