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Trinity on Air Brilliant South Africa literature another to add to your list The first two books in a series of three written by Fiona Snyckers were meant to be my holiday reading I finished them in two days before the Spring break I could not put them down They were hilarious The protagonist Trinity Luhabe is a young 'born free' South African about to begin her first first year at Rhodes University Even though her father is a former Robben Island prisoner and anti apartheid activist and her mother a former activist and social worker Trinity Luhabe is so over the whole Robben Island thingThe book had just enough draw to keep me reading It's light heated chick lit and I probably enjoyed it because it is written in a South African context hence much of it was all too familiar In the first book Trinity arrives at Rhodes University majoring in English and Economics but with no real intention of making a career in either She is there to meet her future husband Her choice in major economics is a long term strategy because all the male economics students are all potential future CEOs so she plans on meeting and knowing them before they become famousHer real ambition is to become a TV presenter of a talk show or a Top Billing presenter The book is a light hearted read of Trinity as she makes new friends meets her former nemesis from high school falls in love with her tutor while running her baby sitting business and failing her coursesThe first book ends with Trinity having written her finals and now back home while she waits for her exam resultsThe second book picks up with a Trinity now armed with her Rhodes degree and job hunting while she holds down a job as the children's entertainer at a popular steak restaurant She gets a job as a junior reporter at a popular radio station and determined as ever sets about proving herself with amusing results Her adventures take her to the seedy world of Johannesburg night clubs encounters with her Nigerian night club owner neighbour of her romance with her former tutor and boyfriend Farouk and the same determined streak to break into the talk show worldI have not read much chick lit by South African writers because there is not that much published I think so this was a truly entertaining read This novel promises so much It has a great cover and a good blurb Trinity is 23 She lives in Sandton She is a privileged black woman who wants to be an 'on air presenter' for Jozi Talks Her father is an ex Robin Island Struggle veteran turned corporate zillionaire She has the perfect mother who bakes melktert cooks bobotie and loves her children She also has the PB or perfect boyfriend as her roommate Steph calls Ethan Ethan is a health nut who tries to look after Trinity's eating habits He also proposes Trinity declines Her ex boyfriend Farouk is conveniently back from Oxford law degree in hand Farouk's sister and Trinity's brothers try o set them up However Trinity has to deal with Farouk anyway She is working on the story of a strip joint in Rivonia The owner A Nigerian called Ajala conveniently lives upstairs Farouk is the advocate on the case And this is where Snyckers lost me Coincidences and too many characters I haven't mentioned half of them yet seem placed to simply fill up pages I lost interest when I lost track of the names of the obligatory gay best friend the perfect brothers Farouk's family etc I also lost the plotBut the real problem is Trinity She is an intrinsically silly character She is ditsy slow on the uptake and worst of all boring To write brilliant chick lit reuires creating a likeable character The author has to be funny and to charm the reader Unfortunately this book is not really funny and Trinity is not charming Perhaps Trinity should have kept on blogging She is a cardboard cut out character She does not translate well into hard copy It was nice though to see so much of Johannesburg in the book easy local reading Imagine SA Bridgit Jones I enjoyed this book than the first one maybe as I am also job hunting I could really relate to job hunting Trinity than student Trinity but either way I loved the book Loved every book in the Trinity series I love the way Fiona writes and her dry wit is sheer brilliance With her university days behind her life couldn't be better for Trinity Luhabe She's got everything a Sandton girl needs the perfect boyfriend and the perfect job Then an old flame from her university days comes back into her life He's threatening to turn Trinity's comfortable life upside down

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Fiona Snyckers is the author of the Trinity series of novels and the Sisterz series of mobile novels She has also published various short storiesShe was educated at Rhodes University and the University of the Witwatersrand She lives in Johannesburg with her husband three children and four catsFiona loves to interact with fellow readers and writers about the writing process books in gene

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