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Younger 45 Stars 1 Steam Fan A little bit of a slow start but then it becomes very relatable because Alice is an over 40 year old main character I could see myself experiencing similar events or the possibility of similar events actually happening There were some moments that I just wanted to scream at some of the things that happened but I still enjoyed it Now I want to watch the TV adaptation This specific video review will be included in the July 2019 wrap up For other video book reviews check out my YouTube Channel Steph's Romance Book Talk 35 rating This is one of those books that I dove into without really knowing what to expect and also with a bit of hesitation because I am not easy to please when it comes to Romantic Comedy But I am a huge fan of books that tug on my emotions and this book did successfully do that There were several scenes where I was definitely reaching for the Kleenex because it kind of hit the nail on the head for how I've been feeling now that I'm in my forties It was also kind of eerie for me because I saw so much of myself in the main character Alice I'm the same age I lost my mother last year my kids are fleeing the nest I also gave up a career to take care of my family So yes Alice and I were kindred spirits in that regard I definitely connected with some of the personal challenges Alice was going through as a woman who has spent most of her life as a devoted housewife and mother When the children leave the nest it leaves you feeling lost and wondering What the heck am I going to do now? Being in your forties is a time when it's almost too late to start over You're too young to give up but definitely too old for some things But that doesn't mean we shouldn't try right?? And that's where Alice decided to take a chance She looks unusually young for her age so she decides to use this to her advantage to take back some of the things she felt she missed specifically a shot at a career in the publishing business What she didn't expect was to find love again and with a man in his twenties That's when the façade she was playing really started to become a challenge I loved the friendship that Alice shared with Maggie and they were two sides of the same coin Alice gave up her career for family and Maggie gave up family for a career Now Alice wants that career she gave up and Maggie is desperate to become a mom These are both very difficult things to achieve in your forties The one thing I kept thinking about was this no matter what choices you make when you're in your twenties there are always conseuences to those choices and regrets that will come back to haunt you when you're older That's what the mid life crisis is all about Did I make the right choices? Would I do it all different if I had a choice to go back and do it all over again? In that regard I thought the author did a wonderful job of addressing some of these difficult issues we face during our middle age years and blending it into a story that is yes a little bit farfetched but at the same time entertaining and thought provoking The ending of the book did leave me hanging a little I had a lot of unanswered uestions in regards to her daughter and some of her rash decisions And will the love between Alice and Josh prevail over the age gap? I guess we'll have to fill in our own blanks in that regard I can see how this would make for a great TV series and I liked this story enough to go and check it out Maybe I'll get some of these uestions answered Did this work for me as a Romantic Comedy?? Not really I liked it for the thought provoking emotional moments that it evoked I do think this would be a fun choice for a book club a little wine a little chocolate a little debate could be fun Follow us on KT Book ReviewsTwitterFacebookPinterest I won't lie I read this book solely because I love the tv show and haven't been able to watch it And very clearly that was a bad ideaIf you're like me and want to devour all media relating to your favourite things beware Not every book to tv adaption will be similar so you may be left disappointed like I was The television show has expanded wildly on the plots and characters in this book so you will absolutely be left disappointed if you wanted a beat by beat replayEither way this book was still cute and a very uick readAlice is a 40 something year old woman who gets mistaken for a 20 something year old woman and plays it up She gets her old dream gig gets a sexy man and tries her best to keep this secret She meets the absolutely wonderful Josh a young guy with a passionate dream and a life She also has a best friend who is a lesbian who is wanting some babies in her life while Alice has a 20 something year old daughter living her best life With all this in mind Alice has to figure out what she wants with her life and needs to figure out if she can continue living with this lieI found this book heavily focused on lying and the portrayal of older women Are women discriminated against? Yep absolutely But I found that this book almost made light of it in a somewhat negative way The way Alice talked in her head sat wrong with me because she was agreeing with the comments she didn't agree with I think this book is a step in the right direction for discussing some of the major issues about women society ageism and fertility but I think it could have been done a little bit betterI really wanted a happily ever after sort of book but this book is not the romance you might hope it would be It's definitely of a commentary on what women should look for in life You don't always need to get the guy you need to make sure you're living your best life and being an honest person Yadda yadda yadda Yes it's important but can't we get a little happily ever after sometimes? I felt like this book just made me depressed about getting older than excited for the adventures age can bring Maybe the book was intended to leave us wondering or making our own ending but I didn't enjoy it Since I've ranted about what I don't like it's probably time to list some of the awesome ualities of this book1 This book moves fast and has an addicting writing style I enjoyed Pamela's voice and wanted to continue reading2 Josh is an absolute gem and is written to be an absolute dream boat 3 I liked that a lot of women's issues was brought up in this book The visibility the betterOverall this book was a nice read to get my mind away from reality for a while It might have made me a little sadder about the world but it could definitely be enjoyed by other readers Although I'll still take the television show over the book any day of the weekTwo out of five stars Often I watch a tv show or movie and read the book if it is based on one Of course usually the book is much better than the show or movie But not this time I really like the show but this book fell short for me 🤷🏼‍♀️ Tv show is much better than book Review Younger Younger is about a woman who is in her forties and wants to be younger  I’m 30 but this book definitely hit home for meAlice wants to be able to get back into the publishing workforce  She kept trying and they shot her down  After her makeover she actually starts getting some attention from employers and guys  I think the Satran did an amazing job of showing how age effects how others see you  You are judged on your ability to do things and it works both ways  Those that are younger seem like they don’t have a clue while those that are older don’t stand a chance in some situations  I’ve definitely been on the receiving end of the young crowd  I had a child young and people assumed I wouldn’t be able to handle it  Things didn’t work out with my child’s father and putting myself back out there was just as terrifying as the emotions Alice feels when she puts herself back out there as a “younger” self  You wonder if you will be attractive because let’s face it having a child changes your body  Will anyone else find me attractive? Will they understand that you have other responsibilities besides dating? It’s freaking scary  So many of the emotions that Alice goes through in this book are ones that I have gone through as well  I think the author did a fantastic job of making the problems Alice has relateableI did like the friendships Alice has with both Maggie and Lindsay  Both play a role in her finding who she is and helps her realize that nothing is wrong with being 44 and also having a life outside your children  Especially when that child is grown  I didn’t really care for Alice’s daughter Diana  She acts so bratty most of the time and uses her parent’s divorce as an excuse  It drove me crazy  I also wish we had found out some things that happened with Diana and her sudden reappearanceAll in all I think if you want to read a book that deals with the emotions of getting older and trying to have fun at the same time this is definitely a book that fits that  I’m also super excited to see the show that will air on TVLand on March 31st  I want to see how the book translates to television This was a fun read that served well as a destruction during these last two earthuak y days I really can't say about it at the moment maybe after the earth calms down The only reason I'm giving it 3 stars is because it held my attention The whole time I kept thinking that is was nothing but a knock off of devil wears Prada The drama and immaturity of most of the characters was just annoying especially Diana the daughter If I had a 23 year old who acted like that and spoke to me in that way she's be on her butt out on the street in a second Definitely not a book I would recommend to anyone It's nothing but a look at the midlife crisis of an immature 44 year old who instead of dealing with her life in a mature way resorts to her junior high self and screws everything up The biggest knock I kept hearing on Pamela Redmond Satran’s Younger is that no one would ever believe it if a 40 something woman pretended to be in her 20s The feminist in me wants to scream “Would you ask that uestion about a book about a MAN???” but I saved my vocal cords the strain because of course you wouldn’t Nobody gives a shit how old a man is unless they’re casting his girlfriend in a movie Ask Maggie Gyllenhaal Hell I’ve even seen discrimination about the age of the book “It’s ten years old who cares what it has to say about anything?” The premise might be just this side of implausible but if you want gritty realism consider the very plausible idea that lead Alice thinks she has to pretend she’s in her 20s just to be desirable to pretty much everyone her hot young new fling Josh; the publishing company where she gets a job; even her cool younger friends But after the year from hell in which she lost her mother and her marriage she has a little too much New Year’s Eve champagne and decides it’s time for her own year of yes As a 20 something Alice gains access to everything that had been denied her as a 40 something She’s still Alice sorry had to but because of a simple change of integers she’s suddenly sexy and employable and all the things women my age take for granted and the reason that my friend Kelsey and I had a pact to take each other out at 39 because we assumed not incorrectly the world for a 40 something was a cold vacuous expanse For readers in their 40s Alice’s trip through the 20 something looking glass is breezy sexy wish fulfillment like My Fair Ladywith the condescending misogyny turned down In this iteration Alice is both Higgins and Doolittle because #feminism But for younger Younger readers like me Alice’s predicament is ostensibly a cautionary tale We won’t be in our 20s forever and if we think the world is an unkind place now just wait until we start getting crow’s feet For readers of any age Alice is a fascinating case study in ageism in the workplace in the dating world and in self perception Alice never tried all these exciting sexy things because she thought her expiration date had passed It’s only when she saw her youthful self reflected in the eyes of everyone around her that she had the courage to go out and live It may sound like a frothy rom com because well it is and it’s a really good one But Younger resonates because it’s ultimately not about getting the guy as much as it is about getting the life you always wanted but didn’t dare dream you could have Anyone who thinks it’s a trite slight message need only look to the reinvention of 65 year old Caitlyn Jenner Like Caitlyn Alice has felt invisible trapped and isolated for years and both of these bad asses decided they’d had enough Their external appearances didn’t match who they truly were inside so they found themselves at ages that are usually bitter punch lines or dead ends and they did something truly revolutionary for women of certain ages They started over Obviously Alice and Caitlyn aren’t euals stand down concern trolls but the message of both triumphs is similar We are not constrained by the bullet points of our biography We are not our age our gender our sexual orientation or whatever boarding school we couldn’t afford Who we are is so much interesting and complex than any of these classification tools but it’s up to us to show that to the rest of the world From Pamela Redmond Satran the acclaimed author of Babes in Captivity and The Man I Should Have Married comes a story of inspiration and transformation for the really desperate housewife She's old enough to be his mother Alice has always looked young for her age even with her graying hair and her dowdy New Jersey housewife style Make that ex housewife Now that her husband's gone and her daughter is grown Alice is in desperate need of a whole new life So she lets her best friend Maggie a hip New York City artist transform her on New Year's Eve Soon thanks to the wonders of hair dye and tight jeans Alice looks really young as one night in a Manhattan bar confirms At midnight she kisses a boy who was in diapers when she was in high school She's having too much fun to care The white lie Alice tells Josh gets her thinking that if no one asks her age she doesn't have to tell So she applies for a job she had briefly before becoming a full time mom and gets it Meanwhile Josh is falling head over heels for Alice who's just way cooler than girls his age He figures she's about twenty nine and for the first time since she was twenty nine or possibly ever Alice feels that life is ripe with possibility Unfortunately one possibility is that she's gonna get caughtChallenging the adage that the truth will set you free Younger is a hilarious and insightful story that proves that you're only as young as you feel

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Pamela Redmond Satran is the author of 20 books both fiction and non fiction Her most recent novel The Possibility of You is written as Pamela Redmond and published by Simon & Schuster's Gallery Books A New York Times bestselling humor writer she has a new humor book Rabid Are You Crazy About Your Dog or Just Crazy due out from Bloomsbury in September 2012 She is the creator with Linda

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