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The Truth About Stacey My all time favourite series as a young girl I looked forward to Book Club day Ashton Scholastic with anticipation and my 595 in an envelope When I missed one my mum and I would go to Grace Brothers Parramatta where I could buy a copy I was in year 5 at public school the books came out monthly and I discovered them when no 2 came out so I wasn't too late and didn't miss a book It was a monthly publication and I always looked forward to the next I purchased them until I was 'too old' then continued buying through eBay to complete my collection many years later I have two daughters They read them till they were 'too old' I didn't collect all of the off shoot series there were too many but my oldest daughter decided to collect the Little Sister ones but didn't complete it as she was again too old The thing is this I read them and loved them excited to keep reading This was reading for pleasure and about wholesome storylines and simple themes My girls now read a little bit but they are interested in their iPhones and communication that way and instant gratification It makes me sad I'll read these again This book introduced me to New York and started my little obsession with the city I'll go there one day I remember reading this one at Bateau Bay beach in the summer holidays with my Aunty I have the sand in the spine stuck to the plastic contact to prove it Love these book memories 3 Re read of 2018 Stacey was the big city gal of the Babysitters Club and I loved her stories so much Her coming on to the scene meant that Claudia had a best friend It is now November and Stacey is loving her time with the Baby Sitters Club However she is wishing that her parents were not so obsessed with her diabetes and the BSC is dealing with a rival babysitting agency It's all out war It was interesting to see that Stacey was aligned with Kristy in this issue and Claudia and Mary Ann were the ones telling the other two to calm down It was also the great idea introduced in this book that the BSC would adopt the Kid Kit I must confess that I did this too when I was babysitting Total fangirl I knowTwo things that I haven't spoken about in my other re reads is the kids I remember so well and all the literary references First the three books have so far introduced us to David Michael Thomas Kristy's little bro Karen and Andrew Kristy'S fututre stepsister and stepbrother Jamie Newton and his sister Lucy whos ebirth is celebrated in this book Charlotte Johnason Clara and Margo Pike with sister Mallory who will eventually join the BSC We haven't met all the rest of the Pike clan yet and Nina and Eleanor Marshall Is it strange that I remember all the kids too? Second the girls all are huge readers and so many children's books tag along during their babysitting time Cricket in Time Suare Where the Wild Things are etc See what this Goodreads Blog has done It has made me so very nostalgic that I confess to taking out In the third book of The Babysitters Club series it's finally Stacey's turn to take the lead In this installment we learn about Stacey's diabetes her relationship with her parents and their overprotective attitude towards her illness and also some drama goes down between the girls and a rival clubStacey was always my favourite club member To 12 year old me she was super cool and trendy she wears a dinosaur pin in her beret And red fingerless gloves while also being smart I always loved how responsible she was with regards to her diabetes and the clever way she works her parents into letting her have a bit freedom and say in how she manages her illness It was interesting to look back on how diabetes was perceived in the 80s treatments have come such a long way that I don't think diabetes is as unmanageable these days as it is for Stacey I do love that Ann M Martin included this in her books though It was through these books that I acuired all my knowledge of diabetes as a childI'm also surprised how much of this plot I remembered after reading it over 20 years ago It's still one of my favourites in the series the truth about stacey is that she has childhood onset diabetes big fucking deal i mean i'm sure it sucks for her having to watch her diet everything my dad had diabetes it was no picnic for him though he did not have to give himself insulin shots but the way they build up to it you'd think she was typhoid mary or something the way these books were written i got the idea that diabetes was an STI when i was a kid cut me some slack i was seven years old it was 1986 we were surrounded by safer sex lectures STI information everywhere we went but it was really vague information that only served to make us all completely confused freaked out i found it really disturbing that a 12 year old had an STI i felt really bad for stacey eventually i realized that diabetes is not an STI i felt a lot better because i'd been really worried that stacey had been molested or something but then i realized that the way diabetes is written in these books is really weirdthis is the first confession that stacey has to give herself daily insulin shots she refers to them as gross says that she will never allow any of her friends to see her giving herself a shot i hope she gets over that at some point in her life not that she is a real person because it's really not gross no big deal at all though i understand what she means when she says that she hates it because it makes her feel for just a minute like a very sick person that is hard to deal withthis whole book is all about stacey's parents wanting to take her to another fancy doctor who claims to have a cure for juvenile diabetes but stacey is happy with her treatments is in good health is angry with her parents for uprooting her all the time for doctor appintments making her feel sicker than she is she finally stands up for herself her parents back offthe B plot involves some older girls forming a babysitting agency to compete with the babysitters club they can stay out later have a wider variety of sitters they snake a lot of BSC's business before the girls figure out that the agency's sitters are kind of shitty the charges don't like them they convince the charges to tell their parents about the bad things the agency sitters do the parents go back to using the BSC there's this ludicrous scene where the club confronts the two girls who run the agency basically play twenty uestions to determine who is a better sitter what's nina marshall allergic to? what does it mean when eleanor rubs her ears? etc etc the agency girls answer all the uestions wrong the BSc is all yeah take that it seems like the most embarrassing victory in the world to me yeah we're better sitters because we spend all our time with small neighborhood children know their obnoxious little uirks BOOYAH MOTHAFUCKA not so much BSC but i'm sure i thought it was awesome when i was seven When I was a child I loved the Babysitters Club books I devoured them I read those along with the Super Specials Mysteries Little Sister books etc In fact I still have all of them to this day in paperback They were such a big part of my love of reading I could not part with them So now that they have come out on Audiobook I had to check them out As it turns out I am not too old to enjoy The Baby sitters Club It kind of feels like going home again The Truth About Stacey is book 3 in the Baby sitters Club series In this book there are two main storylines The first addresses Stacey and her struggles with her parents inability to accept her diabetes They keep taking her to doctor after doctor in an attempt to find a miracle cure The other is that there is a rival babysitting group trying to take the BSC's business The Babysitters Agency has older kids that are allowed to babysit longer hours and late at night The BSC start to worry as they are getting fewer calls They really have to put their heads together to figure out how to stop from going out of business This book is a uick listen and is only 3 hours and 7 minutes The narrator does a good jobI still love the nostalgia and am ready to listen to book 4 I blame Paperback Crush for this foray into my childhood The rereads of my beloved Babysitters Club did not disappoint What a joy it was to be reunited with my favorites from this beloved series that marked my childhood 35 stars Stacey's Worst Friend or You Better Dia BEAT Her Ass Stacey and I have two things in common 1 We both have had diseases we are embarrassed by Hers is diabetes Like boo hoo woman Call me when Kevin Whats His Butt gives you scabies in grad school but you keep dating him anyway because he's ugly hot and smells good even though he's poor and can't afford his medication but then he leaves you to drop out of school and move back home because again poor and you realize Oh you're legit poor like life is actually hard but when he comes back a semester later he's dating someone else so fuck him and his SNAP cardAnyway 2 the other thing Stacey and I have in common is a relationship with a Laine that fell apart when we were about 12I was going to write about how Stacey's diabetes saga is an apt if unintentional parallel to the concurrent HIVAIDS crisis and the shame of infection being a barrier to research and recovery but I'm sure that's been done to death by Baby sitters Club scholars already Instead I'm going to talk about Laine and how my Laine is good and Stacey's Laine sucksLaine was my grade school girlfriend such as it were complete with cute little fake dates we saw Free Willy starring soon to be boyishly dishy Jason James Richter I loved you in Sabrina the Teenage Witch Jason please be my husband while our moms sat a few rows back a playground wedding ceremony attended by the entire 5th grade class and complete emotional immaturity In retrospect I believe my latent gayness helped keep our adorable little tryst together the glue being a shared appreciation of not playing sports being in band and the oeuvre of Christina Ricci I got sick of Now and Then her favorite but I think we were both pretty obsessed with Devon Sawa in CasperThe weight of Relationship never really hit me in those pre pubescent years It really can't Basically Laine was just a really good friend and I mean that She was awesome Better than frickin' Stacey's was at leastMy Laine was fiercely loyal If I got a strange disease she didn't understand she would have stood by me instead of letting her personal discomfort get in the wayMy Laine was intelligent She wouldn't believe some idiot boy who told her diabetes was contagiousMy Laine was naturally maternal She would not only make sure I was doing what I needed to get and stay healthy but she would make sure other people understood my problem too so I would be surrounded by care and compassionShe also wouldn't constantly offer me candy bars that could kill me because she got overexcited and forgot CLAUDIALaine and I broke up because of dumb junior high reasons that make everyone break up eventually Stacey and Laine broke up because Laine saw her friend in pain and decided she'd rather be a total If You Seek Amy ing See You Next Tuesday than persist in reaching out to Stacey like a friend should Stacey and Laine making up was the worst part of this book Stacey has new friends in a new town now and doesn't need that disloyal Judas in her life I am mad at Stacey but I also understand and I still respect her for taking charge of her medical care in spite of her parents trying to force her to do crystal healing or whatever that New York uack was sellingI am also proud of all the girls in the BSC for overcoming the rival babysitting club This was the book's secondary plot even though it took up 80% of the narrative space They won by tattletaling and I love tattletaling so I love that it worked for themBut I digress Laine and I didn't talk much after we broke up but during the senior class all night lock in party before graduation we holed up in the little hallway leading to the PAC and talked for over an hour I don't remember what we talked about but I know part of it was about boys I remember that conversation fondly Even at the time it felt like one of the most important parts of the sunsetting of my school day friendships A neat little circle back to the beginning for two people who had grown up and were moving on to a new lifeYes Stacey MOVING ON Try it sometimeTo my Laine if you're out there you are and you're reading this you're not I hope you're living your best life with your lovely family and all the babies you were basically born to have and raise I'm doing fine too thanksReview This was the best Baby sitters Club book so farHomeworkDo you hate Stacey's Laine? Why or why the hell not? #2 Claudia and the Phantom Phone Calls#4 Mary Anne Saves the Day The truth about Stacey is that she has diabetes Nobody knows except her friends in the Baby sitters ClubBut even they don't know the real truth about Stacey Stacey's problem is her parents They won't admit she has the disease and they drag her to practically every doctor in AmericaSeeing so many doctors made Stacey lose one friend and she won't let it happen again Especially now when the Baby sitters Club needs her than ever BSC was instrumental in bringing to the forefront those hard hitting issues weighing on every upper middle class goody two shoe New England girl Here we learn about the horrible secret Stacey the prettypopular girl has been hiding I won't spill the beans but she can't eat sugar I know I almost fainted too But with the BSC you know we'll all make it through

About the Author: Ann M. Martin

Ann Matthews Martin was born on August 12 1955 She grew up in Princeton New Jersey with her parents and her younger sister Jane After graduating from Smith College Ann became a teacher and then an editor of children's books She's now a full time writerAnn gets the ideas for her books from many different places Some are based on personal experiences while others are based on childhood me

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