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To Love Honor and Disobey Ana couldn't believe her luck when irresistibly sexy Sebastian Rentoul proposed He made her feel less like a gangly awkward beanpole and like a stunning desirable supermodel Until she realized that being Mrs Rentoul didn't mean she had her husband's loveNow Ana has issued divorce papers and is getting on with her life But Seb fascinated than ever by his reluctant bride decides to make sure she fully understands how much pleasure she'll be missing Ana met her steaming husband and got a whirlwind romance out of it or so she'd thought Finding out that Sebastian was only using her was an awful blowA year later she's in Africa and she meets with her steaming husband hell bent on settling things after she had the nerve to press for a divorce With the heat the lust and the unfinished business it spells trouble for this twoOkay It's lusty but not really my cup off tea The main leads were ultra flawed and had a problem settling their mindsI like flawed characters with humanity in them but this feels too fictional for me There is a lack of background from both parties for me to completely get to know the characters Without substantial knowledge of their psyche and drive then it's important to have a feel of their background in order to see what possibles move within context they'd make I didn't see that hereIt's was a fine read If you want the generic marriage of convenience then this is a story for you to check out The story is interesting and written well but nothing stands out for me Natalie Anderson does a fantastic job with this Harleuin Presents Sebastian and Ana marry after a whirlwind couple days and then split nearly as soon afterSebastian doesn't believe in forever or really in marriage having watched his parents each go through a string of divorces Ana was orphaned as a child and grew up knowing she wasn't lovable But the look in Seb's eyes makes her feel wanted at least for a time and the feelings she arouses in Seb make him want to believe in Ms Anderson packs a lot into this short category and it's a pleasure all the way through The characters were likeable but I found the challenges they faced a bit unrealistic The book could have finished 50 pages earlier Fun and sexy at parts though

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