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Mass Murders Trese #3 12 midnight at Metro ManilaTry to remain calm if you suddenly spot a tikbalang speeding down EDSA or a manananggal swooping across the Makati skyline While partying at the Fort never ever let the enkanto at the bar buy you a drinkYet there are deadlier things than walk the streets of this cityOne of them now demands blood and sacrificeWhen crime takes a turn for a weird the police call Trese

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    So far this is the best book in the series Instead of a collection of short stories Mass Murders is a novel composed of 5 cases that tell the life story of this series main protagonist Alexander Alex Trese and her sidekicks Kambal the ha

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    Mass Murders is the third book featuring the adventures of Alexandra Trese the supernatural protector of her city one mundane and another that lives within its dark places The third book is different from the first two volumes While those two

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    Originally posted here This volume is not like the previous Trese graphic novels While the foundation of the plots of Murder on Balete Drive and Unreported Murders were based on entirely different cases the cases presented in Mass M

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    Why Alexandra Trese?I was convinced by a high school friend to read this series because of their flagship project in this bookAlexandra Trese started way way back as a concept from a radio station featuring Anton Trese and his etudes from the underworl

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    To say that I was expecting a good read from my continued foray into the supernatural world of Alexandra Trese her ghoul fighting righthand Twins is an understatement In fact it was an awesome read Expecting another series of paranormal vignettes stitched t

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    Full post at One More PageWhen I finished the second Trese book Unreported Murders I was very very glad to have the third book on hand because despite my being successfully creeped out I still wanted The thinness of the second book guaranteed a thirst for Tres

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    Finally A back story Now I know about Trese's loyal sidekicks and how she got them I think I would've loved this if the scenes involving the family were stretched out but it's alright I'll take what I can get Also awww at the twins' loyalty Those 2 are just adorabl

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    Mass Murders is so far my favorite in the Trese series The backstory is excellent Looking forward to finishing the rest D

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    The first trilogy of the Trese saga ends with a bang as this concluding volume departs from the monster of the week formula of the first two books to explore the genesis of Alexandra Trese and her two henchmen the mysterious Kambal or Twins Basilio and Crispin In western lore

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    May you find the road that will bring you further;discover the path that will bring you answers;find the one that will bring you homeThis is by far my favorite volume of the series I get to know about the life and history of Alexandra Trese along with The Diabolical and The Kambal

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