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Larousse Gastronomiue Since its first publication in 1938 Larousse Gastronomiue has been an unparalleled resource In one volume it presents the history of foods eating and restaurants; cooking terms; techniues from elementary to advanced; a review of basic ingredients with advice on recognizing buying storing and using them; biographies of important culinary figures; and recommendations for cooking nearly everythingThe new edition the first since 1988 expands the book’s scope from classic continental cuisine to include the contemporary global table appealing to a whole new audience of internationally conscious cooks Larousse Gastronomiue is still the last word on béchamel and béarnaise Brillat Savarin and Bordeaux but now it is also the go to source on biryani and bok choy bruschetta and Bhutan riceLarousse Gastronomiue is rich with classic and classic to be recipes new ingredients new terms and techniues as well as explanations of current food legislation labeling and technology User friendly design elements create a whole new Larousse for a new generation of food lovers Just the sheer effort put into this is astounding It's a massive amalgamation of recipes history techniues and science Every entry is very easy to read and understand For anyone super into food this is a thing of beauty I've never had so much fun reading an encyclopedia; this is definitely how they should all be put together A reminder that as a child and thru high school my knowledge of the world was greatly dependent on the World Book Encyclopedia and Classic Comics the precursors to our ability to search for every topic on earth thru the internet Thanks to Erin and Andrew for this wonderful browsing companion I find it impossible to read an entry without finding a term or reference that I don't know and need to look up elsewhere in the book One of the reference books we turn to when we need to know something that we don't know with the internet this is less of a necessary item on every cooks bookshelf but we are book people we have hundreds of cookbooks so we of course have this too and use it farily freuently even to this day there is alot to know It's only shortcomings are its extraordinary franco centricity as well as factual errors here and there Very useful resource though Don't bother with recipes from it obviously not very well tested it's a reference book not a recipe book The constant companion If I were ever to be in the big Brother house and allowed to bring only one book in this would be it Who knew there were so many ways to cook and egg? This book took me from someone who could make a passable bowl of spaghetti to someone not afraid to experiment with tastes and flavour combinations The depth of my nerdiness knows no bounds and the hours of pleasure this behemoth has afforded me are infinite I first discovered it as a teenager my mom had an ancient copy and I would stand reading it at the kitchen counter until my neck got stiff and everyone else in the house had gone to bed I know you're not supposed to read an encyclopedia cover to cover but when the encyclopedia is so full of food and history and such mysterious phrases as amalgamate the flour how can one not? I still regularly pull it out but only when I know I have an hour to spare because I'm incapable of looking up just one thing and leaving it at thatI will freely admit I've never actually tried to make one of its aggressively minimalistic recipes but somehow that isn't the POINT Have you ever read a recipe and said what in the world is that? I run into new things all the time especially when exploring new cuisines or old recipe books This book is the way to answer your uestions Granted I got this before I had internet access in every nook of my living space including out by the grill but even still I believe in paper reference Then I can cozy up with my food dictionary and ponder how I want to cook up my left over ingredients by using the recipes and methods described in LarousseOf course I have not read this cover to cover I shouldn't say of course because I would love to read it cover to cover some day It is essentially a dictionary of everything culinary in the western world and sometimes beyond Larousse is a must have reference book for any aspiring chef It follows the typical conundrum of not usually entering one's collection until they are well educated in culinary arts but I would pick up a copy ASAP if you are thinking of studying food or cooking Whenever I see used copies for sale I buy them for friends and sadly that does not happen very oftenIt is organized alphabetically by ingredient or concept which makes it exceedingly easy to navigate as you can drill down on certain topics in a somewhat whimsical fashion not worrying if you are looking up whisk the implement or whisk the process Probably a bad example but you get what I mean it is not categorized into sections like so many other food reference materials You can go straight from bulgar to Bulgarian cooking without missing a beat If like me you're a certain kind of person a bit of a food snob perhaps You will aspire to own this book and like me you will enjoy owning it but ever really do anything with it because it's not really a very useful book nor is it very enjoyable to flip through But after spending so much and having far to much misplaced respect for old world traditions you will fail to realise or admit that a better choice of culinary bible would have been the Oxford Companion to Food and anything by Harold McGee Don't get me wrong the world needs this book but you probably don't Larousse 2009 Larousse Gastronomiue The World's Greatest Culinary Encyclopedia Clarkson PotterBrittany BallardType of reference EncyclopediaCall NumberTX349L365 2009Brief Description This book is a chef's dream It not only gives recipes but also histories of the dishes as well Students can learn hoe to cook as well as the history behind the dish ContentScope This book is written for high school students and above It includes over 3800 recipes and pictures and descriptions of over 400 restarauntsIt also describes cooking techniues ingredients food histories biographies and descriptions of cooking euipment AccuracyAuthority Bias These books have been in publication since 1938 The information given is a compilation of different techniues and recipes from different chefs so it is accurateArrangementPresentation This encyclopedia is broken into categories and spans over 1216 pages Each category is then presented alphabetically There are over 400 pictures of restaurants as well as pictures of the completed dishes Relation to other works While reading other reviews this seemed to be the readers top pick of cookbooks AccessibilityDiversity This book is accessible to all different types of learners It also spans over many different types of food from different ethnicities and cultures Cost 9000Review Reviewed by Anthony Bordain Renowned Chef

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