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Models Don't Eat Chocolate Cookies Models Don't Eat Chocolate Cookies was hilarious Celeste was my everything I'm sure if I was a die hard oreo fan I'd be in that pageant right beside her Screw the people at her school for making fun of her just because of her weight Kids are cruel Okay so this pageant if for plus size models and since she is already made fun of constantly by classmates she really doesn't want them to find out about this Celeste decides to go on a diet Oh lord those things are hard and for a kid?? RidiculousBesides the hangryness from no oreos Celeste eventually loses one of her best friends to her nemesis UGH Girls are so cruel some times Oh and the teasing hasn't stopped either I hated the mean girl bit and all of the bullying towards this one girl Celeste was the sweetest thing Who cares if she has a slight obsession with Oreos?? Shoot I don't care I would've been her best friend for life Fuck the hatersIn the end Celeste found out who her true friends were She also emerged out of this experience as a beautiful butterfly She became way confident in who she was as a person I loved it I loved her Yes she lost weight but it was in a healthy way Plus she learned to stand up for herself at such a young age Honestly she's my hero for doing all of this in 8th grade I don't even know what I was doing in that grade but it definitely wasn't that I really l this book is probably below my level but I still thought it was really good It is about a girl who is named Celeste and she is kind of overweight and she gets bullied a lot a school When her aunt signs her up for a modeling competition for husky peaches larger girls she is torn and starts to freak out She is stuck between letting her aunt down and being teased during her PE class she is given a diet log and she decides she will go on a diet and work to be skinny so she won't be allowed to do the husky peach competition I would recommend this book to anyone who likes realistic fiction and enjoys an active storyline Probably just what I needed right about now Eighth grader Celeste an overweight girl with a love for Oreos is entered into a plus size model beauty pageant Miss HuskyPeach by her aunt She's already made fun of a lot in school and if anyone found out she was a fat model it would be the end of life as she knows it after all she is in middle school remember those days? So as a way out she decides to lose weight by going on a diet not easy no Oreos is tough Throughout the whole HuskyPeach trial she also has to go through losing her best friend to her worst enemy at school plus the constant teasing by ueen Bee Lively Luckily she finds out who her true friends areNot only do we get a great look at middle school life and all its terrors I forgot how brutal it can be but we also see how a girl can rise above it and come out on top An anthem in self esteem this book made ME feel better about myself and want to be healthier I think it's a great thing to show girls how to live a healthy lifestyle but also be proud of who they are no matter what they look like or what competitions they are in Be happy to be who you are and feel good about yourself This is one SOLID book I loved it 5 stars hands down I want to own it and I will not only allow my girls to read it when they approach Jr High age but I will hand it to them to readAs far as technical writing goes this is a tight story There is no useless information no fluff It's often funny but the humor is seemless within the plot and very natural The author creates a very rich setting If I didn't know better I would have thought that the bully was a very 2 dimensional character but the fact is I knew people exactly like that in Jr High I couldn't believe how many memories from that age came back to me It was like I was reliving things and I think that's why I was taken by surprise with this book I expected it to be a funny book about a silly pageant And that's what it was at the beginning And then it all of a sudden wasn't so funny to me any because I remembered feeling hurt in the ways Celeste main character was feeling hurt Then I wasn't sure I wanted to keep reading But it was slightly cathartic and very engaging and the story kept going at such a great pace that it didn't make it difficult to keep readingThe other thing that suprised me was the fact that I was surprised by the way certain things were resolved I find a lot of books to be somewhat predictable even if I enjoy them but this one had me enjoying little turns of events in pleasing ways up until the end Not that anything was Earth shattering; just that the story kept moving even though I thought that the climax was overI think Celeste is a great role model She feels real to me and you can see a very subtle and natural change in her as the story moves along I loved the way she ends up resolving her personal issues and I wish people would be that mature myself included I think the author had to walk a fine line on such a big issue as weight but she did it perfectly and I can't see how anyone would be offended or think that there was a bad message anywhere in here Celeste is a good moral personIf I could recommend this book to a book club I would and as a matter of fact I think I will I haven't read a YA novel since I WAS a young adult so it's a bit hard for me to judge its uality as I have nothing to compare this to But Erin is a fellow graduate of my MFA program at Emerson College so I had to snatch the book up the week it appeared in paperbackThe story started a bit slow but once we went to round one of the Husky Peach modeling contest the one she is determined to throw by giving lackluster answers during her personality interview I was hooked Erin creates some really winning characters including the enemy you love to hate and enough tension and subplots that I breezed through I was delighted at the ending and watching Celeste emerge as a confident girlOn the negative side the cover gave me a constant craving for Joe Joes I began reading this book with excitement Unfortunately the excitement didn't last longAs someone who has struggled with a wide range of food issues; from starving myself to binge eating to emotional eating for my entire teenage and adult life I was hoping this book would serve as somewhat of an inspirationview spoilerThe main character Celeste is overweight This is pointed out by her family wanting her to enter a modelling pageant for chubby girls Her best friend Sandra turns on her very early in the book Obviously at this point in the story I was feeling very sorry for CelesteCeleste is also bullied at school about her weight Lively is one of the girls doing the bullying Sandra and Lively become good friends and Sandra ignores how cruel Lively is being to her friend right in front of herCeleste decides to try and lose weight so that she will be too thin for the pageant She originally tries a diet drink and is in return followed around by a woman from the diet drink advertisement for the entire duration of the book She also makes the decision to start eating healthier eating less portions and cutting out cookies hence the name of the bookAlong her journey she learns some make up tips from a stylist she is assigned Christian the stylist even allows her to do her make up for her final performance Now I'm no make up expert but I know people who chose to go into that field have to do an extensive course about it I think almost anyone who attempted to do their own make up knowing nothing and blindly following instructions on how to apply it would fail horriblyCeleste discovers that Lively has a secret Lively has been wearing a water bra to school Celeste aimed a ball at her chest during her PE lesson upon finding this out After time elapses Celeste feels guilty that she has thrown the ball at her At the end of the book she discovers Lively has a crush on Geoff her former best friend's brother Lively gets shot down by Geoff and the entire school finds out about it Celeste relishes in this fact I didn't like this plot point because I felt that by that point in the book Celeste was seemingly happier with herself Seeing Lively miserable shouldn't have had an effect on her Celeste should have been happy enough to just ignore the dramaSandra apologizes to Celeste at the end also Celeste acts coldly towards her I realize what Sandra did was wrong but it just seemed like Celeste had this arrogant attitude that was unjustified In my experience with poor self esteem Celeste should have gradually felt better about herself It seemed almost overnight she was feeling better about things but it was taken too far to the point where I felt she was a horrible characterI felt that the book would have had a positive message had Celeste learned to eat cookies in moderation rather than cut them from her diet altogether Celeste decides how great she looks and after reading for over 100 pages of how fat she felt how she threw up in gym how she was bullied etc it seemed like she did a complete 180 She is insistent that she finishes the pageant for herself not because anyone wants to but she really is just going along with what she didn't want to do all along She's changed as a person She didn't learn to accept her weight she only gets noticed by a boy later in the story when she is thinner her relationship with her mother who had been so pushy about the pageant is just solved instantly I didn't agree with any of the things that tied the story upIn true cliché fashion Celeste wins the contest Nothing is heard about what happens with Lively or what happens with Sandra after Celeste tells her that she doesn't know if they can hang out again There was no closure for the secondary charactersOverall I was extremely disappointed hide spoiler Thirteen year old Celeste Harris is no string bean but comfy sweatpants and a daily chocolate cookie suit her just fine Her under the radar lifestyle could have continued too if her aunt hadnt entered her in the HuskyPeach Modeling Challenge To get out of it shes forced to launch Operation Skinny Celestebecause after all a thin girl cant be a fat model What Celeste never imagined was that losing weight would help her gain a backbone or that all she needed to shine was a spotlight A hilarious debut featuring friendship family mean girls and even celebrity crushes Celestes story is a delicious treat that doesnt add a pound Read as Celeste not only learns to lose weight but learns to stand up for herself and become outgoing A fun fast read This book was GOOD I really like this book and it reminds me of Dumplin' It's a good read and I really enjoyed it I read it in like a day and I would recommenced it to a younger audience but if you like this stuff read it It was under my reading level but I liked it55 stars Celeste has body image issues but its no surprise considering she cops it everywhere she goes At school the kids constantly taunt her about her body and at home she’s in the shadow of her two cousins who are so beautiful that they’re model material – literally Her cousin Kathleen has been entering herself in beauty pageants for ages now and Kirsten is a supreme athlete Celeste is well Celeste is just CelesteThen one day Celeste’s Aunt secretly enters her into a plus sized modelling competition Celeste’s mother is overjoyed and thinks this is just what Celeste needs but Celeste doesn’t agree Don’t they understand how the kids at school will treat her if they see her modelling for a plus sized clothing company? It would be the most humiliating thing ever and Celeste isn’t sure she’ll survive it So she devises a plan to spoil her chances of being selected You can’t be a plus sized model if you’re not plus sized right?RightSo Celeste decides that in order to preserve her dignity it might be time to step away from the cookies just for now She embarks on a weight loss plan and is determined to lose enough weight so that the judges will think she’s not big enough for their competitionLosing weight is hard Actually it bites the big one – badly Apples are not nearly as interesting as cookies not even closeCeleste has other problems too Her long time best friend seems to have ditched her for the most popular girl in school – who also happens to be Celeste’s enemy number one How will Celeste deal with this rejection on top of everything else?Models Don’t Eat Chocolate Cookies raises some interesting discussion points about body image As Celeste begins to lose weight everything in her life seems to fall into place I have some pretty firm opinions about body image and when I was reading this I actually found myself feeling a little irritated that Celeste’s happiness increased as a direct result of her weight loss I found myself asking ‘what kind of message does this send to the kids of the world?’ But I realised that because of my own views on the subject I approached the novel with a very closed mind Models has a whole stack of really important messages that I think are worth a detailed discussion For example yes Celeste’s life does get better the smaller she becomes but she never lets herself become obsessed with dieting and it is important to note that she ends up at a much healthier body weight at the end of the novel I think its important to realise that there are important messages about inner health woven into the text as well as messages about body image If you approach the text with a body image mindset only you’re likely to be unsatisfied with the end result You need to read it as a multi faceted text because that’s exactly what it is While it may seem that Celeste’s family approach her weight loss from a superficial perspective if you read a little closer you’ll see that they’re all about Celeste’s health and mental well beingModels is like a really pretty dress made from two tone colour fabric pretty and fresh whichever way you look at itLike with any novel that approaches a sensitive subject like this one I’m sure anyone that reads it is going to want to discuss it somewhere I am chomping at the bit to talk to someone about this so we’ve decided that we’re going straight to the source We’re in the process of interviewing Erin Dionne about her novel and her views on the issue of health and body image Stay tuned for

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