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Spanking Romance Stories Punished Wives I LOVE spanking stories It's a shame that I can't get back the time I wasted reading this book Where's the creativity? The author used the same sentence about a hundred times throughout the book I don't think I'll be reading anything else of hers very soon Contemporary wives find they are not so modern after all when their stern husbands discover an old fashioned method of maintaining peace in their homes Approximately 44250 words of contemporary spanking romance Includes Bridling Her Tongue A pastor’s wife is taught a hard learned lesson after her pastor husband catches her gossiping in the sanctuary about another female parishioner 4000 words What Dad Tried to Tell Me part 1 Both Joseph and his younger brother Pete were given paddles by their father on their wedding day Pete knew what to do with his Will Joseph ever learn the family secret 6250 words What Dad Tried to Tell Me Part 2 Joseph is proud of his family His wife and two daughters are obedient and respectful for when they misbehave he warms their behinds with a paddle But when he finds they’ve been dishonest with him should they receive the same paddling as always or are harsher measures in order 3500 words To Train Up a Wife Jason is tired of living in filth and eating fast food while his wife spends all her time volunteering at the church When he accidentally witnesses his neighbor’s method of training a wife will he learn the secret of marital bliss 6250 words Wisdom Worker The Trucker's Wife Lucas has just taken a new wife when he is called by his ex wife and asked to take custody of their fourteen year old daughter With his mind on child rearing he can’t help but think his young wife could benefit from a few of the lessons he’d given his daughter as a child 3000 words Wisdom Worker The Hot Day Alyssa slips into the pool to cool off despite warnings by her husband never to swim alone 2000 words Model Behavior Declan is fascinated with the method his new brother in law uses to keep his model sister's sharp tongue in check 1250 words The Check Clay left work early to surprise his wife with a nice evening out but when he discovers an unusual piece of mail he may have to surprise her with a spanking instead 2500 words The Love of a Husband When Shoshana goes to live with her brother in the city she is unprepared to fall in love with his gorgeous roommate Unfortunately she is not the only one in love with the wealthy former playboy Cameron Jamison Shoshana is different than any woman Cameron has ever met She is not glamorous witty or hip but she causes things to happen to his heart he’s never before experienced Could he be falling in love with his roommate’s backward little sister 15500 words Contains themes pertaining to Domestic Discipline and as such portrays spanking of adult women

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