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The Accidental Arresting and wonderful The Accidental pans in on the Norfolk holiday home of the Smart family one hot summer There a beguiling stranger called Amber appears at the door bearing all sorts of unexpected gifts trampling over family boundaries and sending each of the Smarts scurrying from the dark into the lightA novel about the ways that seemingly chance encounters irrevocably transform our understanding of ourselves The Accidental explores the nature of truth the role of fate and the power of storytelling

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    I really enjoyed Ali Smith’s How to be Both; this one for me was hit and miss A dysfunctional or normal family – pretty much the same thing nowadays – rents a holiday home in Norfolk One day a mysterious stranger a woman called Amber arrives and ends up moving in with them A

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    I feel like there was an age or it IS that age where writers love to explore with much keenness the family unit for it is the perfect structure with which to scrutinize its individual parts The Corrections White Teeth The Red House the list is almost infinite this one a accessible

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    This was a fun and surprising read with lots of scintillating wonders in its delivery and content It falls into the box of “experimental writing” but it flows along so fast and spritely compared to many a turgid self important postmodern of doorstop dimensions Ali’s opening epi

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    I cannot believe this book is on the 1001 books list Do the people who write the list not like people who read books any? Why would they punish us so? 1001 list writers once again I uestion you Why?I didn't enjoy reading it and to say I found the story a pointless and unrewarding read

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    I don't relish giving a book one star but The Accidental was the rare book that I found so unreadable that I couldn't even finish it The writing style was very affected and intentionally obtuse making the book unpleasant and difficult to read The characters were whiny and self involved

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    A flat out triumph of structure style shifting narrative voices rhythm and language A pitch perfect technical masterpiece Split into three components—the beginning the middle and the end—the story moves between four perspectives daughter son father mother Each section describes vari

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    I adore Ali Smith’s Seasonal books looking forward to them every year The Accidental is my first foray into Smith’s backlist and it did not disappointIt is so interesting to compare this novel published than a decade earlier to her later ones Smith’s signature wordplay and exubera

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    This started off really good But it just died on me I found it got really boring Did not finish

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    The stranger who arrives in mysterious circumstances and turns a household on its ear may be familiar literary trope but Ali Smith does it with such panache and vivacity the familiar becomes fresh and revelatory The Accidental shows the rusted and broken bits inside the moral compass of th

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    This was phenomenal Skillfully structured beautifully written with a story that kept me flipping pages past my bedtime The story is told from four different POVs with a stream of consciousness bent and occasional experimental flare as in the segment narrated in poetry by the serially philan

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