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Kamikaze Great stuff but if you are expecting an in depth look at the archeological site its not that its of a straight history but a very fascinating one I especially liked the details on Kubilai Khan's invasions of Vietnam which I'd not heard of before After finally achieving what had eluded even his grandfather Genghis Khan the conuest of China and inheriting the world's largest navy Khubilai Khan set his sights on Japan He commanded an immense armada the largest fleet the world had ever seen and his success seemed assured The Japanese were vastly outnumbered and facing certain death but they prayed to their gods for survival and the very next day Khan's entire armada were destroyed by a 'divine wind' the kamikazeThe legend of the kamikaze has endured for centuries and was revived as a Japanese national legend during the Second World War culminating in the suicide bombers they sent to attack the Allies but the truth has remained a mystery Only now after decades of painstaking research and underwater excavation can leading marine archaeologist James Delgado reveal the truth of what really happened to Khubilia Khan's fleet I'm a pretty big Medieval Japanese history buff and I found this book tedious It's really suited to those with an interest in archaeology specifically the underwater variety

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