A Gentle Madness Bibliophiles Bibliomanes and the Eternal

A Gentle Madness Bibliophiles Bibliomanes and the Eternal Passion for Books When it was first published A Gentle Madness astounded and delighted readers with stories about the lengths of passion expense and that collectors will go in pursuit of the book Written before the emergence of the Internet but newly updated for the twenty first century reader A Gentle Madness captures that last moment in time when collectors freuented dusty bookshops street stalls and high stakes auctions conducting themselves with the subterfuge befitting a true bibliomaniac A Gentle Madness is vividly anecdotal and thoroughly researched Nicholas A Basbanes brings an investigative reporter’s heart and instincts to the task of chronicling collectors past and present in pursuit of bibliomania Now a classic of collecting A Gentle Madness is a book lover’s delight

About the Author: Nicholas A. Basbanes

Nicholas A Basbanes is an award winning investigative journalist and was literary editor of the Worcester Sunday Telegram His articles have appeared in The New York Times the Los Angeles Times The Washington Post and Smithsonian and he is a recipient of a National Endowment for the Humanities Fellowship Basbanes lives in North Grafton Massachusetts

10 thoughts on “A Gentle Madness Bibliophiles Bibliomanes and the Eternal Passion for Books

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    i just found out that this book is out of print what gives? if you are reading this review you probably like books so do yourself a favor and go to abecom or bookfinder and get a copy now this is the most loving book about book lovers i have ever read collectors sellers hunters owners thieves protectors the obsessed and the absolute

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    As it turns out I’m a fraudCompared to the stories told in this book and the stories that surely countless others could tell of their own obsessions with the printed work I’m like the guy in the back of a Star Wars convention who says “Oh I’ve seen Return of the Jedi once or twice I think” Because the fact is you people are out of

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    This review has been revised there is a new edition of the book and can now be found at Expendable Mudge Muses Aloud This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution NonCommercial ShareAlike 30 Unported License

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    I don't knowI see all the 5 star ratings and I guess some people were looking for or expecting something different from this book than I was I found a great deal of it extremely interesting The parts that seemed to be giving insight into bibliomania grabbed and held me Too often however I found the book devolving into lists of books from given collections

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    A work of nonfiction that provides a steady stream of facts and still manages to be engaging and enjoyable throughout earns a five star rating from me Nicholas Basbanes spins many tales about the origins of famous libraries and the migration patterns of some of the oldest books in existence Reading this added to my must see bucket list Toward the end of this tome

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    I first started reading this book soon after it was released At that time I found it interesting but got bored and put it down I kept thinking It's fun to collect books than it is to read about collecting books Recently I picked up this volume again gave it a second chance and couldn't stop reading Don't know what made the difference But the second time around I was spel

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    I'm not sure that i actually fall into the category of bibliophile or bibliomaniac although i've often called myself one I do have a collection of over 3000 books there are still so many in boxes that i haven't catalogued them all but many of them i just bought because i wanted to read them and was afraid they might go out of print before i got a chance than because i wanted to

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    A teetering tower of books with a filmy clothed girl of perhaps 14 sitting on top A few choice beasts winding their way around the stacks Description ofwhat? Well only a picture I wish I could draw But when I think of bibliophilia I think of that This not me coming out as a closeted book pervert uite the opposite These children in history and literature were supposed to represent the inn

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    If you're a reader a collector If you love libraries if you're fascinated by the intrigue of the business of collecting then you should than enjoy this book Books are big business people sometimes literally die for books Collectors are ruthless Auctions are outrageous Collections are made and destroyed Books fuel an underground economy most of us are totally unaware ofA Gentle Madness is a wond

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    One of my very favorites I own two copies and have given others to fellow bibliophiles I'd say I too suffer from this Gentle Madness but suffer is such the wrong word There is so much pleasure in being mad for books I'm also mad for book lovers what wonderfully interesting folk we are

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