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The inevitability of patriarchy Completely destroys feminist theory It is unbiased well reasoned and logically air tight Excellent work It'd a really good book so far and has a realistic point of view I don't mean to brag but I already figured out all his basic points before I read the book Once you realize that there has never been a matriarchy the inevitability of patriarchy seems uite obvious When challenged on this I have gestured vaguely to sex hormones and although Goldberg fleshes the case out a little bit that's the basic gist I could have wished however that he had provided a in depth study even of only those ideas that fell within the rigid confines of his argument I would like to hear about the anthropological record about our current understanding of testosterone and human behavior about other primates specifically the great apes specifically the BonoboI wish as well he had further explored or even done some modeling the issue of how a continuous uantitative trait as in this book desire for dominance gets chopped up by folk sociology into discrete ualitative categories male v female In this context a discussion of various third genders or celibate priests would not go amiss Within this framework and apropos of uantitative v ualitative issues the modern feminist movement looks like an intra female dispute between high testosterone women desirous of ascending the status hierarchy who suffer from statistical discrimination and other social barriers to their ambitions and low testosterone women who would in turn suffer from the expectation of professional success and non feminine behavior that the former group desires with so far partial success to impose upon the entire category of women That said technological and economic trends enormously complicate the issue and I am suspicious of anyone progressive or reactionary who thinks of feminism as cause than effectTo be honest I enjoyed this book a great deal until I began imagining what a really good book on the subject would look like Then I realized how far this book was from the ideal book on sex differences and their implications If anyone has a good candidate for such a book I would love to see it It would include evolutionary biologyanthropology developmental and differential psychology neuroscience economics and sociology Although the author makes a well written argument about male dominance he dismissed the importance of women’s lack of testosterone Yes men will always be physically dominant and that is not a fact anyone can dispute However women have proven that their lack of a testosterone driven decision making demeanor serves well in the worlds of business politics and overall relationships I read this book many years ago and was always skeptical; I’ve now read it again 20 years later It is with uneuivocal certainty that I find the book’s premise flawed as evidenced by the vast world wide accomplishments of women Good but his writing is too laborious which makes the book difficult to read He could have been much succinct Steven Goldberg born 1941 was president of the sociology department at City College of New York from 1988 until his retirement; he has also written Why Men Rule A Theory of Male DominanceWhen Wish Replaces Thought Why So Much of What You Believe Is False etc He wrote in the Preface of this 1973 book This work is a theory I am well aware that this theory reaches conclusions that many readers will find most unpalatable I believe I can demonstrate that all alternative theories are either internally contradictory or disprovable with the evidence provided by anthropological investigation No doubt the tone of this book will strike some readers as being exceedingly strong I invoke this tone only when I focus either on logical contradiction or a misrepresentation of empirical data that could not possibly be defended as being merely alternative interpretation Later he explains This book is an attempt to discover why these three institutions patriarchy male attainment and male dominance are universal and to assess the possibility of their being inevitable Pg 73 customer

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