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The Story of My Life In The Story of My Life Darrow recounts reflects on his than fifty years as a corporate labor criminal lawyer including the most celebrated notorious cases of his day establishing the legal right of a union to strike in the Woodworkers' Conspiracy Case; exposing on behalf of the United Mine Workers the shocking conditions in the mines the widespread use of child labor; defending Leopold Loeb in the Chicago thrill murder case; defending a teacher's right to present the Darwinian theory of evolution in the famous Scopes trial; fighting racial hatred in the Sweet anti Negro the Scottsboro cases; much Written in his disarming conversational style full of refreshingly relevant views on capital punishment civil liberties the judicial system Darrow's autobiography is a fitting final summation of a remarkable life

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    I came to this book with the idea Clarence Darrow charged into the darkness with Commander Spock at his left shoulder; the Power of the Enlightenment in his right hand; and Darwin’s bulldog at his side His autobiography made him seem much human than that He picked a side of history and fought for it vigorously but his barbs a

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    This was reuired reading for my Social Justice class and I was actually pretty excited to read it Darrow is a famous legal figure and I was primarily familiar with him because of his defense of John Scopes in the Scopes Monkey Trial I was pretty disappointed in the book but I did learn a lot about DarrowI had no idea how many major c

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    Darrow reflects on a life devoted to public service and to defense of civil liberties and to the rights of the unpopular and indigent to a fair trial He comments at length on crime and punishment and his proposals are as germane today as they were 60 years ago The Haywood trial is a useful paradigm for Darrow's activities Ex governor Steu

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    This isn't the sort of thing I would normally read It was suggested in something I read or an interview I listened to I bought it and forgot about it for a few monthsA friend told me credulously that she didn't believe in the Theory of Evolution This is not a bible thumper yet someone who believes in ghosts and psychics and the supernatural It

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    I have found my mentor It was a little strange reading Clarence Darrow's autobiography because it was as if I had written many of the passages myself My opinions are not mainstream so it was odd to find myself sharing 90% of his views His writing on the causes of most crime being related to circumstances rather than people being bad was brilliant a

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    At times this book was absolutely brilliant Darrow writes his biography so poetically and carefully weighing every single word that he puts down His insights on the society's bloodthirst for criminals and our desire to punish and torture people who we feel are bad are profound The most significant takeaway for me after reading this book is the way Darro

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    This book had a really big impact on me Ever since seventh grade Clarence Darrow has been THE idol in my life; I aspire to be like him and I respect him greatly So when I read his autobiography I absolutely loved it Darrow is able to talk about himself in a manner that is neither flattering himself nor degrading to him He also manages to put a lot of his bel

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    From the ABA's 30 books every lawyer should read Dees is co founder and chief trial attorney at the Southern Poverty Law Center in Montgomery Ala He and his civil rights group have been monitoring hate groups and extremist organizations for decades“I was already a lawyer running a very successful book publishing company when I read this book It changed my life

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    It was slow but really interesting Darrow has a few basic beliefs he keeps returning to 1 life is just a matter of coincidence Any of us could be a leader or criminal rich or poor just depending on where and to whom we were born; 2 the death penalty is wrong because of #1 everything is just coincidence; and 3 prohibition of alcohol was the stupidest law ever made in t

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    As far as autobiographies go this one was extremely entertaining

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