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Love Unscripted Love #1 An A List Movie Star Ryan Christensen just wanted to be an actor Never in his wildest dreams did he imagine a life where fans would chase him paparazzi would stalk him and Hollywood studios would want to own him While filming in Seaport Rhode Island Ryan ducks into a neighborhood bar for a uick escape from legions of screaming fans and finds much than he expected A Small Town Girl Nursing a recent heartbreak Taryn Mitchell believes men are best kept at a safe distance But when Ryan Christensen unexpectedly bursts through the front door of her pub she can’t help but be drawn in by his humor charm and undeniable good looks At six foot two with dirty blond hair blue eyes and an incredible body Ryan has every girl in Seaport swooning But Taryn isn’t every other girl A Relationship That Doesn’t Follow the Script Despite her better judgment Taryn soon finds herself falling hard for Ryan But is their bond strong enough to survive the tabloid headlines the relentless paparazzi and the jealous fans who seem determined to tear them apart Ok so what is with the high ratings Goodreads?? I have never felt so let down by reviews and I'm still struggling to understand the love for this book Love Unscripted was like literary blue balls The book is 670 pages long and there is no climax to the story until about 85% into the book What the hell?? You could have pulled about 300 pages and it wouldn't have affected the story at all It was torture but I felt like it wouldn't be fair to write a review to warn my friends unless I saw the book through I love you friends but I won't be doing that again The book progressed so slowly and the same things were reiterated over and over hes famous why would he want to be with me he will find someone else will i be enough OK ALREADY The characters are pretty hip and young Taryn owns a pub and he is a famous actor so why the crap referring to each other as sweetheart and honey?? I could overlook it once or twice but this is how they spoke throughout the bookAs slow as the book progressed there were events in the story that were so rushed and sloppy that I actually had to go back thinking I accidentally skipped over pages This happened often Also I am a huge fan of exclamation points I dont apologize for that but even I thought they were so grossly over used so much so that I was starting to think that Ryan was actually Armenian and just spoke loudly like we do ; Done I cant even go on there is so much wrong with this book I could probably go on forever and right now Im sort of pissed lol Maybe I should have waited a few days to calm downI know authors put their heart and soul into books and I hate to leave such a terrible review but I seriously felt like I wasted the last three days of my life in this book and I just want to make sure my friends dont lose any precious reading time I read this book based on all the great reviews I'm still trying to figure out the hype It dragged on forever touching on every possible thing that could have happened The writing style was very free flow weeks pass in a couple of paragraphs or minutes take pages and pages I remember getting to the last page seeing the words seuel and thinking wtf? why?As a love story it’s got a lot of intrigue and the conceptstar aspect was novel to me but both of the main characters were so one dimensional There was really no character development for either Taryn or Ryan which I think really was the catalyst for the story feeling so unfulfilling to me In someways it was actually a regression for Taryn – she went from being an independent woman to a co dependent hysterical mess I’m still trying to figure out how any of her wonderfully devoted friends would have been willing to sit by or even support this relationship that completely obliterated any personality she hadThe ending felt contrived Taryn and Ryan were woven into a co dependent relationship where neither one of them were willing to admit that something had to give but somehow all the distrust was wrapped up with an engagement ring Maybe the seuel will address some of these issues but I don’t know that I’d be willing to invest the time into seeing it throughUpdate I actually reread this book again thinking I had misjudged it I actually think I had overrated it Reading it left me morose and grumpy all day Unfortunately I'm not going to finish this book It's that simple Overly polite uirky and enthusiastic people freak me out This is similar to the dialogue throughout the eternally long bookRyan Good Morning my love Do you want some coffee?Taryn Oh I can't believe you asked you huge handsome movie actor Yes I would love a cup of coffeeare you really talking to me?Ryan It's just so hardwill you really give up your life for my undeserving self?Taryn Darling how could you ever doubt me? Let's go to the park and feed the ducksRyan Let me hold the door for you Oh almighty goddessTaryn Thanks I love your complimentsThere's not much else to say I gave the book two stars One because I had to the second because I actually thought the plot had some potentialSadly mistaken If Ms Reber can get away with this crap then I'll be the next Stephanie MeyerThey should do a sketch on this with Zooey Deschanel as Taryn and Bill Hader as Ryan I think I'm going to put this book on the shelf for the time being I'm at 30% and having a difficult time staying focused or interested in the story I think this is one of those books that work when it's cold outside you're snuggled in a blanket and in the mood for a long well written but drawn out story That's not the mood I'm in right now I'm a guy who never writes reviews nor do I read Romantic or erotic novels However I was intrigued to find out what the hoopla was with 50 Shades of Grey Thank goodness for my kindle or I would of received a bunch of crap from family friends and co workers When I finished the last book in the series I wanted Next read pointed to Love Unscripted so I purchased it I was so wrapped in the characters I couldn't put this book down This book is so well written characters so real and emotional I'm not an emotional guy mind you I don't cry during movies or while reading books By the end of this read however I had tears running down my face and a box of Kleenex by my side so many up and downs so many twist turns geeeshThis book has made me a fan and is a new favorite I'm anxiously waiting for the second book and the movie in the worksJust my thoughts CLICK HERE TO CHECK OUT MORE BOOK REVIEWS AT READING EATING DREAMING I WAS BLAIR WALDORFWhere to begin? Love Unscripted by Tina Reber is one of the BEST books I have ever read I am obsessed with this book In fact I could easily become one of the crazy stalker fans you read about in this novel I didn't just like this story I was completely overwhelmed by it What makes a book AMAZING? In my opinion when reading an amazing book or watching a fantastic movie the readeraudience becomes the character You put yourself in their shoes so when the character is happy you’re happywhen their heart breaks your heart breaks Well I was Taryn What made Love Unscripted such a mind blowing novel? Everything Characters Plot Writing Style Conflict Ending You name it Taryn and Ryan are authentic relatable amazing characters Since this story is told from Taryn’s perspective I related with her the most Taryn has been hurt before and this makes it hard for her to trust again I think that is something most young adults can comprehend I know I can and this just makes you appreciate her character that much I understood just about every choice she made in the novel because they were the same choices I would have made in her shoes She’s adorableRyan is a gorgeous movie star and he constantly has paparazzi and groupies chasing him You may think “Ah poor baby He has it so hard” but his life really isn’t easy Ryan isn’t the character you’d expect a young handsome millionaire movie star to be He isn’t cocky or egotistical He’s precious Reber shows you his insecurities and you can’t help but FALL IN LOVE with him I enjoyed every scene in this book but the scenes where Taryn and Ryan are just getting to know one another were some of the best scenes ever I completely adored the pool table scene when the characters each pull the “flirt and distract” move I've totally pulled the flirt and distract pool table moves before and the fact that Reber included this in the story made me relate to the story and characters even I’d love to go scene by scene and tell you why this novel is so incredible but I don’t want to give away the entire book You really need to read and discover for yourself why this novel is so freaking great How can you say a novel is relatable when the plot is based on the challenges of dating a movie star? Well unfortunately no I haven’t dated a movie star I’m still waiting for Ian Somerhalder to return my love letters KIDDING Still I related to this novel every step of the way Reber writes this story so you “know” the characters and you understand their motivations and emotions You watch Taryn and Ryan’s relationship develop slowly you are a part of it and you easily understand their fears dreams and troubles Most women in their twenties have been betrayed by a guy have dealt with trust issues or have struggled with jealousy; Reber incorporated these everyday issues into Taryn and Ryan’s relationship so readers can easily relate Who is this book for? Love Unscripted isn’t a young adult book Technically it is in the adult genre The main characters Taryn and Ryan are in their mid twenties I think this is a great book for people 17 and up mainly women This novel contains a lot of sexual innuendoes some sex and some adult language I can't tell anyone what books they are allowed to read but I'd STRONGLY recommend this novel for older teens Love Unscripted is the first book in a series As of now Reber has plans for a three book series but this isn’t concrete so there could be I can’t wait to see what the future holds for Taryn and RyanI gave Love Unscripted by Tina Reber 5 STARS If you haven’t picked up on it already I thought this book was award winning material I strongly urge everyone over the age of 17 to purchase this novel immediately I can pretty much guarantee you will fall in love with Taryn and Ryan just like I did PS I read this novel three days ago and I could easily pick it back up again to re read Yes I liked it that much XOXOREADING EATING DREAMING I'm looking forward to the second book I did have a little issue with Ryan won't spoil but he redeemed himself at the end I don't want anyone else just you And no matter where I am wherever I go you're the only one who is holding my heart RyanI was told that this book was basically like Thoughtless minus Denny and boy were they freaking RIGHT For those of you who were also fans of Thoughtless remember those heart racing moments where you just had to keep turning the pages and probably couldn't stop even if you wanted to?? Well oh boy does this book have you doing that too I swear I barely blinked for the final 25% The story is told from the perspective of Taryn Mitchell the owner of a bar in a small town which is being used to shoot the next major huge Hollywood movie Starring in this movie is the world's biggest hottest most coveted celebrity actor Ryan Christensen think RPattz at the height of the Twilight fame except maybe even bigger He is running away from rabid fans one day and ends up in taking refuge in her bar and the rest is historyI really like how Taryn's character was not infatuated with his movie star persona she hadn't even seen any of his movies and how Ryan was such a down to earth normal guy dealing with uber mega fame Both their characters were instantly likable Ryan is totally adorable He definitely made the book boyfriend list I loved that their relationship progressed at a believable pace they had instant attraction but didn't just jump into bed instantly they flirted got to know each other their relationship developed it was really fun to readRyan and Taryn were adorable together I loved how crazy they were about each other and how hard they both fought to make their relationship work no matter what Gently he rolled me onto my back; his eyes opened and locked onto mine 'Are you sure? 'cuz I want you than air right now' Ryan I loved that the book dealt with pretty much every situation a couple in their position big time romantic hero lead movie star regular girl would have to deal with in real life dealing with tabloids printing lies being followed by rabid fans cameras paparazzi literally everywhere crazy obsessed stalkers feelings of jealousy dealing with him having to kiss hot actresses for his movies invasion of privacy the importance of staying grounded and having a close knit family being able to trust each other dealing with constant separation shooting schedules etc The biggest uestion in my mind was whether peace and insanity could survive together in harmony But what made all of that points above bearable was how functional they were as a couple They talked through their issues There was very little irrationality in either of their actions Sure there were misunderstandings and drama but I could definitely understand how those situations arose and it wasn't out of stupidityThankfully though there is no cheating in this book And while it doesn't end with a HEA you definitely get the idea that they are headed for one Its not a cliffhanger either but lets just say there is a lot to their storyI think Ryan sums the story up pretty well its our crazy story Its been ours only ours There's been a lot of romance sometimes way too much drama Very memorable comedy a few pulse racing action scenes We've also had out fair share of suspense and raw terror and unfortunately gut wrenching heartache too But through it all you've loved me unconditionally and I know how fortunate I am to have your love the scene goes on to happy mushy stuff which I won't spoil for you lolBasically if you liked Thoughtless you are almost certainly guaranteed to like this And if you haven't read Thoughtless and you are just a fan of romance you are almost certain to love this The characters feel very real the story is engaging and the love story is utterly adorable Here are some uotesAdvice from Taryn's best friend they give the best advice no?? lol You know what I think? I think you should stop all this nonesense and screw the shit out of him until he passes out from exhaustionyou'll have to feed him of course to keep his energy level up but make sure you hide his clothes so he can't get dressed Men can't run when they're naked Ryan you know damn well you can get any girl you want whenever you want There are women all around the globe who would pay to have sex with you He started laughing How much money do you think I could make from all these women who want to have sex with me? Billions Really? Help me drag a mattress out into the front yard You can sell lemonade and I'll just fuck people all day he cackled Do I have to make a poster and scream Ryan Ryan? I kidded The only time I want to hear you scream my name is when I'm making love to you Although you did call me God the other night That's acceptable tooFor of my reviews come to Or join Read of my reviews and ramblings at Ana's Attic Sexy TalesReview of 2nd reading one year later First thing you need to know about Love Unscripted by Tina Reber besides that I absolutely loved it even the second time is that it is L O N G This is not a bad thing Not at all This is a like reading a book trilogy all in one And I would have been happy and satisfied if it ended after Love Unscripted But when you find out there is a seuel you just want to “sueeee”I read Love Unscripted in September of 2011 I have read probably about 225 books since then but this one has stood the test for me Knowing that Love Unrehearsed comes out next week I decided to do a re read so it is nice and fresh in my mind Normally I post at Ana’s Attic daily Did you notice I skipped a day? I couldn’t put the book down Since I know all of you who read my blog can understand that obsession I figured you’d let me slideTaryn Mitchell owns a bar by the ocean and lives above it in Rhode Island Ryan Christensen think Robert Pattinson fame wise is filming the second movie based on a book trilogy nearby Taryn isn’t the type to be star struck She has never read the books or seen any of his movies and doesn’t understand why her friends and every woman in a 2 hour radius is screaming his name One morning as she steps out the front door of her bar Ryan comes running down the street with screaming fans chasing him He ducks through the bar asking for the back door and the fans think he escaped But he had accidentally used the door to Taryn’s apartment In the midst of a panic attack scratched up and with ripped clothes Taryn let him calm down cleaned him up and ended up spending the day together in the closed barFrom the minute they started talking I was smiling Both characters were so real and likable Ryan is so sweet and adorable and Taryn though a little too perfect for him was totally likable One thing I really loved is how they took their time falling in love Their relationship developed at a pretty slow pace at the beginning Taryn was afraid of getting hurt when he leaves and Ryan just wanted to take it slow to not scare her away This would be my thoughts and it was her friend’s “You know what I think? I think you should stop all this nonsense and screw the shit out of him until he passes out from exhaustionyou’ll have to feed him of course to keep his energy level up but make sure you hide his clothes so he can’t get dressed Men can’t run when they’re naked”Taryn’s BFFAs they became a serious couple you couldn’t help but fall even further in love with them “Gently he rolled me onto my back; his eyes opened and locked onto mine ‘Are you sure? ‘cuz I want you than air right now’” RyanSure they had a lot of realistic issues thrown at them Mostly the paparazzi and screaming fans but they dealt with them well If the whole book was like the first 23 I would have loved it and given it 5 happy stars But then BAM Shit hit the fan and everything started happening I couldn’t put the book down during the first 23 but during the last 23 there was NO WAY And this was a re readI laughed a lot I cried I swooned I totally fell in love with Ryan all over again I love that he never lost his down to earth personality He loved acting but hated the crap that went with it I loved this book just as much if not the second time around “I don’t want anyone else – just you And no matter where I am wherever I go you’re the only one who is holding my heart” RyanLoves Ryan His parents Taryn’s friends The length of the book allowed Tina to tell every little detail and I loved them all The slow warmup to love Taryn’s insecurities were so real I would have felt all the same thingsThings I wish happened I couldn’t find a dislike I wish Ryan would have said “screw you” to his publicist and everyone else and screamed to the world how in love he was I wish there was some hot sex Some good stuff was alluded to they both had sore hips one day Why exactly? I want to know Ryan was such a boy next door sweetheart but he sounded hot in bed Prove itRe read rating 5 stars 35 HeatThe end was happy I was good with it Is it a HEA? Not really More like a Happy for now But lucky us because book 2 Love Unrehearsed comes out on September 14thSince I read Love Unscripted last year I became Facebook friends with Tina Reber I have to tell you she is AWESOME She is funny as hell has AMAZING taste in men she posts hotties all the time great taste in books and she promised Love Unrehearsed will be even hotter Tina will also be visiting us at Ana’s Attic I’ll post information very soon but I can’t waitLove Unscripted 659 juicy pages will be available for all e readers on September 10th Until then you can get it at Original review from September 2011Wow wow wow I LOVE LOVE LOVED it Notice the repeats? Well obviously I felt pretty strongly about it I'm exhausted because I barely slept having to finish the book For 2 days all I did was smile then my heart broke and I cried and I was happy againThe fact that it was so nice and long was the best thing We took our time getting to know the characters and they took their time falling in love or at least admitting it I loved all the characters in the book even the few I hated Ryan needs to get his ass out there and scream from the rooftops as he said and maybe Taryn wouldn't be so insecure But who can blame her? I just hope in the next book Ryan keeps that part of his personality that would never be a cheater and that Taryn doesn't overreact But then again there wouldn't be much of a story then would there? I must say at first I thought it was just a nice meaty feel good love story Superstar falls for ordinary girl foreverthe end And honestly the way it was written that would have been OK I was loving it The first half of the book or I couldn't stop smiling But putting the realistic obstacles a couple like that would face just sealed the deal for me 5 stars

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