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Masuerade I think the covers on the books of this series are so pretty I enjoyed Masuerade and honestly I was unsure if I wanted Mimi to be “saved” so to speak because she is really not likeable so far in this series I am starting book three right after lunch and plan to read through this series during this coming week but I really hope they move a bit faster on the romance and revelations I think they will since the sizes of the books are smallish The ending with Dylan’s words will make readers grab the next book right away My uick and simple overall enjoyable uick seuel that leaves uestions for readers to continue on Masuerade is the second installment In De La Cruz's Blue Bloods series It continues where Blue Bloods left off when Schuyler's grandmother was reprocessed through the vampire cycle where she would eventually be reborn after an interrupted attack by a Silver Blood She along with her Conduit Oliver goes on a mission in Venice to find her grandfather Lawrence Van Alen Her grandmother's last plea was that Schuyler find her grandfather so that he could save the Blue Bloods from the Croatan or the Silver Bloods But what they find is a man who does not want to come back to a group that shunned his ideas and cast him out Back in Duschene the intrigues thicken Bliss' mystery deepens including the identity of her mother and the whys and wherefores of all of her nightmares and blackouts Jack's infatuation with Schuyler is given significance and I liked the reasoning behind it The connection between Mimi and Jack through all of their life cycles is explored well but apart from that their characters are much the same I was hoping for development from Mimi She's turning out to be one of the most one dimensional characters I've had the chance of reading Best friend and Conduit Oliver takes a familiar and predictable turn in regards to his feelings for our heroine Schuyler who grows a bit spine Her character is well defined here and her relationships with Oliver and Jack are explored in depth in this novel though with no real resolution The book didn't start off on the right foot for me because it violated a pet peeve of mine In the first few pages it almost blatantly dumped everything on the reader that had happened in the previous book If people aren't smart enough to start with the first book in the series then let them swim without a lifejacket and try to pick up what's going on It felt like a waste of time reading the same descriptions repetitively There are a couple of divergences so Bliss and Schuyler can pursue modeling careers which adds nothing to the plot It felt like the author knew the fashion world settings and couldn't help but show off her knowledge even though it had nothing to do with the story Lastly the arrival of a new boy at school feels contrived a means to a certain end and its starting to feel a tad too deux et machina to me That said I think it is time I abandon this series It was only the vampire lore which has made me buy the seuel but unfortunately De La Cruz's writing style frustrates me to no end She could've ended the series with the seuel or maybe with the next one making this a trilogy but instead she's stretching the plot too thin with news of books to come I'm sure there are far superior vampire fiction out there; I just need to explore my options Book Details Title Masuerade Blue Bloods Book 2Author Melissa De La CruzReviewed By Purplycookie ehhhhh it was okay but i don't think i'll be continuing with this series it just reminds me of vampire academy but a slightly crappy version 4 5 starsOkay I'm uickly becoming re obsessed with this series It's typical early 2000's YA but I can't stop myself While the vampire lore was pretty much all that kept me going while reading Blue Bloods I found a little to appreciate while reading its seuel Masuerade Granted this book isn't perfect but it is a slight step upOne big thing I noticed was the minimal designer name dropping It worked against the previous novel basically since it made the characters even distant and unrelatable except the fact that they're you know vampires and all since I don't think any reader had any idea who those designers were anyway Also it sped the story along since the plot wasn't stalled to go into laborious descriptions of every article of clothing and accessory everyone was wearing Keep in mind that outfit descriptions are in plenty however just not to the extent of this novel's predecessorWith any series it's nice to revisit characters and their many subplots and it was nice to do that with Masuerade I found myself caring a little about characters even petty things like gasp if Schuyler and Oliver were going to get together All the subplots that were hinted at in Blue Bloods are fleshed out in this novel as well and I like how they are developing so farOf course the saving grace of this whole series is the vampires Melissa de la Cruz has created They’re probably some of the most inventive and interesting supernatural creatures in YA literature The best parts of these books are learning about their pasts how they fell from Heaven their memories of past reincarnations etcHowever the lack of any climax or satisfying conclusion whatsoever left something to be desired The main plot of this series seems to only be who the murderous Silver Blood is and that doesn't seem to have enough substance to sustain a series like this Masuerade kind of runs the reader in a circle and leaves them right where they started knowing nothing except at the end you do have one suspect I don't know maybe the plot will flesh out into something but for the time being it doesn't seem to have enough substanceAlso what was the point of the Masuerade ball? Its only point seemed to be the filling of the first 150 pages Well I suppose it also shows how much these fallen angels love to party down but I think anyone could have figured that out by now since that’s all they seem to do except maybe buy designer clothes Do these people seriously except to get back into Heaven? Melissa dela Cruz this is a filler right?Come on nothing really happen in this book I guess I just have to read the next one since many of my friends considered Book 3 as the best out of the seriesI just don't like that majority of the book was all about partying and hooking up meh that's pretty much itI really also don't have a favorite character atm so to speak None of them really strike me as interesting enough to held my interest And I just felt that the character are very similar to the other characters of YA books I've already readSchuyler Zoey Rose Ever ClaryBliss LissaMimi AphroditeJack Edward Erik Jace Oliver Heath Simon MasonKingsley AdrianAllegra Clary's MomI guessed my disappointment was due to the fact that I've read too many YA books lately and it just so happen that when I've read this one it will always be subjected to comparison and yeah it just that I didn't felt surprised or thrilled It just so happen that I read it recently so it was just very unfortunate I can assume that if I read it before Twilight Vampire Academy or House of Night it can be one of the vampire series I would rate higherBut still I find the book very sexy and still it was a bit different because it talks about fashion and the vampires are associated with fallen angels and I really loved the author's writing style it was not annoying and I really like how she describe dresses and gowns that sort of stuff Wenecja Miasto masek i złudzeń – miejsce historycznie związane z wampirami To tutaj przyjeżdża Schuyler by odszukać swego dziadka Lawrence’a Dziewczyna wierzy że właśnie on będzie w stanie udzielić jej wyjaśnień na temat srebrnokrwistych dzieci Lucyfera mitycznych istot które polują na młode wampiry Ale miasto jest pełne ludzi a Lawrence wcale nie chce być odnalezionyW tym samym czasie na Manhattanie trwają przygotowania do legendarnego balu Mimi Force szkolna Angelina Jolie niekwestionowana królowa Duchesne ma w związku z uroczystością własne plany Chce zorganizować prywatną imprezę niezwykłe przyjęcie tylko dla wtajemniczonych – błękitnokrwistych Zależy jej na tym tym bardziej że w szkole pojawił się nowy uczeń – przystojny Kingsley Martin facet który nic sobie nie robi z zakazów starszyzny Jednak nie chodzi tylko o niego Brat Mimi Jack oddala się od siostry mimo starszych niż świat więzów przeznaczenia Wszystkiemu winna jest Schuyler Mimi zrobi wszystko by zdyskredytować rywalkęGdy ludzie wampiry się w podziemiach do których nie dociera światło trudno ocenić kto jest przyjacielem a kto wrogiem Zwłaszcza mężczyźni odziani w jednakowe smokingi z twarzami zasłoniętymi przez podobne do siebie maski mogą udawać grać kłamaćDrugi tom znakomitej serii Melissy de la Cruz kontynuacja „Błękitnokrwistych” Kryminalna intryga połączona z niezwykłą mitologią i galeria zapadających w pamięć bohaterów A wszystko to na tle kipiącego życiem Manhattanu w dusznej atmosferze bezpardonowej walki o władzę wśród najbardziej rozrywanych celebrytów Reviewed by Randstostipher tallnlankyrn Nguyen for TeensReadToocomWhen we last left off with Schuyler Van Alen she was just getting used to the news of being a Blue Blood or what we normally label them as a vampire She gets invited into the New York Blood Bank Committee and before she knows it Schuyler is swept away into the unknown world of the Blue Bloods Unfortunately it seems like Schuyler discovered her true self at the wrong time since three Blue Blood teens have been murdered Still not satisfied Schuyler wants information for why young vampires are dying and the only way she can find out is by visiting her grandfather who lives in Italy And so in MASUERADE Schuyler is off with her best friend to get to the truth But while Schuyler is trying to learn about her new world the Four Hundred Ball is being held in New York and it seems like the party before and after are than what she bargained for Of course with all of this mystery and drama Schuyler's life also has to be filled with a little boy drama It's not enough having mixed up obnoxious feelings toward Jack but with the new guy in town things just happen to get messy Melissa de la Cruz continues her amazing series BLUE BLOODS with full force in MASUERADE Some problems are solved while even are unleashed and you just can't help but fall deep into this wonderful series The relationships that Schuyler has with everyone around her are just amazingly sweet The good part about this series is that there is definitely to come The drawback just happens to be waiting for the next one What would you do if you could bring the dead back to life? I didn't like Masuerade I loved it beacuse it will leave you with so many uestions that you will have to read the next book Schulyer Van Alen goes on an adventure to figure out the truth Even things seems to be going fine as she connects with long lost faminly members Unfortunately her world is turned upside down when a explosion goes off in the most secure place for a Blue Bloods And when people start making assumtions about who did it Schuyler has to save her worst enemy As Schuyler continues to find out all about the deaths by Silver Bloods the effects are worst then anyone could have imagined I would definately recommend Masuerade by Melissa De La Cruz if you read the first book and you are thirsting for romance drama and vampires Masuerade was a lot of fun to read The writing hasn’t improved much from book one but the characters and the plot sure did This book had great pacing and an even amount of plot development as well as scenes showing past eventsexplanations for things Nothing super significant happens in this one but there is a lot of learning that suggests there are some pretty exciting things coming up next There also isn’t an enormous amount of character growth in this book but I feel like the stage is setting for some major improvements among characters and their relationships with one another Overall this book is your pretty typical seuel lots of filler and interaction among the characters It sets things up nicely for the rest of the series I left this loving these characters even than I did at the end of book one I remembered less of the plot for this book but it also reminded me of why I loved this series so much so yeah shrugs This review may suggest I wasn’t super crazy about this book but I devoured it and I really did love it There were a lot of surprises in this book that I didn’t remember Lots of character interactions that had me grinning from ear to ear I honestly couldn’t get enough of it I think it was an improvement from book one just not as wild of a ride I think I'll skip going crazy about the characters in this one because I know that the next book reveals a LOT of secrets and that there are some significant relationship developments including one of my fave ships ever ayyyyy

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